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How to Defend in FIFA 23

In FIFA 23, how do you defend? After blowing a two-goal lead in your most recent Division Rivals match, you may be questioning yourself. While we can offer some advice, it's not an issue that can be readily addressed. That's because it takes time to become proficient at defending in FIFA 23. You'll need to start over when planning your backline because the invention of Hypermotion 2 in EA's most recent football game seems so dissimilar from its predecessor.

While they might not result in the 6-0 wins you see posted all over the internet, understanding how to defend playing FIFA 23 is one method to position yourself for success. Effective jockeying, precise tackles, and inventive counter-attacks are the best ways to win games.

How do you defend?

Similar to every FIFA game, it takes time and perseverance to improve your defence. You'll need to time your tackles, anticipate your opponent's moves, and learn the new mechanics that will transform your defence line from a Sunday league club to a well-rehearsed Premier League outfit. The very first thing you should be aware of is that jockeying still reigns supreme. Holding down L2/LT will allow you to jockey another player, hopefully causing them to make a misstep. Pass interceptions can benefit from jockeying as well. However, tracking back may be the most crucial application of jockeying.

Tracking back has become more challenging thanks to FIFA 23's new AcceleRATE system, particularly when you've got slow defenders who lack the Lengthy characteristic. Holding L2/LT when switching directions will make your players change directions more quickly and without allowing your opponents room to manoeuvre, preventing you from losing ground. This is very beneficial for protecting your box.

You could still tackle from all of these positions, of course. You can conduct a manual tackle with the aid of O/B, and a harder tackle is obtained by holding those buttons down. The same is true for slide tackles, which are executed by striking or holding square or X. In some circumstances, the tougher slide tackle is excellent for repelling your opponent whenever they receive heavier contact or you need to block a passing passage. Here, too, controlling your player switching is crucial. In FIFA 23, the dangers nearly always come from the centre of the field, so it's always a smart idea to let the AI handle the flanks while you manually rotate between players inside. Use the new partial team press or second player press features of the game to call on fellow teammates for support when the going gets rough.

FIFA 23 Defending

By double tapping and holding R1/RB, you can use the partial team press to send in two of your mates to apply pressure to the opposition. Since you'll be moving players out of position, it's preferable to employ this in your opponent's half. Holding R1/RB allows you to push your opponents with just one player instead of removing three players from their positions. These pressing choices are wonderful for inducing errors, but you have to utilise them wisely because they always leave gaps and drain your players' energy.

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Defending Tips and Tricks

Because skilled offensive frequently wins matches in FIFA, defending becomes harder but all the more crucial. For FIFA players, defending is a complex duty, much like attacking. Add these defensive strategies right now to your playstyle if you don't want to lose points whenever your offence has a bad day.

Choose the best Defender!

The defender you need to control might not always be the one closer to the dribbler. The more serious offensive threats should be dealt with manually rather than depending on AI. It may be preferable to switch to your right back (press LB/L1) and manually designate that runner if you spot a player preparing to sprint past your backline on the right. Play the passing lane rather than trying to keep that player onside by staying in front of them. You'll be able to defend any possible passes towards that player as a result. This holds true for your goalkeeper as well.

Your number one will typically remain inside the goal box before a striker approaches close enough to lure him out. Your goalkeeper may benefit from being instructed to charge the ball (Y/Triangle) in specific circumstances rather than waiting for the striker to approach him. Your goalkeeper will be forced to rush to the ball in an effort to save or clear it as a result. Use this manoeuvre sparingly and intelligently, just as the hard tackle. If your opponent plays a solid shot at the goal, it will probably go in since it can move your goalie out of position. However, if you play your cards well, you can pressure your opponent into handing the ball over or just take the ball in the box to put an end to the onslaught.

FIFA 23 Defense Guide

Avoid using AI

Formerly, AI took care of the majority of the defensive duties. While employing strategies like that of the second-man press (holding RB/R1) might occasionally be successful, keep in mind that since AI is artificial intelligence, it has characteristics that can be manipulated by both AI opponents and skilled real players. You'll typically be considerably more successful if you manually defend if you manage passing lanes or play on the ball. In other words, be careful with AI.

Cover the inside!

Covering the inside of the pitch is always a better option than using someone on the wing. You can quickly build a strong defence by combining this with a secondary player press in the box.

Employ agile defences

Don't focus solely on the overall rating of your defenders; if they can't move quickly enough to keep pace with an attack, they should probably not be on the field. Any squad needs players like Leipzig centre-back Lukas Klostermann (91 sprinting speed, 82 stamina). They have high defensive quality ratings as well as high pace ratings to make sure that your adversary will struggle to get on the offensive. They won't be able to get behind you to achieve simple goals if your defence can keep up with their offence.


Employing four or five defenders in the back is one of the best FIFA 23 formations. Wingbacks are excellent for attacking, but be careful if you're pressing men forward because they can create significant defensive gaps.


The defender you are controlling can keep face-up with the player possessing the ball by jockeying (holding LT/L2). With this move, you can drive your opponent into unfavourable situations, which may result in an interception or a terrible pass. Real-world players employ this strategy by refusing to provide the ball dribbler with any time or room to manoeuvre. Jockeying may just take a few seconds to slow down your opponent, but in FIFA, those brief seconds might mean the difference between conceding a goal and stopping one.

Apply hard tackle... Wisely

Hard tackles are an effective strategy to take your opponent's attention away from the ball. A striker racing toward your goal can be stopped by applying a hard standing tackle (pressing B/O) or a hard sliding tackle (pressing X/Square), which can also take away a midfielder who is attempting to play keep-away with the ball. However, you must be aware of when and how you should hard tackle! If you time it incorrectly, you risk incurring an expensive infraction or perhaps stumbling out of place. When using this strategy, make sure you find yourself in a position to capture the ball first.

FIFA 23 Defending Guide

Use Custom strategies

To ensure a smooth, well-oiled machine, be sure to tweak your unique strategies. Similarly, based on how you play, extending your defensive line deeper or higher might be advantageous. How to defend in FIFA 23 involves employing manual defence, employing swift defenders, jockeying, hard tackling, as well as selecting the appropriate defenders. Just keep in mind that proper usage requires practice.


You now know everything there is to know about defending in FIFA 23. Defence can be the difference-maker in important games this year because the game feels a little different than it did in FIFA 22. But you don’t have to worry, this guide has already covered everything there is about Defending!

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