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FIFA 23 4-4-2 Formation Guide

There are numerous formations available in FIFA 23, with 4-4-2 being considered to be among the best. The 4-4-2 is a tried-and-tested structure that is basic and quick to learn, so it won't be long until gamers can employ this configuration to its fullest capacity and achieve more online. Establishing the 4-4-2 system is very simple especially in comparison to other configurations in FIFA 23, so players won't have to spend too much time having their team ready.

  • Play Style: Attacking

Using The 4-4-2 Formation in FIFA 23

By using the 4-4-2 system, players will notice a compact backline. Midfield should start with a reasonably compact line which may be pushed up by the wide players and a center midfielder for modest alterations in a team structure. When on the attack, containing two attacker options might be advantageous. This will provide more choices for athletes who can attempt to shoot from an undesirable position and yet score.

It is advisable to be extremely balanced with all the customized strategies when putting up the 4-4-2 configuration on FIFA 23. The 4-4-2 formation is among the oldest and takes a straightforward, moderate approach to all facets of the game. New FIFA 23 Ultimate Team players should take their time and adopt balanced configurations while honing their talents.


  • Depth: 50

  • Build-Up Play: Balanced

  • Defensive Style: Balanced

  • Chance Creation: Balanced

  • Width: 50

  • Players in Box: 4-6

  • Free Kicks: 3

  • Corners: 3

This will give the squad more choices for various types of assaults, such as straight passes, long balls, possession-based attacks, and so on. This performs effectively because of the variable element it offers to offensive and guarding, which can be difficult for an enemy to predict due to the variety of ways the squad can mix up the playing style.

For us, the 4-4-2 system remains the king of configurations in FIFA 23. Gamers fill out the pitch, providing good offensively and defending options. Changing the ball and throwing long high passes to wingers are still quite effective. In FIFA 23, you absolutely must have two strikers. Use the formations with the right set of players to win your battles, you can obtain new players using FIFA cards and give yourself a headstart in the game. You require FIFA coins to buy FIFA cards. If you are falling short of the coins, the best way is to get them for real money.

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FIFA 23 4-4-2 Formation


On the wings, he is quite strong in striking and protecting. You could even put a CM between defenses and let them overlap wingers with top fullbacks.


When there is no middle player in the setup, an opponent might sometimes dominate possession through the center. When guarding, make careful to physically shift the CMs in the middle to assist close the distance.

Selecting Men for the 4-4-2 Configuration

  • Center Backs and GK: Keep on default

  • Fullbacks: Stay Back While Attacking

  • Wingers: Keep Default, but alter Support Runs to Get In Behind.

  • Strikers: Modify Attacking Runs to Get In Behind.

  • Center Midfielders: Keep one on Stay Back While Attacking, and the other on default. Keep on Get Into The Box For Cross and Cover Center.

FIFA 23's metagame is continuously shifting and expanding to fit new strategies and configurations. With EA Sports releasing a slew of new updates and continuous tuning patches every month, gamers must constantly mix up the tactical approach and adjust to the adjustments; yet, certain strategies and formations remain viable and efficient.

The 4-3-2-1 formation is undoubtedly the most popular in FIFA 23, particularly among experienced players & professional players. It provides a unique combination of offensive and defense while enabling a variety of playstyles. Because the structure in the current incarnation of the renowned football simulation series is so powerful, players will be keen to discover more about its bespoke strategies and player directions.


One attacking-minded center midfielder with decent pace and strength, and one defending Central Midfield player with nice speed and physical skills. Because they will be racing across the wings, you need speedy left and right wingers with outstanding stamina and passing skills. One striker with good physicality and heading ability to win air battles, and one attacker with good pace and striking statistics.

The Benefits

The first configuration you should think about for the Career Mode team is 4-4-2, which is the default shape in most FIFA games. This configuration made our list because it is a balanced alternative with strong offensive and defense support. A group of four defending players, two midfield players, and two strikers allows you to fill all of the defensive gaps, presenting a challenge for your opponent to wear down your team.

The 4-4-2 configuration is ideal for players that prefer to play without the ball, relying on counterattacks rather than possession games. It is a fantastic team for gamers who match the FIFA benchmark of dribbling skill and speed.

The Negatives

Among the main disadvantages of this configuration is that the players must work incredibly hard to ensure there are no noticeable gaps in the gaurding wall, and those with little endurance will rapidly become useless. As a result, making sure your squad consists of players with excellent stamina statistics is critical, especially when searching for a quality winger, because they'll cover a lot of territories.

The 4-4-2 system is often regarded as a configuration in which you will not see as much of the ball and must establish a disciplined defensive mindset. If your opponent is ready with three center midfielders, you may need to rethink your formation, since this could contribute to your team being swamped in the center of the ground.

Alternate Formations

4-3-3 (Holding)

  • Playing style: balanced

FIFA 23 4-3-3 (Holding)


A strong central defensive midfield player with good defending and athletic capabilities. 2 Central Midfield players with good passing and dribbling talents to connect your defending players with the offensive ones. Two incredibly speedy wingers with outstanding crossing stats, preferably with good weak-foot talents for running in and shooting. Quick strikers can fight in the air and also have excellent finishing skills.

The Benefits

There are various other permutations of the 4-3-3 configuration to choose from in FIFA Career Mode, however, the holding 4-3-3 configuration is the ideal assuring your center has the ball in their possession. As a result, it is critical that you choose a center defensive midfielder with great defensive qualities who can appropriately assist your defensive players when needed. Another six players could then concentrate on assaulting their rivals and scoring goals.

We've described the configuration as balanced, but some would claim it's a protective one. When necessary, it may be highly offensive, particularly if you employ fullbacks with the speed and crossing skills to execute overlapping rushes and assist your forwards. This formation also necessitates players with exceptional talents, so make sure your forwards have good skills and poor foot statistics.

The Negatives

Yet, as with every configuration, there are a few drawbacks to be aware of. As you might guess, having six players concentrated on assaulting your opponent puts a lot of strain on your defense. Customized tactics, on the other hand, can prevent particular players from immediately straying very far up the ground.

Defensive settings in FIFA 23

Defense in FIFA 23 is similarly customizable, with players able to select their defensive approach and how far they wish to sit. You can see them down below.

Width/Depth slider

Players can choose how far toward the goal they wish their backline to be. A high line is excellent for scoring but leaves you vulnerable to passes in behind, whilst a deep line is better for defending a lead.


The backline maintains its formation and pushes in the center of the field. Defenders must maintain their fitness and push anytime there is an errant ball or poor touch.

Press After Possession Loss

After losing the football for a few seconds, rivals press aggressively to reclaim it. This requires a lot of endurance.

Constant Pressure

The team pushes all over the field in an attempt to win the football in risky situations. This strategy, once again, requires a lot of endurance. These are among the finest FIFA 23 configurations, unique tactics, and instructions for Ultimate Team to try out. We'll be upgrading this page on a regular basis as the meta develops and players discover the best Ultimate Team tactics.


A formation will allow you to unlock your complete potential and conquer your opponents, given you use the tactics and instructions in the right manner. So, use your skills along with the knowledge provided in the article to take yourself forward in the game.

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