ArcheAge Unchained Advent Event 2020 Continues


It's that time of year - celebrating the holidays has descended upon the gaming industry this month and and ArcheAge Unchained is no different.

Their advent calendar is already underway and is set to run throughout this month.
Rewards will be include in daily claimable advent gifts and daily advent sales.

Examples of daily claimable advent gifts include:

Diligence Coins (AAU) / Manastorm Crystals (AA)
Glorious Hiram Infusions
Holiday Themed House Decor Items
Bound Labor Rechargers
Holiday Themed Weapon Image Items

Daily advent sales for ArcheAge include:

Naima Plushie
Full Kit: Desserted Cottage
Freezing Soulscar
A brand-new Holiday Costume

If you’re an ArcheAge Unchained player, you can see the following daily advent sales:
A brand-new Holiday Costume
Full Kit: Desserted Cottage
Winter Wonderland Furniture Bundle

If you missed an item on a specific day, any of the advent sale items will be available again from December 24-26.