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Best New World Ice Gauntlet Builds for PvP and PvE

The New World Ice Gauntlet makes the deadliest combination of the weapons that dispense massive damage when the player makes potential use of it. The main highlighting feature is that it makes crowd control easy and effortlessly dodges the opponent's attack. Consisting of two skill trees, Ice Tempest and Builder, it can also be combined with many different weapons to create lethal builds in New World.

This build guide tells you everything you need to know before making the greatest combination.

Ice Gauntlet Abilities

Ice Spikes

Creates a spike trail with a range of up to 8 meters. The spike trail deals 56% weapon damage, while the powerful spikes inflict 157% weapon damage. One of the most dependable methods for burst damage. If you press LMB before reaching the trail's end, the Mighty Spike will appear sooner. The cooldown is 10 seconds, making it one of the shortest in the Ice Gauntlet. When mastered, the cancel early option lets it be instantly cast at point-blank range, making it an extremely versatile talent.

Wind Chill

It has a 7-meter range. This delivers 20% Weapon Damage every 0.2 seconds for 2 seconds, for a total of 200 percent Weapon Damage. Within the first 5 meters, enemies are driven back until 5 meters away. This is restricted owing to its close to melee damage.

Ice Storm

Creates a radius of 5 meters – wide that deals 17% weapon damage every 0.33 seconds for 5 seconds. This skill slows down enemies by 25% and ends up dealing 255% damage over those 5 seconds. This has one of the longest cooldowns of Ice Gauntlet, which of 20seconds.

Ice Pylon

Sets up a pylon that ejects ice weapons, causing 50% weapon damage within a 20-meter range for 15 seconds. The Ice Pylon has an extent of a 1-meter area.


This lets the user encase himself in a block of ice with 75% of their maximum health and improved mana regeneration.

His Tomb lasts 10 seconds and may be interrupted manually by hitting their Block button, Attack Button, or receiving damage.

Strengths and Weaknesses 


  • This has the best-ranged attacks, with Ice Spikes having a range of more than 8 meters that can cause up to 56% weapon Damage. It also has a healing tomb to regain your Mana, which can increase your health by up to 10%.

  • Provides the best crowd control options. Ice Shower is stricken with powerful frostbite.

  • Iced Refresh, a killing blow with an Ice spike that reduces all Ice cooldown by 75%.


  • The Ice Gauntlet becomes extremely weak if you get Corrupted when your damage decreases by 40%.

  • The healing options are limited, which makes you more prone to danger.

  • The cooldown on some of the skills on an Ice Gauntlet is unusually long, which can be vexatious during a prolonged war and needs a short cooldown time.

Best Ice Gauntlet Weapon Combination

The Ice Gauntlet's best combinations are Rapier, Fire staff, and Life Staff. The combination of Rapier gives sufficient mobility and crowd resistance. On the other hand, the Fire Staff provides great power for the attack. Then, the Life Staff is an ultimate need to keep your members healed. All these combinations create a great build as an individual.

Ice Gauntlet Life Staff PvE Build

The Life Staff combination with the Ice Gauntlet makes it a healing build. Life Staff is the restoring secondary weapon that makes the build more flexible. In the PvE environment, it is used to keep the team's players healed up. It also got many AoE offensive skills along with high survivability and sustained.

New World Ice Gauntlet Life Staff PvE Build

Like Ice Gauntlet's abilities, there are skills of Life Staff that the player needs to possess. Those are Sacred Ground, where an area of a 3m radius gets the ability to heal allies up to 16% for 12 seconds; Orb Protection which heals 10% of weapon damage along with 146% damage protection; and Beacon, which heals 16% damage per second for 10 seconds.

The preferred armor weight is heavy, as the healing equipment is light and defensive skills are needed. Yet, there are heavyweight healers but maintaining the speed; the sound weight is a must. A combination of points is also maintained as 200 focus, 100 intelligence, and 100 constitutions. Jewelry and gems are considered a great perk of the build. The player needs to earn the perks that can be obtained in exchange for Gold Coins. If you are falling short of Gold Coins, you can purchase them at a very reasonable price.

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This build focuses on group gaming. So, the healing through the different skills is done with the group members. And, once completely healed, you can head towards the fight with Ice Gauntlet to cause damage through the weapon. Even in heavy armor damages, the health potion is used to recover.

Ice Gauntlet Life Staff PvP Build

In the PvP field, the Life Staff provides resistance to the heavy damages with healing during combat. However, the damaging effect of this build is also heavy to hit the enemies. Here, the attribute points are used more on focus than intelligence and constitution.

This build works best for the PvP gameplay with the Life Staff masteries like Beacon, Orb of Protection, and Sacred ground. Beacon deals with the 146% of weapon damage healing for 10 seconds. Similarly, orb protection gives a 10% fortify increment for 2 seconds. Finally, sacred ground heals 16% of weapon damage. By completing higher levels, many passive skills are unlocked according to the active skills.

In PvP build, the damage resistance is also done by the counter damaging attacks. Yet, the tricks of winning the fight are nearly similar to the PvE. Once you get healed, a heavy attack with an ice storm and other abilities are performed. Potions come to work while in an emergency the resistance power is reduced.

Ice Gauntlet Fire Staff PvE Build

In this build, the combination of fire staff and Ice Gauntlet makes a strong attacking ability where the fire causes massive damage after using Ice Gauntlet skills. The player needs to be extra protective of the health, as the healing property is quite less in this build due to the presence of the damaging entities. Intelligence is required to be focused more on the constitution.

Besides the attacking skills of Ice Gauntlet, the major abilities of fire staff are Fireball which deals with 140% of damage, leaving 3m of fire for 6 seconds. It has passive skill unlocks like, Scorched Earth that increases the fire for 9 seconds and more. Flamethrower does 3% of damage per second for 6 seconds. Incinerate deals with 130% of damage by increasing the distance of enemies up to 3 meters.

Light armor is a good choice for the PvE gameplay in this build. The lightweights increase the damage up to 20%. Its set leads the intelligence perk to 300. Other perks of Jewelry are used for scaling the skills.

The efficient way to approach the enemies in this build is to slow them down through the Ice Gauntlet, which will give you the advantages of gems, and then burn them with the fireballs.

Ice Gauntlet Fire Staff PvP Build

The PvP Ice Gauntlet Fire Staff Build prefers to focus more on intelligence (195). This build attack is the most common ranged fire ice attack. This build is equipped for all kinds of PvP gameplay. The combination of the build gives an empowering potential to the player. Again, the passive unlock makes the build stronger.

New World Ice Gauntlet Fire Staff PvP Build

The masteries of fire staff used in this build are Meteor Shower, which reduces the weapon power of the enemies up to 34%. Also, the nearby opponent will be affected. Secondly, burnout deals with 129% of the weapon damage. It has passive entities like Heat it and All in that causes more damage to the opponent. Fireball is another ability that burns the 3-meter radius area for 6 seconds and causes damage.

The tip for the fight is to equip medium-weight armor as these give 10% damage and a healing boost. The health is secured to increase the defensive quality. The Ice Gauntlet makes the first attack, followed by the fireballs and burnout. The health potion always holds the defensive side from the damages caused in a short period.

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