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Best New World Sword and Shield Builds for PvP and PvE

In the New World, you need the best defensive and attacking skills to lead and beat the enemies. Therefore, swords and shields are the most recommended pairs among all the weapon categories. Here, we will discuss the best Sword and Shield builds to make an effective weapon combination.

In PvP and PvE gameplay, the choice of armor builds, skills, and playstyles make a strong approach towards the gain in the battle zones. You also need to focus on the best choice of swords and shields according to their specialization. However, it mostly covers the defensive tank playstyle. So, let’s have a brief description of this.

Swords and the skills

Swords are the weapon that does Slash and Thrust damage with various playstyles. Isabella’s Chosen (tier V, epic), Iron Longsword (tier II, common), Wood Longsword (tier I, common), Tidal Reaver (tier III, rare), and Sapling Brand (tier II, rare) are some of the attacking swords of New World. These swords have some active and passive skills.

The active skills of the swordmaster tree are:

  • Whirling Blade: swings full circle, cooldown of 15 sec, 145% damage dealing, rating S for PvE and A+ for PvP.

  • Leaping Strike: Downward slice, Ranges 6 meters with 150% damage deal, the cooldown of 18 sec, rating B for PvE and A for PvP.

  • Reverse Stab: Powerful stab attack, 175% damage deal, the cooldown of 20 sec, rating A+ of PvE and A of PvP.

The passive skills of the swordmaster tree are:

  • Opportunist: Damage increases by 10%, rating A for both PvE and PvP, 5% for 10 sec.

  • Mobility: Moves 33% faster while blocking, rating C for PvE and C+ for PvP.

  • Leadership: Increases damage by 10%, rating S for PvE and PvP.

  • Empowered Stab: Heavy damage of 30%, rating S for PvE and A+ for PvP.

  • Achilles Heel: third light attack 20% slow for 2 sec, rating A+ for PvE and C+ for PvP.

  • Final Strike: Does 50% damage to the foe below 30%.

  • Precision: Increases critical strike by 10%, rating S for PvE and PvP.

  • Confidence: Damage increases by 15%, rating A for PvE and C+ for PvP.

  • Freeing Justice: Combines with empowered stab and makes heavy damage, rating S for PvE and PvP.

  • Counter Attack: For blocking an attack, you get 3% damage for 5 sec, stack up 5 times up to 15%.

New World Sword and Shield Straight Sword

Shields and the Skills

In the New World, Shields are only equipped with the sword as the other hand weapon. Round shields, Kite shields, and tower shields are the three types of shields with different skills in the game. Their numerous shields covering all types are available.

The active skills of the defender tree are:

  • Defiant Stance: It reduces the attack by 30% for 8 sec and has a cooldown of 45 sec, rating S for PvE and A for PvP.

  • Shield Bash: makes a small arc to defend the damage of 50% and stun for 2 sec, cooldown of 25 sec, rating A for both PvE and PvP.

  • Shield Rush: Knocks back the foe and rushes forward for 5 meters, defends weapon damage of 125%, cooldown of 20 sec, rating B for PvE and A for PvP.

The passive skills of the defender tree are:

  • Defensive formation: deals damage of 30% for 2 secs, I sec cooldown, rating C for both PvE and PvP.

  • High grip: deals with damage of 15%, blocks attacks, rating C for both PvE and PvP.

  • Restoration: reduces the damage and heals up to 15% of the heath, rating A+ for both PvE and PvP.

  • Final countdown: damage is reduced to 20% of your health is above 50%.

  • Defensive Training: 10% fortify effect for 5 sec, rating A for PvE and B for PvP.

  • Fortitude: Sword health increases by 10%.

  • Sturdy grip: Blocks attack and damage deal up to 15%, rating S for PvE and B for PvP.

  • One with the Shield: cooldown reduces 1% per attack, rating C for both PvE and PvE.

The combination of Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield are the combo weapons that go alongside. Yet, some weapons make a good pair with the sword. Those are Sword and Great Axe, Sword and Spear Build, War Hammer, and Great Axe. Besides the leveling rewards, the new world gives access to either forge the weapons and level up or make deals in the marketplace with the new world economy, the Gold Coins. If you need them, you can purchase them for real money.

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Contagious reverse stab, Empowering whirling blade, Empowering Leaping strike, accelerated defiant stance, and Fortifying shield rush are some perks of Swords and shields where they make a strong playstyle with each active and passive skill. The perks also depend on the gear score, i.e., a minimum of 200 and 600 at maximum. Therefore, these perks empower the players more.

Advantages and weaknesses

Various empowering builds are one of the great advantages of the sword-shield combination. In addition, the Shields here give the player the highest health support, making the gameplay attacking and most defensive.

Then, it is troublesome when the player faces the fast and upgraded enemies. The defensive strategy reduces the range and speed of attack. But, unfortunately, it also got bad DPS. 

New World Sword and Shield

Best Sword and Shield Builds for PvP and PvE

There are a few best-build options for swords and shields that work both offensive and defensive. For general PvP and PvE games, this combination provides sound speed and health without many specializations. For the New World, shield sword builds are the most classic for such reasons.

Here is the description of the builds:

Tank build

For both PvE and PvP, the tank is the most consistent build to play in. War Hammer Battle tank build and War Hammer Pure Defender tank build are the two types of tank build. Both the builds have the strength of great tank defense and AoE skill. Though it gives lesser mobility and damage output, the skills it opts for are the best in the skill tree. 

The Weapons of both builds are firstly sword and Shield, secondly, war hammer. However, the Pure defender focuses on defense only and doesn’t have offensive power.

It possesses active skills like Whirling blade, Shield bash, Defiant stance, Path of destiny, and Shield rush. Passive skills are Intimidating bash, Frailty, Concussive bash, Meteoric crater, sturdy Shield, Element resistance, Outnumbered, facilitated expedition, Power cleaner, Final blow, Improved rush, Intimidating rush, Swing away, Defensive formation, Sturdy grip, Final countdown, Restoration. These skills and the upgradation lead point allocation according to the respective skills.

Talking about the tanks, with chosen skills, it buys enough aggro of the enemy at the face and time to counter. Strengthening the defiant stance works for both PvE and PvP. In the case of PvE, it’ll have more powered weapons moves. In PvP, the shield bash needed to be followed. Lastly, it requires a gripping playstyle to continue attacking.

Hatchet Mas DPS build

Its primary purpose is to facilitate the PvE field. However, the DPS build also supports the PvP field. It does quick work to defend the enemies. The base weapons for PvP are Sword, Shield, and spear. For PvE, the 1st weapon is a Sword and shield, the 2nd weapon is Hatchet.

This build is designed to cover a lot of distance, causing massive damage. The player sticks to the tank for cover, and the respective skills of the build cover them from the enemies. The active skills are Whirling blades, Berserk, Reverse stab, Feral rush, leaping strike, and Raging torrent. The passive skills are, Unstoppable stab, Dispatch, Tactician, Crippling strikes, Precision, Enraged strike, mobility, against all odds, opportunist, frenzied purge, confidence, on the hunt, berserking refresh, tactical strike, berserking purge, leadership, defy death, empowered stab, freeing justice, accumulated power, counter-attack, relentless fury, critical precision, fortifying strike, Achilles heel, aggressive approach, and final blow. 

This build can work both with and without the tank. It uses the skills to the fullest, causing great damage. Here, the gems diamond and emerald are of best use. To gain success, you start with a heavy attack from the beginning.

Life staff Paladin build

This build works for both PvP and PvE. This is a perfect build for survivability and soloing. Here the tank is not the only benefit; healing is also used. The weaknesses it has are less offensive power and less agility. However, it has got more strength in focus and constitution. It has the 1st weapon, sword, and Shield, 2nd weapon life staff. The life staff provides the most protective or healing spell that deals with the damages.

Active skills of the build are shield rush, scared ground, shield bash, the orb of protection, defiant stance, and beacon. These skills are basically used to control the crowd and deal with the enemies. The passive skills are sturdy Shield, absolved, sturdy grip, mending touch, element resistance, blissful touch, defensive training, holy ground, high grip, blessed, defensive light, one with the Shield, improved rush, the final blow, shared protection, final count down, infused light, concussive bash, aegis, intimidating rush, recuperation, spirits united, Restoration, glowing focus, defensive formation, speed of light. 

All these passive skills are acquired to gain maximum incoming damage protection. Also, these work to upgrade the skills with the help of one another.

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