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FIFA 23 3-5-2 Formation Guide

The 3-5-2 formation in FIFA 23 has a lot of promise, but players frequently ignore it. Yet, the advantages of the formation approach will be described in this guide. A 3-5-2 formation, one of many available in FIFA 23, frequently goes unnoticed, as it has in many FIFAs before it. The 3-5-2 formation may be employed for some rather aggressive football, that confuses the opposition, even if it is likely not what many people call trendy.

The 3-5-2 may have certain defensive weaknesses, but with the appropriate setup and tactical customizations during a match, it can essentially be converted into a 5-at-the-back with the attacking players coming back. The flexibility that makes this formation so attractive is best provided by players who can play both the flank and fullback positions.

Utilizing the Formation

  • Defensive Style: Balanced

  • Defensive Depth: 65

  • Defensive Width: 55

  • Offensive Chance Creation: Direct Passing

  • Offensive Build-Up Play: Fast Build Up

  • Offensive Width: 60

  • Corners: 3

  • Players In Box: 4

  • Free Kicks: 3

As with any team formation, players should customize to suit their unique playing style. These 3-5-2 tactics won't need much adjustment; possibly just slightly more width on the flanks for players who frequently use their wingers.

Players should build up a 3-5-2's player directions by doing the following:

  • Goalkeepers: Leave in default mode.

  • Wingers/Fullbacks: Put on the defensive comeback and stay wide.

  • Center Backs: Default.

  • Center Defensive Midfielder: Wear Cover Center and Remain Back When Attacking.

  • Midfielders: Put on Stay Central and Get Forward simultaneously.

  • Strikers: Set both to Stay Central and one to Come Back on Defense.

Players can modify the player instructions for the 3-5-2 as needed if they have players who require modest alterations or to suit their unique play style, much like they can with the customized tactics for this formation. The 3-5-2 is perhaps considered suitable to more experienced players or those who don't take FIFA as seriously and prefer more relaxed, possibly even offline gameplay modes like Career Mode over competitive variants.

FIFA 23 3-5-2 Formation

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For the 3-5-2 formation, choose the best players at each position

The 3-5-2 structure is an attacking formation, but it's important to properly defend, which is why you need some advice on picking the best players for every position. Left Midfielder: You almost always return on defense to the left midfielder, which means you occasionally defend in five.

Central Defending Midfielders: For this team to have players that can genuinely defend, you require two CDMs. The central offensive midfielder must be proficient with the ball, make accurate passes, and shoot well from a distance.

Central Attacking Midfielders: The CAM must have excellent ball direction and long/short passing skills.

Centre Back: In FIFA 23, the 352 is an extremely effective passing configuration, but use caution—you must have excellent center backs to make full advantage of this formation. A pace crossing 70 would be preferable because cornerbacks have strong defensive work rates.

Winger: Faster wings are preferred since they are better in defense. For example, after the first minute, you might start to use the other player as a left-back and position as a left-mid.

Midfielders: The middle one must also possess a strong and accurate aerial prowess, if not all three.


If you try to make first-touch passes or long passes beyond a certain distance, like 10 meters, they won't be as precise, especially in the early going when you are missing those end-game guys with amazing passing and poise. Instead, you should play in triangles. 352 is remarkable for players who understand the formation well.

If your customized tactics are made correctly, you can compete in a 5-3-2 as quickly as you drop possession despite your concerns that you'll be exposed to the counterattack. This season, the 352 configuration is a must-have lineup, particularly if you make short passes. In FIFA 23, 3-5-2 is the easiest attacking formation as well as the greatest 3-at-back form to deploy. If you can not attack using a 3-5-2 formation, you can not really attack.

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