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Guide to Winning the World Cup in FIFA 23

For any FIFA 23 player who enjoys watching football, winning the World Cup is their ultimate objective. The endeavor can be difficult and challenging because many talented teams are contending for the championship. The are multiple factors at play in deciding the output of each game. Specific fine-tuning is required in each area to make your team efficient and better than the others. To help you win the World Cup in FIFA 23, we have laid out a step-by-step strategy for you in this article.

The World Cup Mode

It's always energising when a game developer goes above and above with their creations, especially when that game creator is EA. True, individuals who are playing FIFA 23 on Switch may not have access to the World Cup mode, but everyone else was given access to it as part of a free update in early November. Even though it's less thorough than past expensive World Cup expansions, playing around with it can still be a lot of fun, especially with friends.

Choosing a strong team

The first stage to winning the World Cup in FIFA 23 is selecting a solid team. Choose a team that has a potent midfield, a balanced attack, and defence. Brazil, Germany, Spain, and Argentina are consistently wise options. You may, however, select more teams with which you feel at ease. Make sure the team's tactics and formations match your play style by looking at the player ratings for the squad as well. 

Choosing the right team can sometimes become the difference between winning and losing. But it is not always necessary that a good team like Argentina or France will surely win you a world cup as it boils down on how compatible you are with your team and your individual gaming skills.


After selecting your team, it's time to start practicing. Play exhibition games against various teams to get a sense of how well your players mesh. Pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of your players, at which position are they best suited and modify your plan as necessary. Practicing more and more with your team can make get acquainted with controls and how your players react to different commands. 

Use FIFA 23's skill games to further your practice. These games can aid in the development of your dribbling, passing, and shooting abilities. It will become simpler for you to score goals and win games as you improve at these abilities. Also, try to practice special skills, cards with five-star skill moves are very popular in FIFA since flicks and tricks are key components in striving to achieve success. Nonetheless, even amateur players are capable of making a few feints and dodges but try to acquire these skills to become a cut above everyone else.

Master Set Pieces

In FIFA 23, set pieces like free kicks and corners are crucial, so be sure you can handle them. To determine the ideal way to score, practice taking free kicks from a variety of angles and distances to maximize free kick opportunities. Try several crosses when taking corners to determine which ones are most effective for your squad. Practice headers for converting corner opportunities. While strengthening defense practice tackles and clearing kicks.

There are various methods you can employ to score from free kicks. The power shot technique, for instance, is holding down the shoot button until the power meter is at its maximum before aiming for the goal. You can also spin the ball in the air by pressing the shoot button twice, which is known as the "knuckleball" technique. Try utilising various crosses, such as a low-driven cross or a high-arching cross, for corners. To surprise your opponents, you can also experiment with various corner kicks, such as a short corner or a corner kick to the far post.

FIFA 23 Set Pieces

Use the Right Tactics

Using the right strategies is necessary to win the FIFA World Cup. Always adjust your plan to account for the playing style of your opponent. For instance, you might need to play a more possession-based style of game to exploit a defensive opponent. On the other hand, if your opponent is playing aggressively, you might need to focus on counterattacking. Switching strategies mid-game can also benefit you in the long run.

In FIFA 23, you can employ a variety of strategies, including possession-based, high-pressing, and counter-attacking strategies. In order to pressure your opponents from a distance and make them commit errors, use the high-pressing approach. The counter-attacking strategy is observing your opponents and waiting for blunders before promptly counter-attacking. Keeping the ball and watching for openings is part of the possession-based strategy.

Smart Substitution

In FIFA 23, substitutions can significantly alter the outcome of a match. Making substitutions at the right moment can have a major impact on the game and how your players perform on the field. Seek out chances to add more players to give your squad a boost or to adjust your strategy to counteract your opponent's methods.

For instance, if your adversary has a quick winger on the field, you can substitute a more defensive player to neutralize their threat. However, if you're having trouble scoring goals, you might substitute an attacker to help set up more opportunities. Substitutes also play an important role in giving rest to exhausted players and can boost your team's overall performance. Hence if you are looking to grab the World Cup you must be fully aware of when to make which type of substitution.


Formations determine how many players will play each position, where they will move, and how they will interact with one another. The correct configuration must be chosen because it has a significant impact on how well the team functions.

Finding a structure that may optimise a team's players' skills while also neutralising an opponent's tactics is essential for winning the world cup. A team with speedy wingers, for instance, might benefit from a formation that emphasises their agility on the flanks, whilst a team with powerful midfielders could prefer a formation that emphasises controlling the center of the field.

You must devise a system that may maximize a team's players' abilities while also counteracting an adversary's approach. FIFA 23 offers a variety of formations, from the conventional 4-4-2 to the modern 3-5-2. Consider adopting a three-forward system if your squad has two speedy, powerful wingers. If your side has powerful defenders, you might also go with a five-defender formation. 

FIFA 23 4-42 Formation

Overall mastering different formations and switching them according to the needs of each game will help you win even the difficult matches. You will be required to make in-game purchases for a successful team formation, and for the same you will have to spend the in-game currency FUT Coins. If you are falling short of these coins, the best way to get them is for real money. 

To aid you, visit our website MMOPixel to purchase FIFA 23 FUT Coins. We offer the cheapest rate and best service on the web with various denomination options to choose from.

Tips and Tricks to win the World Cup

Here are some tips and tricks which can help you go a long way in the game:

  • Practice penalties: In knockout games, penalties can be a deciding factor. To become more accustomed to penalties, practice using them in training mode. Also, try to figure out the best strikers for taking penalties.

  • Analyze the opposition: Examine the advantages and disadvantages of the opposition before every game. This will assist you in creating a game strategy and making tactical changes as the game progresses. Switching your strategy after analysing your opponent can give you the upper hand in matches.

  • Stay patient: It takes a lot of patience and discipline to win the World Cup. If things don't go according to plan, don't lose patience and continue with your strategy.

  • Play with confidence: In any sport, confidence is essential, and FIFA 23 is no different. You will be more likely to succeed if you play with assurance and believe that you can triumph.


FIFA 23's World Cup demands patience and concentration to win. Not scoring goals right away shouldn't get you down, and taking an early lead shouldn't make you overconfident. The goals will come if you continue to play your game and adhere to your strategy. FIFA 23 has a lot more to offer and wining the world cup is just one of the exciting features of the game so enjoy the game to its fullest.

Lastly, don't forget to have fun! In the video game FIFA 23, winning the World Cup ought to be fun. Take it easy on yourself and savor the excitement of the competition. You may win the World Cup in FIFA 23 by paying attention to these pointers.

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