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Dark and Darker Guide to Reviving Teammates

Dark and Darker is a PvPvE game that allows you to indulge in lots of challenges and missions filled with difficulties that come along with lots of monsters and dungeons. Mechanics of dark and darker are what make it more fun to play and interesting. It’s an online survival game where you get to fight and encounter many creatures and powerful monsters in the dungeons. Exploration unfolds a lot of mechanics, activities, and playstyles. 

As mentioned above it’s a PVPVE game so you’ll not just face strong world-spawn enemies but also some other players who are ready to take you and your group down by attacking you. The team is a crucial part of any game in order to successfully proceed through the game tackling challenges and hurdles and you lose the probability of your winning if any of your teammates dies.

Reviving is one of the best mechanics in Dark And Darker that allows you to bring your teammate back and again hop into the battle. However, it is not as easy as it seems when it comes to reviving your party member after being knocked out or taken down. There is a certain way you need to act and perform to revive your team members. This guide will make this hurdle easy for you by making the process easy so that you can easily revive your friends and get back on the battlefield.

Take Your Teammate’s Soul Heart

In Dark and Darker, Soul Heart is a utility item. Utility items are those items that can be used single or multiple times in combat according to their abilities in combat to complete a variety of tasks. Soul Heart is very important to be used when you’re reviving your teammate. It’s a blue-colored element that you can find in the inventory slot. When your friend dies, you need to locate his soul heart after looting all their equipment and gear. To get a soul heart, you need to remove the chest armor piece of your teammate. After equipping the soul heart to your inventory you can further proceed with the steps to revive your teammate.

Reach The Altar of Sacrifice

Currently, there are a total of five shrines in Dark and Darker and the Altar Of Sacrifice is one of them. It gives you a specific buff by allowing you to resurrect your fallen teammate. Now, when you have your teammate’s soul heart in your heart, you can further proceed to the Altar Of Sacrifice.

The altar of sacrifice is only used for reviving your teammates which is quite like a grave having a white or shiny sphere on top of it helping you to locate it in the vicinity. You can find the Altar of sacrifice all around you if you keep exploring the areas.

Keep in mind that you cannot interact with the altar of sacrifice if you don’t have the soul heart of your fallen teammate. Now, when you have your teammate’s soul heart in your hands, you can press the interact button by holding the soul heart. After this resurrection process will start and you can revive your fallen teammate. 

The resurrection process will be stopped if you get attacked or moved. By this, you will be able to resurrect your party member at the cost of some of your own health. So make sure before you start the process, you have a good amount of health in your health bar. As the altar of sacrifice is a shrine using it will give you 2 Experiences.

Dark and Darker Revising Teammates

Another Way Of Reviving Your Party Member

Usually, getting a soul heart and interacting with the altar of sacrifice is the only way to resurrect your friend but there’s an exception to this which will help you revive your teammate without interacting with the altar of sacrifice and that is by using the class “Cleric”.

Play As Cleric Class

There are many classes in Dark and Darker and Cleric is the only class that allows you to revive your ally with the help of spells. So, if you’re playing as a cleric, you can easily revive your ally. You can revive any of your allies as long as they have their soul heart. Clerics have many perks that you can use on the battlefield to maximize your potential. To revive your ally, you must have the “Requiem” Perk unlocked which will resurrect any of your allies giving 50% HP without the involvement of silver of life.

The cleric class acts as a supporting class in Dark and Darker with many skills, perks, stats, and equipment. It can also be used in attack mode against other powerful monsters and players. Even after being a support class, the cleric is able to deal a good amount of damage. Having a cleric in your team can be the cherry on top of the cake which won’t just take down your enemies but also make the process of resurrection easy for you making your allies revive faster and quicker.

Additional Tips to Help You Reviving Your Allies

Here are some of the additional tips, tricks, and strategies to help you revive your allies faster and quicker on the battlefield.

Effective Communication

Communication is the key if you are playing in a group so it is very important to communicate effectively with your team members so that you can understand when they need a revive and take action accordingly.

Focus on Your Health

When you’re healing your friends and teammates it is very important to prioritize your health and be in a safe position to make others safe as well. When you revive your ally by interacting with the altar of sacrifice, it takes some of your health as well.

Stay Close to Your Allies

Always be near to your allies maintaining a minimum distance so that you can easily reach out to them if they need a revive.

Play As Cleric

You can also play as a cleric class or have at least one ally from the cleric class so that the reviving can be done easily. When you play as a cleric you not only revive your allies but also take down your enemies and other players. Master the mechanics of the cleric and use all its power to revive and battle on the battlefield.

Ask For A Cover

Always ask your allies to give you a strong cover while you’re reviving one of your teammates which will protect you from the attacks of enemies and other players making the resurrection process easy and fast.

Work on Your Teamwork

Communication and teamwork go hand in hand. Better teamwork is always necessary for performing better. Understand each other and play as a strong team. With better teamwork, you can always keep an eye on your every ally and reach out to them immediately if they need the revive.

Dark and Darker The Altar of Sacrifice Use

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This is all about reviving your teammates in Dark and Darker. Reviving is quite a challenging process especially if you are playing as any other class than cleric but a systematic approach and well-skilled techniques can help you make it easy for you. The more you practice, the better you will get at this playstyle.

With the help of all the above-mentioned tips, tricks, and strategies you can now hop into the world of dark and darker and start playing and reviving your teammates. But before you start reviving your allies, make sure you always choose a safe place because any kind of interruption like moving much or being attacked will cancel the process of resurrection. All the best.

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