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Dark and Darker Cleric Beginner's Guide

Dark and Darker's Cleric class may be for you if wearing a tonne of plate armor while slamming the undead in the head seems like your preferred playstyle. The cleric shines in group play due to their ability to revive and heal others, but once you've amassed some gold, the feasibility of heavy armor can make them a good solo character. This is our guide to the Dark and Darker Cleric class. With the appropriate build, the Cleric can turn into an end-game behemoth of holy righteousness.

Cleric class Overview

One of the greatest classes in Dark And Darker, the cleric is essentially a must-choose if you want to complete the hardest game content. It is a healer and a damage dealer, and it can give your entire party buffs.


  • Offer bonuses and healing

  • Given that you can use plate armor and carry blunt weapons, you're not as weak as you may imagine.


  • Often the first victim in battles

  • Best in team competitions; less effective when used in solo

Dark and Darker Cleric

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Best Perks for the Cleric Class

Up to level 15, players can add new perks every five levels. This translates to a maximum of four perk slots since the first slot is unlocked when the character is first created. This implies that players should prioritize the most crucial perks for their first forays into the dungeons, then top them off with later add-ons. Nonetheless, the cleric excels in both group and solo play, thus the perks you should choose will probably differ according to your surroundings. Based on both dynamics, this is how we have ranked the Cleric perks.

Solo Play

  • Level 1- Blunt Weapon Mastery

  • Level 5-Undead Slaying

  • Level 10-Brewmaster

  • Level 15-Advanced Healer

Party Play

  • Level 1-Kindness

  • Level 5- Advanced Healer

  • Level 10-Reqiuem

  • Level 15-Perseverance

A solo DPS may struggle fighting mobs if you're playing with only one other person, therefore you might want to add additional devastating perks to your setup to aid deal more damage to enemies. But for both, Undead Slaying is a fantastic bonus because it enables the Cleric to specialize against undead enemies, which are plentiful in Dark and Darker. Brewmaster is an underrated perk because it gives Clerics access to Ale's enormous strength increase without making them drunk, which transforms them into PvP behemoths in melee.

Best Skills for the Cleric Class

The best course of action for cleric skills is to choose the two that are automatically picked for you at character creation: Holy Purification (PvE focused) or Judgement (PvP focused), and Spell Memory. This tends to vary depending on where and what you're preparing to fight. The Cleric loses their strength as a melee class without Spell Memory because they are unable to cast any spells.

Clerics have a powerful AoE attack with Holy Cleansing that targets all undead creatures in a 7.5-meter radius. This is useful if you have been ambushed by several Mummies or if you are in the central chamber of map Crypt 1, where a huge number of undead protect a treasure trove. Although the cast takes some time, it is worth it to be able to do 100 damage to each and every opponent within the radius whether you're in a group or on your alone. Alternately; Judgement does relatively fast damage to any opponents attempting to approach you from close range.

Dark and Darker Cleric Gameplay

Best Spells for the Cleric

Moreover, the Cleric has access to a variety of formidable spells. Take a moment to read below about the various spells for the Cleric Class.

One Cost Spells-Tier I

  • Protection-You or an ally may use this shield spell to stop 20 physical attacks for 20 seconds.

  • Bless-The spell Bless bestows +3 Strength, Agility, & Will for 30 seconds on a specific target. If you're alone, you'll cast this spell on yourself.

Two Cost Spells-Tier II

  • Divine Strike- The targeted spell Divine Strike gives the target's overall weapon damage a +10 boost for 20 seconds.

  • Cleanse- The target of this spell will be freed of all ailments & debuffs.

Three Cost Spells-Tier III

  • Bind- Stops the victim in their tracks for 0.75 seconds

Four Cost Spells-Tier IV

  • Lesser Heal- This is your main healing spell, restoring 15 health to the victim. If there are no allies present, this spell will target you.

Five Cost Spells-Tier V

  • Holy Light- A targeted heal and damage-dealing spell, Holy Light restores 30 health for allies while dealing 100 damage against undead targets.

Eight Cost Spells-Tier VIII

  • Resurrection- Will bring back a dead teammate as long as their Soul Heart is still there.

Best Gear for the Cleric class

In Dark And Darker, there is a tonne of various gear to choose from, what you choose will mostly rely on your playstyle. Following are some general pointers on the finest clothing for clerics, though.

  • Gear, with knowledge is typically seen as being quite useful because it increases the number of spells you could cast while running. Successfully extracting while wearing some high Knowledge gear can position you for a High-Roller or Red run in the long term.

  • Stats are quite significant, so it's a good idea to look for gear that has a plus sign next to each attribute. This also implies that you ought to just choose any equipment, be it heavy or light armor or a different kind of weapon, that has the best stat for your character.

  • Because it casts spells more quickly and is lighter than the Staff, we strongly prefer using the Spell Book for Cleric. In both PvE and PvP, speed is crucial for avoiding opponents, so try to wear lesser armor if you can.

  • Together with your spell book, you can grab a small Buckler shield as well as a mace to aid in killing monsters and provide you with a little bit of protection in case an adversary rushes you.

The Cleric as a Solo Player

The brand-new solo Goblin Cave mode was included in the game's playtest in February 2023. Players are able to single queue and only face off against other solitary players because of this. You might wish to play it as the Cleric since it offers a lot of XP.

Bring a Mace and a respectable Buckler if you're going on a solo run as a cleric. You can also purchase ale from the tavernkeeper in the market and select the Brewmaster perk to greatly increase your damage and strength. The Cleric can definitely function as a solo-friendly class.

Tips and Tricks to consider as a Cleric

These are a few common tips to help you play better as a cleric.

  • You may be a support character, but don't undervalue your destructive potential. Your damage increases from blunt weapons combine well with your bonuses against undead (specifically Maces, Flanged Mace, etc). Participate and support your team.

  • Get your teammates from the floor or from outside the ring rather than just looking for a revival altar with Resurrection, a fantastic skill that is sometimes underrated.

  • The goal of your game is to stand back, give heals & buffs, and only engage in PvP hand-to-hand battle when absolutely required, specifically if you're fighting in a party. You will become the main target for the opposing teams, so be mindful of your positioning.

  • Concentrate your buffs on the fighters and barbarians on your frontline team.

  • For the cleric, voice communication is crucial, particularly if you can inform your squad that you have just given them buffs and how many more healings you have left to provide.

  • Before settling, try out several builds, weapons, and armor. There are numerous factors in Dark And Darker. For instance, a Brewmaster Cleric who is continuously intoxicated can cause a tonne of harm.


Even if there is only one other player and you, you should bring a Cleric into the majority of the games you play with your buddies. In this challenging game, healing is crucial, and having a cleric in your squad might make all the difference. Now that you know the importance of a Cleric along with all the information you need to gather about being a good one, we conclude our Dark and Darker Cleric Guide!

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