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Torchlight Infinite Gemma Build Guide

Torchlight Infinite is the fourth installment in the series and the inaugural Torchlight game for mobile and PC. Players can now create one of the game's five characters because the game is in open beta. Your Torchlight Infinite construct significantly impacts the gameplay experience and your fighting prowess, just as in other ARPGs. However, it might be difficult to determine the ideal loadout because so many different talents, attributes, and items exist. Every build is different depending on the class or hero you select in Torchlight Infinite. There are 5 distinct classes to test out, and each has a distinct personality, set of abilities, and playing style.

About Gemma

Would you like to explore a build with abilities to cast spells in Torchlight Infinite? Fortunately for you, we have come up with the Torchlight: Infinite Gemma build guide to assist you. Gemma might be the right choice for you if you wish to use the might of the elements to destroy your opponents.

Gemma employs either Fire, Frost, or a mixture of the two to channel her powerful passive ability. She is quite adaptable and has a lot of specific opponent and AoE skills, which can do a tonne of damage. When constructing Gemma, concentrate on boosting your spell and elemental before investing some points in the ranger talent tree to raise your critical strike rate.

Torchlight Infinite Gemma


"Gemma is born in the prestigious Cesar Family, famed for their thermal energy mech technology," states her official hero description. However, her father's attempt to protect her from a terrible attack by a family rival resulted in her having a mechanical arm with fire element infusion and a heart transplant from a disqualified donor. Unfortunately, her fun-loving soul was also altered, turning her into a ferocious fighting maniac as a result of the alteration.

The Frostfire Gemma is a standard mage class with a small variation. She uses the Fire, and Frost spells to activate her damage-dealing passive ability. She can be built emphasizing one magic school, both schools, or neither. A Frost build with an incredible range of effects, and specific single damage is currently the greatest Gemma build.

Traits Available

We just have the Fire and Ice Fusion option for characteristics. The attributes you'll acquire after you gain access to them are listed below.

  • Icefire Fiend at Level 15

  • Expansion at Level 32

  • Frostfire Strength at Level 50

  • Spread at Level 62

  • Seeping In at Level 80

The two essential qualities are Frostfire Strength, which gives you more flexibility with your equipment, and the Icefire Fiend, which provides you with a significant DPS downtime in 'Frostfire Rampage.'

Now that damage advantages from fire skills can extend to cold, you can scale your 'frost skills' damage more effectively. Seeping in, another level 80 characteristic we have, grants us a lot of frost penetration, which is increased by two while Frostfire Rampage is active. This has a significant impact when damaging a single target.

Available Talents

You'll often want tiny talent nodes which increase your spell and frost effectiveness for our talents. This will significantly increase your damage. Goddess of Knowledge is the initial tree you ought to enter. The noteworthy nodes to collect are listed below.

  • +1 Spell ability

  • The Beacon: 25% more skill cost and 25% more spell impact

  • Insight offers 45% spell harm plus 1% for five Intelligence points.

Arcanist is the second tree you'll enter. The important nodes to acquire are listed here.

  • When delivering cold damage, it adds 15% to the duration of frostbite and deals 4 frostbites

  • The target's cold resistance is reduced by 5% for two seconds when cold damage is dealt.

  • Mana Regeneration is 100% (24-Point medium node)

  • Fully Loaded: When mana hits full, the following skill will deal an additional 35% damage and cost 25% more than it does now.

  • When an enemy is defeated, the Frozen Lotus spell, which deals cold damage to adjacent enemies dependent on your mana's maximum limit, is cast.

Frozen Lotus, which is in charge of a significant percentage of our clear, is a crucial node to grab in our setup. Additionally, this will improve further with the revisions to secondary damage (like explosions).

Torchlight Infinite Gemma Talents

Ranger is the last tree you should enter. This tree boosts our critical hit rating, deals more damage, and adds a few extra protections. Finally, here are specific nodes that you should pick up.

  • 30% more damage is dealt to both close-by and far-away adversary nodes 

  • ImpendingFluke

  • Fervor Medium Nodes

We should start by picking all the Fervor nodes. This thus grants us a tonne of spell crit when we eliminate adversaries, which ought to be simple. Fluke increases our DPS significantly for our huge nodes by making our critical hits lucky if we have a Fervor rating of at least 50.

Finally, depending on the circumstances, we can choose 'Keep it Up' or Impending as our final huge node. Take Impending for additional damage if the crit is in a decent spot. However, if you're having trouble getting critical hits, Keep It Up is a good choice, as it gives Fervor a more critical damage rating.

Frostbitten Heart

Gemma can store Fire and Cold energy thanks to Frostbitten Heart. Gemma unleashes Fire Pulse and Cold Pulse as soon as there is enough energy.

Best Skills

Since only one of our skills will be the main source of harm, we can deploy additional defensive strategies.

  • When using Ice Lances, you will experience increased Slow Projectile, Wind Cast, Cold Damage, Efficient Projectile, and Lower Multiple Projectiles until you obtain Reforged Statue

  • Instant Restoration, Emergency Restoration, and Cooldown Recovery under Compound Source.

  • Curse on Hit: Biting Cold

  • Cost Conversion, Cooldown Recovery, Extended Duration under Stoneskin

  • Efficient Cast, Control Spell, Freeze Chance under Frost Pool

  • Frigid Domain

The setup we're utilizing for my character is this one. Although there is still a need for optimization, this version is excellent for getting you at least as far as Timemark 6 inside the final game.

Torchlight Infinite Gemma Guide

Best Gear

We will now prioritize adding defensive affixes to our gearing choices. Everything we can accomplish to raise our health pool and cap our gear's resistances, as the talent tree is largely focused on damage, mana, and health regeneration.

We're aiming for cold damage, Spell Critical Strike rating and damage, elemental damage, cast speed, spell damage, and elemental damage in terms of offensive affixes. Finding a wand with an additional +1 cold skill level will significantly increase our damage.

For this specific build, just a few legendaries are necessary, although there are a few you might aim for. In addition, you can get many projectiles from Reforged Statue, which will help you clear faster. It also offers some good offensive advantages, but if you want to do more damage, you'll need a powerful second wand.

Frozen Path is a legendary chest piece that increases your cold resistance while deducting one point from your lightning and fire resistance. In return, you receive an extra crit rating for every 2% cold resistance you possess. So even though it leaves you a little more vulnerable than you would be with a full defensive chest, it deals significant damage.

Finally, we suggest Gemma's Desire. Our spells now have more cold and Fire damage, as well as some fire and cold resistance, thanks to this legendary Ring. Its special property is that based on which ring slot it is worn in; it may result in up to 6% extra fire or cold damage in return for a 60% reduction in your fusion energy impact. So put it in your right ring slot for a lot more damage if you find one with positive fire damage and a solid cold damage role.

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This is a relatively simple construct in terms of playstyle. As our primary ability, we throw Ice Lances. Frozen Lotus should proc and remove all enemies from the screen when something dies. To boost the damage of our Ice Lance, we must always dump the Frost Pool beneath the adversary.

Another thing to remember with this setup is that Frigid Transmission's cooldown may be reset whenever we freeze a foe. Opponents that are near the Frost Pool can likewise be frozen by it. This makes it possible for you to use Frigid Transmission to efficiently wipe out whole enemy groups. The same is true for bosses. If the boss has any means of spawning mobs, we could use Frozen Lotus to deal some more damage, but it might take a little longer to complete. If not, just cast Frost Pool and Ice Lance while dodging and blinking around, and you'll be good to go.


That concludes the manual! Gemma is a versatile, heavy DPS caster that is entertaining to play. This build is the most excellent option because it has powerful potential, which will be a significant part of Torchlight Infinite's final game.

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