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Best New World Spear Builds for PvP and PvE

The Spear is a versatile melee weapon that may be used offensively and defensively. It can successfully compete in most settings thanks to its robust Rend application and a variety of crowd management capabilities.

This weapon's main application is for doing damage. It's undoubtedly an excellent choice for melee DPS because it has the most severe damage in the game, a respectable reach, and a tonne of rapid damage talents.

Usability and crowd control are two of this weapon's secondary uses. There is no issue with crowd management on The Spear. Additionally, the Spear provides several options to work with to lower your own risk and attack opponents, including knockdowns, knockbacks, staggers, and stuns.

New World Spear

Getting a Spear

A spear is an excellent option for characters who value versatility because it can be used as a ranged or melee weapon and is available for crafting, dropping, or being awarded as a quest prize.


A basic spear can be made in any forge; the lowest quality available is a Common quality Treated Wooden Spear. One of the items you attempt to manufacture will probably be of uncommon caliber. More advanced materials and weaponsmithing abilities are needed to create rare or epic spears.


The rewards increase in quality as the mission becomes more difficult. When a mission is finished, chests are awarded in exchange, and they frequently include weapons, occasionally even a spear.


Not only from animal attacks and harvesting but also from other foes.

Characteristics that Increase with the Spear

The Characteristic points that define a player's spear proficiency are Strength and Dexterity. As players level up, they receive more Attribute points, so selecting a spear as their primary weapon can initially cause a loss of points. However, depending on each character's individual progression choices, this might not be negative.

Early in the game, characters specializing in spears may have few alternatives for where to place their Attribute points, but they have more possibilities for the finest weapon combinations. Characters in the new world can hold two weapons in one go, but dual-wielding is prohibited, so they cannot be of the same type.

New World - Zoner and Impaler

Spear and Hatchet build

The Spear and Hatchet build comes first. The tremendous Berserk ability of the Hatchet makes it one of the greatest weapons in the New World, in my opinion. When Berserking isn't enough, it gives you additional CC effects and reaches when used in conjunction with the Spear.

Best Spear masteries

The advantages of the Hatchet will be discussed shortly, but first, the Spear. Here are some suggestions for Spear's greatest masteries, characteristics, and active skills.

We dug deep into the Zoner tree to scale critical damage and boost critical hits for this build.

Active talents to learn


For this PvP Spear build, the Sweep is an essential skill. When triggered, Sweep will strike your adversary's limbs out from under them, temporarily rendering them helpless. In PvP, this is quite effective.

Vault Kick

A potent PvP CC skill that will shock your adversaries and let you move across the battlefield while fighting.


The Spear has an extremely low range when used with the Hatchet unless you choose the Javelin. The Javelin also will cause your opponent to stagger, allowing you to launch an attack from a distance.

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 Best Hatchet masteries

One of our favorites New World weaponries is the Hatchet. Its many speed-boosting qualities not only make it considerably simpler to move through the game's open areas, but it is also very flexible. It can be combined with a variety of other weapon kinds. We descended fairly far into the throwing tree for this build, primarily for the PvP range and to ramp the debuffs and hit multipliers with the help of the passives.

New World Hatchet

Active talents to learn


A fundamental ability for the Hatchet is berserk. You get damage, durability, and speed from it. In PvP, most players flee if their health is too low. Using Berserk can help you catch up to fleeing opponents and provide a boost if you've suffered too much damage.

Social Distancing

You have increased mobility when utilizing Social Distancing, with dodges and evades similar to when employing the Bow. Remember, any will function for this build. However, as you dodge and weave around your opponent, the Hatchet's tossing passives and skills (such as Infected Throw) provide you the chance to deliver more damage.

Infected Throw

This is a crucial PvP ability. At the beginning of the game, while players primarily use Rations to heal, inflicting your adversary with Disease will temporarily stop them from healing.

Best Qualities and Equipment

  • Attributes: Dexterity and Strength

  • Armor: Light or Medium 

You should invest in Strength and Dexterity because your Spear increases with those two stats. Prioritize boosting your Strength first. You ought to be evenly balanced between the two or more, leaning towards Strength with the right equipment. For this construct, light or medium armor will work. If you wish to inflict more significant harm, use light. If you discover that you're dying too quickly, equip medium. Use any perks that improve the skills mentioned above or reduce the cooldown time for skills.

Spear and Bow build

This very adaptable construct excels in a few key areas: it has a good balance of control and sustain, both long and melee damage, and is excellent in PvP and expeditions. The top masteries for the weapons are detailed here.

New World Spear and Bow Build

The best bow Masteries

Penetrating Shot

A fantastic PvE weapon for putting pressure on a target or striking a group of opponents at once. To maximize the damage bonus from this skill, try to maintain a safe distance when using Penetrating Shot.

Poison Shot

A great AoE ability with moderate damage over time stops opponents from narrowing the gap. Use this item to disengage from combat. After using it, your movement speed will noticeably increase.


Dodging and weaving, Archer's Speed, and other forms of movement from the Skirmisher tree. You should start conversations with Penetrating Shot when using this build. Poison Shot next, then switch to a spear, use Sweep, and finally hop back using Evade Shot. As necessary, rinse and repeat.

Best Qualities and Equipment

  • Attribute: Dexterity

  • Armor: Light

For this build, Dexterity will be your primary focus. If you can master the build's rotation, this will increase the damage your Spear and Bow deal, enabling you to do some ludicrous damage. We advise light armor because it increases your damage by 20%. However, light armor offers little protection, so be cautious about maintaining your distance. You desire perks that improve your Spear, the Poison Shot of the Bow, and everything that shortens the cooldown on your abilities.


Most spear builds are PvP-oriented. However, it can be helpful for PvE if certain adjustments are made. When using the Cyclone AoE skill instead of the Javelin, for instance, you can employ those CC skills with the Spear to deal with many foes simultaneously.

Light armor is likely the best type of armor to utilize for a Spear construct. For PvP, such additional mobility is essential. You might want to swap the Spear out for a complete medium set of armor if you plan to use it for PvE or expeditions.

It's wise to start most encounters with your Spear. Use your CC skills to allow yourself a chance to switch weapons and deal some respectable damage.

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