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Palia Ultimate Gold Farming Guide - Top 5 Best Ways to Farm Gold

Just like any other game out there, Palia has Gold as its main currency. This definitely makes it one of the most sought-after things in the whole game. To actually get it, you will have to grind in the game, going for a mix of either farming or taking the traditional route of hunting. Fortunately for you, we have here our Palia Ultimate Gold Farming Guide, where we will share with you the Top 5 Best Ways to Farm Gold. So, without any further ado, let’s jump straight to the details.

Glow Worm Fishing in Palia

Glow Worm Fishing in Palia

The first one we are going to discuss here is Fishing. It is one of the most popular professions in the game as of now. The reason behind it is that you can get a decent amount of gold without going for extra hard work.

After you have unlocked the Glow Worm Farms, you will be able to optimize it furthermore, especially in the long run or late game.

Another thing that you might need is the Exquisite Rod to have more line health and faster when reeling in fish. Therefore, here in this method, we are not going to focus on Bubbers, but rather the Glow Worms for the most part.

This will allow you to catch the highest-value fish in the game. For the value of the fish, you don’t have to worry, because you can find similar high-quality fish in both Bahari and Kalima Village. 

If you have other people besides you, this will increase the fishing bonus, and this does make a ton of difference. The best place considering these things is the Peval Mine in Palia.

Take out the Fishing Rod and use the Glow Worms by right-clicking equipping them. In 30 minutes, you will have to use around 70 to 80 Glow Worms. Your inventory will be pretty much filled up at this spot.

Come to your base and throw everything you found in the Shipping Bin. You can find that the value of these fish (if on average) is about 7k Gold. If you are lucky enough, you can find some valuables including high-tier rare fish that can get you to 10k Gold.

You can go a bit higher, by spending your few minutes. When you cook the fish in Palia, you will be able to get a chance of converting it into a starfish. This will become higher value fish in general, selling for more. This will boost the value from 7k to somewhere around 9k.

So, this definitely makes Glow Worm Fishing one of the Best 5 Ways to Farm Gold in Palia. Let’s move on to the other methods in our Palia Ultimate Gold Farming Guide.

Sernuk Hunting in Palia

Sernuk Hunting in Palia

Definitely, one of our favorite ways of hunting in Palia. With this method, you can get a ton of money/Gold in Palia without losing your mind. It is also quite a fun way to get rich in Palia. So, let’s get to the details below.

First things first, you will have to get 4 stacks of standard arrows. You are going to have a total of 400 arrows here. This will be just enough to fill 4 slots of inventory in Palia. Another thing that we recommend bringing here is a bit of food to just level up faster here on your hunting skill. 

When going to the hunt, make sure that the bow is at full durability here. The arrows matter only here, and hunting bow has nothing to do with the increase in damage. But, on the other hand, for range, arrows have no impact, while the bow needs to be upgraded.

After you have everything, just get to the Kilima Village. Get to the Whispering Banks, which is the Eastern Part of the Map. Do a rotation, following the roads, in a straight path toward the area.

Another thing we recommend is doing this at 6 PM, which is substantially the balance between night and day. Take out your bow and hunt the animals here. Same as before, you will find quite a ton of material from hunting here.

It includes some rare materials, while others are common. With that, you will also increase your hunting skill in the game, which is quite beneficial for the long run in Palia.

You used 400 Arrows in 30 minutes, and the result is you getting 9k to 11k. Just like before in our previous method from Best 5 Ways to Farm Gold, you can cook the meat to increase that amount from 10k to 11k. 

Sernuk Hunting in Palia is favorable for those who love Hunting and want to get Gold in Palia. Now, let’s move on to the 3rd Method in our Ultimate Money-Making Guide for Palia. 

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Gardening and Farming in Palia

Gardening and Farming in Palia

To get rich in Palia, the best method is no doubt Gardening and Farming. We are going to mention that here below. It is also quite beneficial for all types of players, starting from the early game and ranging to the late game.

Gardening is essential in Palia, as it allows you to earn gold passively, while you are out there exploring the wonderful world of Palia. In our recommendation, Tomatoes are considered the best Gardening Yield in the game. So, you can go for them.

If you plant Star Quality Tomatoes, you will get Star Quality Seeds in return. This is a guarantee here. They are not only valuable but also replanting them makes you rich in Palia overnight. 

Another thing to mention here is that you can keep your Glow Worm Farm running 24/7 with your extra Tomatoes. This can go side by side with the Fishing Method we have in our Palia Ultimate Gold Farming Guide. 

With the best bait, you have the highest chance of getting the best fish in return. Therefore, one way or another, Gardening is going to be essential in the game. If you have Yield Boost Fertilizer, the results are going to be much better here as well.

As an example, only one row out of 4 can get you around 7k Gold. This is not it, if you grind hard enough, and expand the Gardening, you can get nearly 10k on each yield. All in one, Tomato Gardening/Farming is the best way to Earn Gold in Palia as a side, passively.

Solo Cooking in Palia

Solo Cooking in Palia - Top 5 Best Ways to Farm Gold in Palia

You can earn Gold as a result of Cooking instead of simply selling. We already covered Fishing, Hunting, and Gardening here in our Best 5 Ways to Farm Gold in Palia. Now, we are here cooking, which is highly recommended and efficient as well.

When you interact with the Stove in Palia, you can see that there are different dishes available. The higher-end the dish, the more resources you are going to need. Our recommendation would be to stick with the Hearty Vegetable Soup. 

You might be thinking that it is not good for the late game, but it is not the case here. The Hearty Vegetable Soup is perfect for the early, as well as the late game.

These are so easy to make that it feels like cheating. The ingredients you will need are;

  • Any type of Vegetables

  • Some Spices (Found in Kalima and Bahari)

  • Mushroom (During Sernuk Hunt)

You can definitely take on some Quality Ingredients here as well. With the farming we just had in our Ultimate Gold Farming Guide, you will have plenty of those as well. 

The time it will take to cook the Hearty Vegetable Soup will be around 1 minute. If you play the game of stirring (clicking on Make), your character will start cutting. 

When you are done, you can stir into the pot and make this dish within 30 seconds. Check the price, and you found out that each sells for 45 Gold in Palia. There are 3 of those, so that will make up around 135 Gold in literally 30 seconds. 

In each minute, you will have around 270 Gold. Putting it right there with others in our list of 5 Best Gold-Making Methods in Palia, you can earn around 8k Gold.

Considering you will get all the ingredients beforehand when going for other methods to farm Gold, you will have Cooking as your side hustle, and not the main one.

Multiplayer Cooking in Palia

Multiplayer Cooking in Palia - Top 5 Best Ways to Farm Gold in Palia

Taking things to the next level and picking us up from the Solo Cooking in Palia. Well, you can host a cooking party as well. In this way, you can go for Cooking with a friend. Find a Friend from Discord Servers, Reddit, or simply from the other players going for Palia, and want to earn some Gold the easy way. 

The process is fairly the same, but this time, we recommend you stick with the Veggie Fried Rice instead of the Hearty Vegetable Soup. The reason behind it is that, for solo players, this is a fairly complex dish, but for multiple players, it becomes quite complex.

The starting ingredients are Oil and Eggs that you can get from the General Store. The rest is for the other player who will bring you the Required Produce Ingredients. 

One person will chop the onions and garlic, while the other person will focus on chopping carrots and making rice. This time, you will have two minutes to complete the dish. 

If you have a good understanding with another player, you will need 40 seconds to complete the cooking process of Veggie Fried Rice in Palia. Same as before, you get 3 of them every single time you complete. 

The total sell value for these is going to be 261 Gold. Multiplying it by 3 and you will have a total value of 783 Gold in two minutes. If you multiply it by 15, you will have a total value in half an hour.

Now, you might not believe it, but you will have a total of 11k Gold in Half an Hour of Cooking. For the final part, multiply it by 2 and you will have 24k each hour. As with everything, this requires a bit of grind, farming in advance, and a buddy as well.

The Verdict

So, these are all the Top 5 Best Ways to Farm Gold in Palia that we mentioned here in our Palia Ultimate Gold Farming Guide. As a recap, we have Gold Worm Fishing, Sernuk Hunting, Tomato Gardening/Farming, and finally, Solo/Multiplayer Cooking. All of them are wonderful, but we compiled the guide in a way that you can go with all of them together. 

The highest yielding is the Multiplayer Cooking, but you do require a bit of grind. Tomato Gardening is great for players who want to just put the seed and come back from an adventure to earn some Passive Income. 

Gold Worm Fishing and Sernuk Hunting are definitely when you want Gold instantly at the spot. If you love Cooking, then Solo Cooking is right up there as well. As always, Happy Palia Gold Farming!

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