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AION Classic New Player Tips

Aion Online is a long-running MMORPG, with a dedicated fanbase, and long history of relative success. Due to the game's age, however, the developers have tried to use the nostalgia of Aion Classic to their benefit. Aion follows the old-school style of the holy trinity in its Pvp, with the classes countering one another. The game's very well done tab-target system and balanced open world, PvP end game content has proved enough for it to withstand the test of time. One drawback of bringing an old game back is that players have aged as well. Many are pointing out that they will most likely not have the time for Aion's grind, however well implemented it is, and are hoping to see some changes made towards reducing the time necessary to level up a character to access endgame content.

Changes in AION Classic

Aion classic comes with four classes – Warriors, Scout, Mage, and Priest. It consists of the original balance and progression of the launch. The biggest change, however, is in the siege system and PvP balance. The producers have moved Aion’s sieges to a specific time. These timings will be posted on a weekly basis. This feature allows the battle teams to plan their attack around the siege and coordinate ahead of time.

Another new feature in Aion is the subscription-based payment system. This does not mean the game is no longer free to play. You can still play the game for free but there is a new service introduced known as Siel’s Aura. You can still benefit from Siel Aura even if you do not have a subscription. You can acquire abyss points during the first hour of gameplay. This will later be reduced to half, and you can no longer get AP. The subscription costs $15/month.

Try hard to farm levels in the first week

Doing some quests can benefit from leveling up fast, but you don’t have to rush to complete tasks in Eltnen and Heiron until you can complete these quests in an effective team. If you do not get the highest level at the end of the week, please do not feel disappointed that getting the max level in one week is a hardcore thing to do. Instead, please keep forward at a speed that suits you, and by the end of the week, you can continue to grind them at half rates and do quests for full EXP. Aion Classic Kinah is still the important currency of this version, which can speed up the process of your gameplay.

Try to get Kinah in your inventory

As you may already know, Aion Classic Kinah is the currency that you use throughout the game to purchase gear and equipment. You can earn Kinah daily by completing missions, killing enemies, and other quests. Aion Classic Kinah, on the other hand, allows you to buy pets, skins, and armor throughout the game.

Create a group or legion to up your game

Having a group makes your journey in Aion more efficient. You can do the tasks together and access instances. Most players play in groups as it helps them survive longer in the game and level up accordingly.

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