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Dark and Darker Beginners Guide 2023

You might have heard of this incredible dungeon-crawler game that goes by the name of Dark and Darker. Well, it is quite a strange game if you are just starting and require beforehand knowledge of the game mechanics for better play. For that, here we have an amazing Dark and Darker Beginners Guide 2023 to help you out.

When you start the first game of Dark and Darker, it is a guarantee that you will be the one to lose the run. Don’t worry, the game is designed in a way that you will lose the first one and then learn the mechanics afterward.

Here in our Guide, we will be dividing the game mechanics into various steps like Choosing the Class, beginning your Run, Getting started with Combat, Remaining Alive, and getting out, and finally, we will talk about the controls of the game as well. So, let’s jump straight to the topic.

What’s Dark and Darker?

Dark and Darker is a famous dungeon crawler, horror plus thriller game that takes the genre to the next level. It joins together various popular games like “Might and Magic” and Wizardry. But you can’t call it a copy because it is unique with its play and graphics.

Here, you have to get into the Dungeon, run for your life, loot the area, and safely get out. In case you don’t succeed, all the loot will be lost and you will have to try again. There are portals, one will lead you to the harder dungeon, while the other one will let you leave the dungeon successfully.

Choosing the Class

The first thing that you are introduced to when playing Dark and Darker is class. Here is the character creation screen that allows you to make your unique character and then pick a class. There are six choices to pick from, providing you with a combination of ranged and melee characters, focusing on both the magical, as well as the physical damage.

  • ·        Fighter, Rogue, and Barbarian are all melee characters

  • ·        Wizard is totally on the Magical Damage side

  • ·        Ranger is a ranged character who utilized a bow and Cleric is a Combination of Melee and Magic

Best Class for Starter

In case you are new to the game, then our recommendation would be to stick with the Fighter Class because it is simply much more balanced, easier to play, and understand, and quite straightforward.

Beginning the Run

After making your Character, it is time to get yourself in the lobby. When you are in, you will be able to look at the Inventory, the Trade Items, Build, and much more.

Perks and Skills

Our recommendation would be to look at the Perks and Skills before you jump straight to the Run itself.

Go to the Class Tab there and from under there, you can check out the Perks/Skills Menu. Through this tab, you can check out the skills and change one for another, making the best possible best for the Dark and Darker run.

While you are in the dungeons, you can also access these skills by pressing the Q and E Button. Make sure that you understand these things before running for the weapons or armor.

·        Perk is referred to as the Passive Ability in Dark and Darker

·        Two Skills are the Active Abilities in Dark and Darker

·        You can use the Q and E Button to Trigger them while inside the game

Keep in mind that every class in the game has its own set of perks and skills, meaning they have different abilities that you can use based on what you love. Our recommendation in this Dark and Darker Beginners Guide 2023 would be to stick with the healing ability or something that can enhance the damage temporarily.

In case you picked a Fighter Class just like we mentioned, then it is exceptional to stick with the Second Wind ability for Fighter Class. These are the best combinations of class and skills for beginners.

After picking a class, and choosing the Skills and Perks, you will have to just join the game. From the bottom left screen corner, there is a play tab through which you can choose a dungeon.

Choosing the Map

·        Goblin Cave is the one that is completely new in this Dark and Darker Play Test and meant specifically for the Solo Players who don’t want to play with others or don’t have anyone.

·        Forgotten Castle, on the other hand, is the opposite of the Dark and Darker Goblin Cave. It gives the perfect Dark and Darker Dungeon experience, where you can play with your friends for the optimal experience. A group of one to three players can join in.

·        The last one is the High Roller Map in Dark and Darker which is a version of Forgotten Castle, but it has an entrance fee and provides you with a ton of more loot than the other two

In our recommendation, you should go on with the Forgotten Castle Map in Dark and Darker. It is the best thing for the solo, as well as the beginner players.

After you are done choosing one of the dungeons, you will have to make up your mind on the region. Get the one that you are living in and then just click on the “Play” Button to join the queue. It will then throw you into a game, with players or without players, depending on what you chose.

The Objective of Dark and Darker

Now you know the basics of the game to get started, let’s talk about your Objective here. When you want to enter the game, you have to know the concept behind its making. To the naked eye, the game will drop you into a dangerous dungeon where you will find a ton of enemies.

Your work here is that you have to get loot and then escape the dungeon successfully after looting the area and dealing with the enemies. How can you escape? Well, in the end, there will be a portal that you have to pass through, but make sure everything is under the timer.

Successfully getting out of the place in time means you get to keep the loot. But on the other hand, if you can’t successfully get out, you will lose all of that loot along with your hard work. Yes, that is the main catch here in the game.

On the Left Lower Corner of the screen, you will find the timer. The White Circle or Safe Zone will get smaller and smaller, while the Red Area or Death Swarm gets bigger and bigger. In case you are staying in the Death Swarm Area, you will lose HP.

When you get to the Mid-Section of the Map, you should just look for the portal stones. The Blue Portals will get you to a safe place, while the Red Portals will teleport you to an even more dangerous Dungeon Run.

Obviously, our recommendation in this Dark and Darker Beginners Guide 2023 would be to stick with the Blue Portals till you feel confident in yourself about the game.

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Dark and Darker Beginners Guide to Combat

Now, it's time to go a little bit deeper into the mechanics of Dark and Darker, talking about the Combat. To go anywhere, you will have to learn and master the Combat System. There is no tutorial area or training ground in the game where you could learn about the combat system.

The game throws everything at you and it is your responsibility to learn the game combat. It also means that you will fail in the first few attempts and that’s why it is common to lose the run as a beginner.

Unlike other games with Melee Combat, the combat of Dark and Darker revolves around the hitboxes. Each weapon you will get in the game will define a hitbox and further indicate its usability.

When you are in a tight area, you will find that swinging the weapons isn’t possible because of the collision with walls or other objects. When you pick a class that has bigger weapons, then it becomes even more difficult. The most noticeable class is Barbarian who has a bulk on.

Next up is the Shield. When you are blocking the attacks from enemies using your shield, you should also be looking at the Hitbox of Dark and Darker. When you pick the shield and raise it, that doesn’t guarantee the blockage of damage from the front.

You will have to raise the shield and hold it in the direction the attack from the enemy is coming from. When the direction of attack and your shield is the same, then you will protect yourself from that damage. So, it basically protects you only from the front damage because you have the shield always in the direction.

Another thing to keep in mind is the part of your body attacked by the enemy along with the timing. In case your direction is correct, but you time the shield defense wrongly, then the enemy weapon hitbox will get past the shield, as well as your defense, getting damage in return.

Furthermore, each weapon in the game has its own attack sequence and you will have to memorize all of those to properly master the Dark and Darker Combat System. When you know the behavior of the weapon that you are using, then it means you perfected the combat system.

Just like the shield mechanism in the game, when you attack the enemies with your weapons, the part where you are attacking matters as well.

·        An attack on the torso will do the normal damage

·        Hit on the limbs will do less damage, nearly half or 50 percent of the original

·        Finally, an attack on the head will do more damage, nearly half or 50 percent on top of the original.

That goes the same way for the enemies here as well and when they will attack you on the head, you will do the most damage possible. To keep yourself safe here, you will have to protect your head at ass costs in Dark and Darker.

In case this is too complex for you, you can just start the game and find yourself a zombie or skeleton early on. Stick to that dummy and try practicing all of those things, along with memorizing the attack pattern. Don’t jump into the game and expect yourself to dominate the run without practicing it beforehand.

Shield and Weapon isn’t the only thing in the Combat System of Dark and Darker. But rather, you will also find some potions in the game, present in your inventory. You can put them in the quick slots as well and meant to save your life or make the game easier.

Press on the ¾ Quick Slot Keys to use the potions or other consumables in the game. They aren’t hard to understand and are similar to potions from other similar games. That’s why we won’t go into the details of consumables.

Getting New Gear

To get better gear in the game, you will have to find it on the run. After starting the Dungeon Run in Dark and Darker, you will have to travel and find chests. When you are lucky enough, you will find a chest that has an armor piece or weapon that suits your class.

Our recommendation in the Dark and Darker Beginners Guide 2023 would be to never hold onto the New Gear Pieces, rather equip them immediately. It enhances your stats and ultimately boosts your survival chance as well.

It is a Dungeon Run game where you have to get the loot and survive till the end. Equip the gear and it will allow you to have more chances of surviving the run and keeping that gear for the next one. You can buy consumables, potions, or other healing items from the sellers for some gold.

In case you are with your team and the team has a Cleric, then there is no need to spend gold on these healing consumables. If you are solo, then we recommend you get them as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that you will lose all of your equipment in the game if you don’t succeed in safely getting out of the dungeon. But that means you can always go for a new run with a different class, having the experience from your previous run.

Getting out Alive

Now you got the hang of the game and it is important to tell that you are doing all of this just to get out of the dungeon alive. The new gear, potions, consumables, and enemies of them, will help you get from one area to another and ultimately find the portal.

After you get yourself some decent loot, you should just make up your mind on running through the dungeons and trying to escape with that loot. In this way, you can earn some money afterward and proceed to do the dungeon runs more effectively.

As we already mentioned, the Blue Portals are made to get out of the Dungeons safely. Initially, they appear in the form of the Blue Stones and to use them, you will have to utilize the portal.

Keep in mind that you are completely vulnerable when trying to open the portal through the blue Escape Portal. It takes quite a few seconds to open it, so that’s something to keep in mind here.

Sometimes, you will find other players in the area, hiding from plain sight so that they can steal the portal, get your loot, and then safely get out of the area. Yes, you heard that right. Ambush is also beautiful in Dark and Darker which makes it more complex.

As to the other portals which are called Red Portals, they will take you to the other dungeon which is a level above the dungeon you are currently present in.

What to do after escaping the dungeon with the loot?

Now, the question is what to do afterward. The simplest explanation is that it is a Dungeon Run game where you have to successfully loot the area and get out. After getting out you will have to sell the gear to the merchant for some gold.

Using that gold, you can get better equipment for the next run you will be doing. In this way you can proceed to go from lower-level Dungeon Runs to Higher Level Dungeon Runs in Dark and Darker.

PvP Encounters

Incredibly, you can enjoy Dark and Darker as both Player vs Environment and Player vs Player. You can go on a Dungeon run with monsters powered by Ai or with other Human Beings like yourself. You might be wondering what’s the major difference and why you should choose one in contrast to the other as a beginner.

Well, the major difference is that PvE combat is predictable and you will know the attacks, as well as the location or the behavior of the enemy. If you get used to the game, you will get used to them as well, making it become more boring.

But that is the real deal here. PvE is made for beginners who are just starting with the game. After you proceed and get experience on Dark and Darker, you will have to move onwards to something challenging, which is the PvP Combat in Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker Controls

Well, talking about the controls of Dark and Darker, they are fairly simple. There is nothing too complex here that you have to worry about.

·        Use the 1 to 4 Number Keys for the Quick slots. You can use them for drawing weapons, consumables, and so on.

·        Press the Left Mouse Button to Attack with your weapon

·        Press the Right Mouse Button to do a secondary ability on your weapon. In case there isn't, you won’t use the secondary ability. These include Shields, Spells, and Parry.

·        To move, you have to press WASD Keys

·        Press SpaceBar to jump

·        Press R to Reload the weapon

·        To sit, you can press CTRL or it also indicates crouch

·        Hold down the Shift Key to walk. The character runs by default

·        For Class Skills, press E and Q on the Keyboard

·        Press X to Sheath Weapons or even Items

·        Press the Tab to open the Inventory during the game run

·        Tap on the T Button to open the Emotes Menu

That’s all to the Dark and Darker Controls that you need to learn as a beginner. There are quite a few mechanics that we didn’t mention because they aren’t for beginners. You will learn about them after playing a few runs of the game.

Final Verdict

Well, that’s all in our Dark and Darker Beginners Guide 2023. The game is stunning and has great mechanics, visuals, combat, and concept. It packs the same Legendary Dungeon Run Mechanic but adds a lot of goodness on top.

Make sure you start with the PvE first, get to know the game, learn about the skills/perks, and then move on to the PvP, which is the real deal here. Don’t forget to Buy Cheap Dark and Darker Gold Coins from MMOPixel.com when you need them for the runs.

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