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Best New World Musket Builds for PvP and PvE

Despite not having as many ability options as other well-known MMOs, the weapon system in New World offers a good selection of play styles and inventiveness. The Musket is for gamers who prioritize accuracy and range over all else. It enables them to engage foes at a distance with lethal headshots and incapacitating traps. Some musket builds are superior to others since not all musket constructions are created equal. It is advised to use these builds, including both PvP and PvE.

Overview of Musket

The Musket is a potent and dependable ranged weapon in the New World. Fortunately, techniques to get around this with talents and passives make it more enjoyable overall. However, it has a significant reload duration, occasionally making it feel awkward to play.

Since DPS is the sole job the Musket has, it is a fantastic choice in the Damage category. Despite some usefulness and crowd control, the only weapon that genuinely advantages from the effects is the Musket.

New World Musket

Musket Skills, Perks, and Passives

They will also receive a Rating from C to S tier for PvE and PvP in addition to the usual information. The C tier is reserved for passives that aren't all that wonderful, either because they're required by an upgrade or simply pointless. A and B Tiers are middle tiers that fall between the worst and finest passives, leaning either way. If you pick up a skill or wish to since it's handy in numerous situations, you almost always go for one on the S tier.

Musket Attributes

Some general improvements have been made to The Musket, mainly to its least-used available skills. Here's a better insight at some of the modifications to see if they make the Musket more competitive in the game's prevailing Heavy Armor meta.

  • Damage from General Muskets has risen by 2.5%. This is a straightforward flat buff.

  • The cooldown for Shooter's Stance was lowered from 20 seconds to 18. This is a significant improvement because you can now also leave this stance. Just press the sprint, ability, or dodge key.

  • Damage from Sticky Bombs has increased from 175 to 235 percent. This is a substantial rise. But does it increase the viability of the ability? That might be useful for AoE in team PvP and conflicts.

  • Power Shot's 15-second cooldown has been lowered to 12 seconds.

  • Stopping Power cooldown was shortened from 18 to 15 seconds.

Musket Fundamentals

The following broad pointers will help you use the Musket in New World:

  • The Musket largely relies on making headshots or controlling the crowd. Be careful which tree you concentrate on because passives either target headshots or foes that are stunned.

  • The Musket scales with Dexterity at a rate of 0.9x, while it also has Intelligence as a secondary stat at a rate of 0.6x.

  • The Musket goes well with light armor. More mobility is essential. Unless you're using an aggressive melee weapon like the Hatchet, you shouldn't be receiving any damage. Therefore, the added defense shouldn't be a problem.

New World Musket Fundamentals

Musket - Recommended Gear

If you want to utilize a magical weapon as a secondary weapon, such as the Ice Gauntlet, for a Musket configuration, it's advised to wear Medium or Light Armor. Since you'll be concentrating on using ranged weapons, medium armor should be sufficient to keep you from being overly vulnerable if you decide to utilize a secondary melee weapon. Otherwise, the Light Armor will give you the boost in harm and dodging you need so you can destroy your enemies before they come to you if you want to go big glass cannon or use a magic weapon as an alternative.

Musket Weapon Mastery

Sharpshooter and Trapper are the 2 Musket Weapon Mastery Trees.

While Trapper concentrates on crowd management through traps and debuffs, Sharpshooter focuses on enhancing your raw attack strength and on solitary adversaries on single-target adversaries.

New World - Sharpshooter and Trapper

Sharpshooter Tree Active Skill

There are nine Passives and three Active Skills in the Sharpshooter Tree, each with notable improvements. The most crucial part of the Tree is this side, which emphasizes strikes against single-target enemies and is all about delivering damage. As a result, you must be careful to select Passives and Abilities that focus on this.

The following are the top choices in Sharpshooter Tree:



When the target is on fire, standard musket rounds do 12% more damage or Chronic Trauma.

Increase Burn duration to 13 seconds for headshot Powder burn.

Powder Burn

Fill the Musket to the brim with explosives, and the following shot will deal 110% damage and trigger the Burn state effect, which gives 20% damage every second for 9 seconds.


Ballistic Advantage

Reduces the damage fall-off from regular Musket rounds against targets farther distant than 50 meters.

Reload critically

A quick reload is awarded for three headshots within five seconds.

Called Shot Resupply

Headshots from regular attacks lower ability cooldowns by 10%.

Trapper Tree Active Skill

There are nine Passives and three Active Skills inside the Trapper Tree, each with its improvements. However, as crowd management and debuffs are the main focuses, you must ensure that the abilities and passives you select to complement the ones you selected for the Sharpshooter Tree.

The Musket Trapper Tree's top choices are:


A Lasting Impact

Stopping Power exhausted targets, slowing stamina restoration by 10% for eight seconds.

Stopping Power

Overloading the Musket's muzzle with powder makes the subsequent shot do 120% damage, staggering the enemy and knocking them back 3 meters.


Set up a trap that lasts for 20 seconds. When activated, it renders the target immobile for three seconds and roots them.

Additional Repulsion

Stopping Power slows enemies it hits by 10% for 8 seconds.

Smells like blood

When striking confined opponents, recover 100% of weapon harm as health.

Trapped Injury

Targets affected by traps experience Rend, which increases their damage by 20% for 3 seconds.

Two-Step Trap

You now have two different functioning traps.

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Musket Builds

Rapier and Musket

The Musket and rapier have been a staple weapon combination in the game since its inception for several reasons. First, the fact that both increase from dexterity first makes it obvious that each weapon will gain from maxing out the stat. Second, while it is undoubtedly not the finest Tank Build in the New World, the Rapier offers mobility and defense, two big advantages over the somewhat static Musket. Finally, it is a fantastic surviving weapon.

Lastly, a crippling damage-over-time combination involving the Powder Burn talent and the rapier's bleeding is possible. So take Powder Burn, Shooter's Stance, and Traps for the Musket, and Evade, Riposte and Tondo for the rapier, for skills.

New World Musket Builds Guide

Hatchet and Musket

The hatchet levels from strength first, but due to its secondary dexterity scaling, damage output, and mobility, it makes a fantastic partner for the Musket. Additionally, the Hatchet makes up for some of the rapier's defensive shortcomings with massive damage and effective healing. Take Stopping Power, Powder Burn, and Sticky Bomb upon the Musket in addition to Berserk, Feral Rush, and Raging Torrent upon this Hatchet for this build's talents. The result is a well-balanced construct that enables switching between close-quarters warfare and long-range sniping.

Spear and Musket 

The Spear and Musket combo can be considered a zoning variation of the musket and rapier combo. However, the spear has restricted movement and attack options; its outstanding crowd control abilities more than make up for this shortcoming. Powder Burn, Traps, and Shooter's Stance are this combo's most extraordinary musket talents. Additionally, the Spear's Skewer, Vault Kick, and Sweep all give a variety of crowd control abilities and a powerful bleed impact that will drive enemies at bay.

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