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Best Money Making Methods in Palia

In the incredibly vast and diverse world of Palia, you will be needing money more often than you can earn it. Well, there are a ton of ways to do so, but not all are optimized to get your hands and pockets full. Don’t worry, we have here the Best Money Making Methods in Palia to help you walk the right path and get rich ASAP. Let’s get started!

The real meaning of Best Ways to Make Money in Palia isn’t those that can earn you the most Gold. But rather, the ones that give you the most return in your time. There are a ton of ways for sure, but not all are meant to be time friendly.

The more you go out on the adventure, the less time you have to earn. This means the best way is actually one that gives you the most Gold in the least amount of time.


Best Money Making Methods in Palia - Foraging

The best way to make money in Palia is no doubt Foraging, especially when you consider your time to be a precious element in the game. Foraging in the game means, cutting wood, corals, shells, bushes, flowers, oysters, and much about everything you pick from the environment of this beautiful game.

Just like any other Fantasy-esque open-world game, you need to get your hands on all the resources you might find. Then, you can sort them out later, sell the extras, and keep the ones you might find beneficial for other skills, as well as recipes. 

The extra shiny items are the things that can make you rich, including the quality versions, having a star on their description. Some of the top Foraging items are;

  • Sundrop Lilies - These sell for 10 Gold Each, and you can consistently find them in the Kilima Valley, as well as Bahari Bay. By doing other things along the path, you can pick around 15 of these, getting you constantly 100 Gold.

  • Mountain Morel - You can find them around the Plot, or other environmental things in the Kilima Valley. You can sell them, but our recommendation would be to hold them for cooking, rather than selling them out. That cooked stuff will definitely sell for more.

Bug Catching

Best Money Making Methods in Palia - Bug Catching

For the most part, Bug Catching might not be that famous when it comes to Making Money in Palia, but it has its benefits. The amount of Gold you can earn through Bug Catching is quite consistent, and you can sometimes get lucky and hit a jackpot.

Not only that, it is also a bit harder than the other Methods we have here in our guide. After you talk to Auni, you will get your hands on the Bug-Catching Belt, and also some smoke bombs. 

Go to the plot and talk to him. Then, you can go for some Bug Hunting. Blue Butterflies (Common) are quite undervalued, as well as the Night Moth of Kilima, selling for around 12 Gold. 

But, this is just the beginning, as you can go for the Fairy Mantis, and other Epic Rare Bugs that sell for more than 100 Gold each. It is quite like Foraging if you ask me. You might get lucky and hit a jackpot with those Epic Bugs. 

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Best Money Making Methods in Palia - Fishing

Fishing is one of the widely used Methods to Earn Money, hence, making it One of the Best Money Making Methods in Palia. After getting the first mail round, you will get a chance to start fishing in the game. 

For this, you don’t have to go out and explore things, and can also start this at your home. Get a fishing rod and take it to the Mirror Pond which is just on the left of your area. Spend some quality time there and you will be able to get your inventory full.

Now sell that fish to get Gold quickly, in a hefty amount. Or, you can wait for the Grilled Fish Recipe, and after getting it you can take another route.

After getting the recipe, you can farm fish, and then grill them one by one. All of these can be sold for a much higher amount, making you a rich person by night. 

Then there is the concept of star-quality fish as well. After leaving the plot, throw your line at the spot having those water ripples. It has a higher chance of getting your hands on star-quality fish. 

They not only sell for more, but after cooking them, they can become one of the highest-sold items. 


Best Money Making Methods in Palia - Cooking

You saw it coming from the start. Well, Cooking is also one of the best and known methods to earn money in Palia, if you do it the right way. You can learn cooking from none other than the famous Reth. 

You will get the recipe for the Grilled Mushrooms as well, making your plans for the Campfire. After getting the Campfire Built, cook those Morels and grill them up. Take the Grilled Mushrooms to Reth and talk. 

Don’t worry, it does take some time but after a few days (1-3), you will get a letter from Reth that includes the Recipe of Grilled Meat, Grilled Fish, and that good old Grilled Oyster.

We already talked about the Grilled Fish in detail, but related to the other things, there are some details you might want to learn. 

  • Don’t sell the Oysters Cooked/Grilled, as the raw ones sell for more.

  • While the Grilled Fish and Mushrooms are nearly the same prices for the individual ingredients, randomly going for the star quality meal cooking with using star quality ingredients is something you need to aim at.

Finally, the one detail we already mentioned was that the Grilled Fish after cooking will sell for 60 Gold, being more than the Raw one that sells for 43 Gold. 

At first, it doesn’t seem much, but when you are selling in bulk, these do make a ton of difference.

The Verdict

So, here we have the Best Money Making Methods in Palia to help you out. As a quick reminder; Fishing, and Cooking are quite great to earn a ton of cash, but you have to utilize your time accordingly. The luck chances here are low, but still there. On the other hand, Bug Catching and Foraging can’t make you rich overnight but can be consistent. You have a higher chance of hitting the Jackpot with specific environment pick-ups, as well as Bugs. As always, Happy Gaming!

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