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Best Race for Hunter WoW - Play with the Right Hunter Race!

Welcome players to this Best Race for Hunter WoW Guide. In the following sections, you’ll find the best races for the Alliance and the Horde in several contexts. You’ll discover what skills make them the best options while playing PvE or PvP. With nothing more to say, let’s get right to it!

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What Is Hunter Class in WoW Classic?

Which Are the Best Races for Hunter Class?

Best Hunter Race for PvE

Best Hunter Race for PvP

Best Looking Hunter Race

Best Hunter Race for World of Warcraft Classic

Best Races for Hunter Bottom Line

What Is Hunter Class in WoW Classic?

Hunter class in World of Warcraft official site

Hunter is a melee or ranged damage class that delivers significant damage by using explosions, venoms, traps, bows, guns, or crossbows. They are very efficient and deadly from a distance, providing consistently severe damage. Hunters are also great for solo campaigns, quests, raids, and leveling quickly. 

Hunters have three specializations:

  • Beast Mastery Hunter. This hunter is the master of beasts and can tame them to assist him during combat. 

  • Survival Hunter. A ranger who uses explosives and coordinates attacks with their bonded beasts. They deliver good pet damage. 

  • Marksmanship Hunter. Marksmanship hunters are master sharpshooters capable of bringing down foes from afar.  

But, which is the best Hunter race?

You know that in World of Warcraft, there are 24 races, some better than others in specific abilities and tasks. Besides, some of them work better for particular classes. 

This is the question we’ll answer today. 

What race should you adopt if you’re a hunter?

Which Are the Best Races for Hunter Class?

We must mention that there is nothing like "the final best race" for any class in WoW. The best race depends on whether we talk about The Alliance or The Horde, PvP, PvE, etc.   

Best Hunter Race for PvE

When it comes to PvE, many people believe that Hunter is the best class in World of Warcraft, either modern expansions, such as World of Warcraft Shadowlands, or WoW Classic expansions, such as Burning Crusade and The Wrath of the Lich King.


An orc in the official site of World of Warcraft

On the Horde side, undoubtedly, the prize is for the Orc race. Since they can use Blood Fury to increase their attack power by 122 for 15 sec, this race is excellent for maximizing the damage and most out of cooldowns. 

Command is also handy for the hunter specialization that uses pets. This passive racial ability increases the damage delivered by pets by 1%.

These two aspects make Orcs a great race to play Hunter since they will provide as much DPS as possible. 


A Dwarf in the official site of World of Warcraft

Speaking about the best-allied race for Hunter, we have to mention the Dwarves. Their passive ability, “Might of the Mountains,” provides a 2% critical strike bonus damage. As Hunters have a crit focus, increasing it this way is always welcome.

Gun Specialization, on the other hand, provides Dwarves with increased chances to critically hit with Guns. This buff is a good advantage when you hunt with fire weapons and turn dwarves into one of the best Alliance races.    

Besides, Dwarf racials can use Stoneform, an ability that removes all the nasty debuffs, such as Poison, Curse, Disease, Magic, and Bleed effects. Stoneform also reduces the physical damage taken by 10% for 8 sec, which makes it some of the best racial abilities for Hunters.          

Best Hunter Race for PvP

Two Black Iron Dwarved in World of Warcraft

There is no escape from PvP! Facing an enemy involves being prepared for everything. In this regard, dealing significant damage in the shortest time, either with melee or ranged weapons, is essential for survival and achieving victory. 


A Troll in the official site of World of Warcraft

Among all the Horde races, Troll racials stand out due to their capacity to pair movements and reduce the duration of specific effects. The great racial trolls’ Da Voodoo Shuffle reduces the movement impairing by 15%.

With Bow Specialization racial trait, you will increase your chances of critically hitting enemies with bows by 1%, which is perfect for ranged hunters.

Berserking active troll racial trait also provides a tremendous racial advantage since it increases the melee, ranged, and spell haste by 15% for 10 sec. Thanks to this, you can get your combos off no giving your enemies time to respond! With this great choice, you’ll break the game!   

Dark Iron Dwarf

A Dark Iron Dwarf in the official site of World of Warcraft

Dark Iron Dwarf provides one of the most incredible burst potentials in PvP. This warrior can escape and cleanse all the debuffs that players apply to them. With Disengage, Dark Iron Dwarves can run away from enemies while staying in combat, and with Freezing Trap, they can incapacitate foes and escape from death. 

Furthermore, the racial ability, Fireblood, will allow you to remove the poison, magic, curse, disease, and blood effects. What’s more, Fireblood also will increase your primary stat by 183 + 61 for each effect removed for 8 sec. 

As it is widespread that enemies, such as Shadow Priests, try to lock down Hunters, cleansing abilities are an essential part of the PvP experience when you use this class.    

Best Looking Hunter Race

A human hunter aimed his bow in World of Warcraft

We know that many people choose their race for their looks. And we also understand that the choice is personal since each person has unique tastes and preferences. Many players believe the best-looking race for Hunters is the Draenei Race or Void Elf race, but we disagree. Void elves look great, as well as Draenies, but we prefer Blood Elves and Humans.  


A Human in the official site of World of Warcraft

We strongly believe that Humans look great as Hunters due to its classic hunter fashion style. With the classic hods, either men or women look like hunters of the woods. Human hunters are handy and can hunt easily thanks to their racial mount: the horse. Besides, the human kingdom of Stormwind, the backbone of the Alliance, is a settlement between woods and rivers. Humans are great hunters by nature! 

Blood Elf

A Blood Elf in the official site of World of Warcraft

Blood Elves come from the City of Silvermoon. They are leading the Horde straight into a bold future. They also have a rich story that endows them with prestige and grace. They use fiery colors and flashy masks; thus, they are always ready to fight and rise with victory in battle.

It’s not a surprise that Blood Elves look like the elves created by J. R. R. Tolkien, and as the latter, Blood Elves are great archers and hunters. 

Best Hunter Race for World of Warcraft Classic

A night elf hunter standing in the woods in World of Warcraft Classic

With the release of WoW Classic in 2019, things have changed a bit. Modern WoW, i.e., WoW Shadowlands, WoW Battle for Azeroth, and WoW Classic, boast some crucial differences. In this regard, classes such as Paladin, Rogue, and Warlock, for example, change some abilities, skins, transmogs, and so on.


A Tauren in the official site of World of Warcraft

Taurens and their racials are perfect for tanking in PvP in WoW Classic. On the other side, it’s a shame that they’re likely one of the weakest races for Hunters in PvE. With War Stomp, they can deliver an AoE stun, which is very useful in PvP situations. Of course, this is also great for crowd control since you can create a combination with the ranged skills of hunters.  

Night Elf

A Night Elf in the official site of World of Warcraft

A Night Elf Hunter has the highest base agility stat. Thanks to this, you can increase the highest DPS in a small way. Ok, this is not great, but it’s helpful if you combine it with a hunter spec, such as Marksmanship hunter. 

Best Races for Hunter Bottom Line

World of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment offers multiple options when selecting a race and a class. It’s understandable to hesitate and not know what to do to create the best character. All alternatives are fantastic, and no matter your choice, if you develop your character, you can become a marvelous hunter to complete your journey through Azeroth.

We hope we have been helpful if you want to step into the shoes of Hunters. Henceforth, you’ll be ready to write your name in the history of WoW. 

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