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Dark and Darker Ancient Scrolls Guide

In the Dark and Darker Dungeon Run, you will find a ton of unique things, but there is nothing that even comes close to the Ancient Scrolls. Yes, they are quite a mysterious loot in the game, but most of the time players don’t know what they are all about. Here’s our Dark and Darker Ancient Scrolls Guide to help you out.

Dark and Darker Ancient Scrolls Guide

Rare Loot

The main goal of Dark and Darker is to simply start the Dungeon Run and get as much loot as you can. Then you have to safely get out before you lose the loot or more specifically, you die in the run. 

Then, you will have to sell that loot to the Merchants and prepare yourself for the harder Dungeon Run. That’s about the whole outer concept of the game here. But, one thing to note is that when you are looking, you will come across various Loots, having different rarities, usefulness, and value.

Most of the time the Gold and Silver material sells for the most Gold Coins in Dark and Darker, but there are other Rare Items as well in the game. 

Yes, that Rare Loot you just picked up recently is quite a spectacular thing. Ancient Scrolls are also one of those Rare Loots that you come across sometimes when your luck is at its peak. 

Even in the category of Ancient Scrolls, you will come across various colors like Purple, Green, and Blue. All of them mean that there are Rarities within the Rare Class of Ancient Scrolls. Pretty cool, right?

Dark and Darker Ancient Scrolls Guide

Here’s every detail on their purpose, their value, and how to get them.


It might disappoint you but Dark and Darker don’t have any use in the game, none that we know of. The February Playtest for Dark and Darker hasn’t showcased any use for the Ancient Scrolls but we are sure the April Playtest is going to bring a ton of new mechanics for the Ancient Scrolls.

It will take up to around 6 inventory slots from your character, which means there is going to be something heavy here. So, it is better to stick with it till the developers roll out a new update.

No Use! Should you pick it up?

Just like we mentioned before in our Dark and Darker Ancient Scrolls Guide that there are other Rare Items in the game as well. Ancient Scroll might be one of those, but there isn’t any worth for it in the game as of now.

That means No, you shouldn’t pick it up and neither sell it to the vendor. You can go towards the other Rare Items that are worth something in the game. The six slots it is using are also worthless. 

When you sell it to the Vendor, you will be getting only 3 Gold Coins, which is also quite low for Rare Items. So, it basically means Ancient Scroll is meaningless to pick or sell in the game. 

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Then why a Rare Item?

All of the things combined indicate that Ancient Scrolls are not worth anything and they are completely useless. But, why are they Rare Items in the game? For the most part, it is a confirmed theory that Ancient Scrolls are going to be the most useful and unique items to come across in the game when the developers roll out the next PlayTest.

They have an appearance, unlike any other item in the game, meaning they are quite unique, while they are also in the category of Unique Items, meaning they are genuinely going to be useful somewhat. 

Some of the likelihoods of Ancient Scroll uses in the game are going to be;

  • Using the Ancient Scroll, a nonmagical class can now use magic or a magic class can use more magic spells that they didn’t equip. The first one is highly likely based on the theories.

  • For quick leveling, the Ancient Scrolls will give you a large experience boost.

  • The item for a future event in Dark and Darker where you can exchange currencies for the event. Something like Genshin Impact or Pokemon Games that are utilizing these things.

  • Ancient Scrolls in Dark and Darker might be a rare item that you can use to craft items in the game.

  • Might activate a hidden game function like summoning bosses, opening secret areas, ancient doorways, and something like that.


So that’s everything we know about these rare items as of now and we mentioned it here in our Dark and Darker Ancient Scrolls Guide. The theories we mentioned might turn true to some extent, but it all falls down on the shoulders of developers. Till that time, you can just miss the Ancient Scrolls or if you found one (highly unlikely), you can just throw it in the stash till the next Play Test appears.

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