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Dark and Darker Best Class Guide - Which Class to Choose in Dark and Darker?

Dark and Darker have the same archetypes that you can find in other similar games. Yes, it does make things quite confusing for players, but the good thing is its versatility. You can basically pick the one that suits your needs and enjoy the game. Don’t know which one is the best one for you? Well, here is a Dark and Darker Best Class Guide to help you out.

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Classes in Dark and Darker

There are a total of six classes as of now in Dark and Darker, which will carry on in the April Play Test of Dark and Darker as well. These being;

  1. Fighter

  2. Barbarian

  3. Rogue

  4. Ranger

  5. Wizard

  6. Cleric

The good thing about all of these Classes is that each one is basically good in certain aspects while bad in others. This means you simply can’t call a class good or bad because everyone has his/her own play style. 

Here in this Guide, we will be guiding you through the definition of these classes, their strengths, weaknesses, play style, and at the end, we will also be going into the tier list to help you catch up to the meta.

One more thing before we get started. The Classes also make up a lot of differences depending on whether you are in a Solo match or you are playing in a team. 

The solo journey isn’t quite the easiest one so far and we recommend you start teaming up with others to make the game easier as a beginner. 

The Guide is according to the Latest February Play Test and will carry on to the April Play Test as well. 

Fighter in Dark and Darker

Fighter Class Dark and Darker

The fighter is exactly what you would expect. He has that round shield in his left hand and in the right, there is a sword. The best thing about a fighter is that he can wield anything he wants and you can call it his specialty. 

A balanced class that you can use to pick equipment from the floor and do anything with it you like. Alongside that, you can also run/sprint with the Fighter class in Dark and Darker. 

The bad aspect of Fighter is that he can’t use spells because doesn’t know how to. So, all of this means that Fighter is an amazing beginner class for players to utilize in the game and learn the mechanics in the easiest way possible.

Perks of Fighter Class

At Level 15 of Fighter, you can have around four perks total. After every 5 levels, you will get a new perk slot. Meaning 5, 10, and 15 from level 0 will get you a +1 perk. 

  • Barricade Perk gives you a 5 percent increase in the defense after a defensive stance

  • Combo Attack will give you an attack damage increase after the successful attack in 3 seconds

  • Counter Attack will give you a successful defense or parry increase movement and increase in speed of attack after 3 seconds

  • Defense Expert will give you an improvement in your Armor Rating (AR) given by equipment to around 10 percent

  • Dual Wield will give you an increased attack speed of around 7 percent by holding a weapon in both hands

  • Projectile Resistance will give you 10 percent defense against projectile damage

  • Shield Expert will give you 5 percent enhanced movement speed when you are in the stance of Defense

  • Swift will reduce the speed penalty to around 20 percent for the equipped armor and makes you faster with armor equipped

  • Weapon Mastery is quite complex because you can get all the secondary and primary weapons but you will have a penalty of 20 percent damage reduction for the nonnative weapons for the fighter class

In case things go wrong, you can simply go to the Class Menu and change the Perks for your Fighter Class to anything you want. Simple as that!

Abilities of Fighter Class

For the Fighter Class in Dark and Darker, you can have around two different abilities at a time. Furthermore; the abilities of fighters are;

  • Victory Strike - The next attack you do will have 20 percent more damage and in case you kill an enemy during that time, you will have a health-back of 5 percent.

  • Adrenaline Rush - It will enhance your movement and attack speed for a total of around 6 seconds, giving you a 25 percent buff. When it ends, the movement and attack speed will be slowed for 6 seconds.

  • Taunt - For a specific period, the monster aggro and defense rating will be enhanced

  • Breakthrough - It will remove the de-buffs related to the movement speed

  • Spring - For a short period, your movement speed will be increased

  • Second Wind - For 12 seconds, you will get 50 percent more Health Regeneration and removes the debuff of Adrenaline Rush

The best skill for the Fighter Class is no doubt a tilt towards HP Regeneration, specifically for the players who are going solo in the Dark and Darker dungeon run. In simple wording, the best skills are Victory Strike and Second Wind for solo players.

For team play, the best skills are Adrenaline Rush and Taunt. But, it depends on your own choice of what you are going for with the Fighter Build.

Barbarian in Dark and Darker

Barbarian Class Dark and Darker

The hardest hitter in the game itself is none other than the Legendary Barbarian. There are damage enhancement bonuses for the Barbarian Class in Dark and Darker when you have two-handed weapons. 

Along with that, there is an exceptional magic resistance and a ton of HP for you to utilize. But, like everything else, there is a penalty here. Your interaction, movement, and attack speed are reduced. Meaning the Barbarian class isn’t agile at all. 

When you are considering picking the Barbarian Class instead of others, then your goal specifically should be a solo class because you are dealing more damage with single blows, but when there are multiple enemies behind you, things are going to get a bit messy.

This being said, the interaction speed doesn’t mean Barbarian is a waste of your precious time. But rather it means that this class can open boxes, doors, and chests with the insane power he possesses. 

The best Solo Class in Dark and Darker is therefore Barbarian because, in PvE, you can use the Savage Roar to send enemies running away from you. In this way, you can remain risk-free and have an easy path in the Dungeon Run.

Perks of Barbarian Class

You can have 4 perks ranging from Level 0 to Level 15, after every 5 levels. The current Barbarian Perks in Dark and Darker are;

  • Axe Specialization will add bonus damage of 10 to the Axe you are using

  • Carnage will add a bonus 10 strength for 4 seconds when killing the enemy each time

  • Berserker will lower the Health when you are dealing more Damage and it can go a max of around 18 percent bonus attack power

  • Iron Will enhance your magic resistance defense to a total of 100

  • Savage will give you a Physical Armor boost of 10 percent if you never equipped a chest piece

  • Morale Boost will give you a 10 percent enhancement in Health after you kill an enemy

  • Smash can allow you to destroy the containers and it will give you bonus damage for the enemies that are parrying or defending. Certain containers can be destroyed!

  • Two-Handed Weapon Expert will give you an attack power boost of around 5 percent when you are using a two-handed weapon

  • Toughness will increase your health to around 10 percent total

In our Dark and Darker Best Class Guide, we recommend, you stick with the Morale Boost for your Health and especially when you are playing solo. For the Player vs Player, you can go for the Smash Perk and you can also pick the Iron Will for combat management. 

Abilities of Barbarian Class

While Fighter had a ton of abilities to utilize, Barbarian doesn’t come with many of those. There are only four abilities that you can use in the game for the Barbarian Class in Dark and Darker. 

  • War Cry - It enhances the health of the allies that are near to you and will also increase your own health to around 25 percent of total

  • Rage - This ability will enhance your movement speed and also buff your strength. For the short period, the defense will be reduced to 20 percent

  • Savage Roar - It will reduce the physical damage bonuses of the enemies for 6 seconds and the bonuses are 25 percent

  • Reckless Attack - The next hit you are going to do will activate the Reckless Attack ignoring the enemy armor to around 75 percent

For the Solo Players, you can pick the Reckless and Rage abilities for Barbarian without even watching. The team or party-based abilities are War Cry and Savage Roar. 

Rogue in Dark and Darker

Rogue Class Dark and Darker

Just like any other similar game to Dark and Darker, the Rogue Class is always that stealthy build. The same goes here because you are able to pick locks, check out for the traps in your path and move slowly, as well as quickly from one place to another. 

You are quite agile as well here, meaning you can do things faster than the other classes in Dark and Darker. The game itself is quite creepy and scary if you are playing on your own for the first time and Rogue adds a plus point to that. 

You can use this class to go around the enemies without them knowing and then ambush them suddenly. The play style is made in such a way that you can’t expect yourself to win if facing the enemies up front, especially in PvP modes. 

The obvious reason is that your health and defense are exceptionally lower than other classes, making it one of the hardest classes in Dark and Darker to play with, nevertheless, to master. 

Yes, it is also the best class to play with if you get used to the game, making it more fun and challenging. Pick Rogue and move around blowing torches, creeping around in the darkness, using the poison dagger, and being the one with the shadows.

Perks of Rogue Class

There are a lot of perks when we are talking about the Rogue Class in Dark and Darker. All of them are listed below in our Dark and Darker Best Class Guide to help you make a decision. 

  • Trap Detection will allow you to see traps in highlights and then you can disable them afterward

  • Ambush will give you extra damage of around 50 percent after you deal the first attack after coming out of stealth in three seconds

  • Stealth will give you the ability to move 10 steps when walking in stealth or crouching if you are hiding

  • Backstab gives you bonus damage of 30 percent on top in case you are attacking the enemies from behind without them knowing

  • Poisoned Weapon will deal a poison debuff and the enemies will be taking damage for 4 seconds. It can further stack up to a total of around 5 times

  • Creep will enable you to walk and crouch quieter, not making a sound that others can hear

  • Pickpocket will give you the ability to steal things from enemies directly

  • Dagger Expert gives you an extra 5 percent physical damage buff when you are using a dagger with the Rogue Class

  • Lockpick Expert is a perk that gives you the ability to pick lock picks if you don’t have them to open locked things

  • Hidden Pockets will hide the utility pockets on the character model if you are wearing items on the utilized pockets. 

You see, the Perks of Rogue Class are exceptional in every dimension you see them from. You can put up Ambush and Backstab for 80 percent more damage to the enemies, whether they are real players or NPCs. 

The Poison Dagger is a great pick for the Player vs Player mode and the Creep, Stealth, or Hide mechanic is great for players who just want to get the loot or some kills without having to take on the fight full-on up front.

Abilities of Rogue Class

All the Rogue abilities in Dark and Darker are based on stealth, evasion, and surprise damage. There aren’t many of those for this class, but still, they are quite good. One more thing is that you can only have around 2 of those at a time.

  • Weakpoint Attack - The next attack you are going to throw at the enemy will have 50 percent more damage on top and it will reduce the defense of the enemy to around 50 percent for a brief period

  • Hide - You will be hidden from the sight of the enemies completely, meaning you are invisible. But, when you move or do any action, this ability is gone

  • Smoke Bomb - You throw a smoke bomb that covers the area for a total of 7.5 seconds, giving you a cover and chance to escape from the sight of enemies without them following you

  • Rupture - The next attack you are going to do will have a debuff of bleed and for 5 seconds, you will do 20 physical damage in that bleed debuff.

Hide is the best ability when talking about the Solo Plays in Dark and Darker, also quite good for looting the area when you don’t want to be seen. You can pair Ambush and Rupture together for great feats as well in the game.

Ranger in Dark and Darker

Ranger Class Dark and Darker

Just as the name suggests, Ranger in Dark and Darker is based on ranged attacks. One of the best classes in the game as of this February Play Test of Dark and Darker. 

But one thing to understand is that the Ranged Damage is quite hard to control in the game when compared with the melee characters or when the enemy is a melee. Yes, the headshots you are doing with the Ranger Class are lethal, but they are hard to pull off.

You are using the bow to deal damage and then you can set up traps for them as well or track various enemies using your expert skills of tracking. Just like Rogue, there is a level of difficulty here with Ranger.

You have limited stuff available for you to utilize because you don’t have a melee weapon that you can use again and again without having to worry about it being used completely. 

However, you can pick melee weapons in the Dungeon Run but they are going to do very less damage. Our recommendation in the Dark and Darker Best Class Guide would be to stick with the Spear when going with the Ranger Class because it gives you versatility. 

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Perks of Ranger Class

Just like other classes in the game, you can have up to around 4 perks at a time in the game and you get +1 after achieving 5 levels from 0. It depends on you which one is yours to pick.

  • Trap Expert allows you to put traps quickly in the area

  • Crossbow Mastery will enhance your speed of reload and the movement of reload as well when you are using a crossbow. The enhancement bonus is 50 percent

  • Tracking will allow you to see the footsteps of enemies on the ground that they recently had

  • Enhanced Hearing will allow you to hear the footsteps of the enemies and the length is quite good

  • Spear Proficiency will give you 10 extra physical strength when you are using a spear

  • Kinaesthesia will increase your movement speed to 10 percent when you have the bow drawn and holding it in your hand

  • Sharpshooter will increase the damage from headshot to around 15 percent

  • Nimble Hands will increase the redraw animation speed to around 15 percent

  • Ranged Weapons Expert will enhance the physical attack power when you are attacking to around 5 percent

There are a ton of perks that you can use with the Ranger Class in Dark and Darker, and nearly all of them are good. Enhanced Hearing is one of the essentials that you need to get and Tracking is something that is good for solo plays.

Using the Sharpshooter, you can become a good combat Ranged Build, but you will have to make sure your aim is incredible and you never miss those headshots. With this, you can even destroy others in PvP combat.

Abilities of Ranger Class

You can have a total of 2 abilities at the same time when playing with the Ranger. All of the abilities are;

  • True Shot - Increases the Arrow Velocity

  • Field Ration - Food Foraging that will give you 25 health

  • Quickshot - Fire 3 arrows at once

  • Multishot - When you have a Bow, you will shoot 5 arrows

  • Quick Fire - For 5 seconds, you will shoot with 50 percent more Action Speed

For Solo Journey, there is no doubt that the best thing is Field Ration and Quickshot. When you are in a team or group, the best one is going to the True Shot or Multi-Shot. 

Wizard in Dark and Darker

Wizard Class Dark and Darker

One of the most hyped-up classes that we are going to mention here in our Dark and Darker Best Class Guide. It is considered the top tier in every list that possibly exists because of the Book of Spells, the Staff, and the Magical Potential. 

In the December Play Test of Dark and Darker, the developers introduced a completely new way of Magic System in the game and that really buffed the Wizard Class. But it also adds extra layers of difficulty on top as well.

The Wizard might be strong and all, but it doesn’t mean that he has an exceptional defense. He always needs someone to protect him in combat. Yes, that sounds exactly as it is because Wizard has all the points on damage and nil on defense. 

You might be thinking that Wizard is a poor class for PvE or Solo combat, but that is not the case because you are dealing massive damage and have some mobility here as well. 

If you have a specific play style, then you can easily handle toughness. Below, we have the Wizard Perks and Abilities mentioned in detail so that you know which one to go for.

Perks of Wizard Class

You can have four perks at a time ranging from Level 0 to Level 15, after each 5-level increment. All the perks of Wizard in Dark and Darker are;

  • Sage will enhance your knowledge to around 10 percent

  • Arcane Feedback will give you a 1 percent increase in damage, as well as the speed of casting when you cast a spell. It can stack a maximum of 5 times

  • Reactive Shield will create a shield that will absorb the damage (10) and it is available for 10 seconds. To activate it, you need to be hit

  • Arcane Mastery will give you a 1-second faster-cast speed and 5 percent extra damage

  • Quick Chant will increase the casting speed of spells to around 20 percent

  • Fire Mastery will give you 5 percent extra damage for the spells related to fire and will also increase the burn duration to 2.5 seconds

  • Melt will enable your fire damage to reduce the physical damage to enemies to around 10 percent and it is there for 5 seconds total

  • Ice Shield will enhance your AR (Armor Rating) to around 20, putting Frostbite debuff on the attacks related to melee in the short window

  • Mana Surge will enhance the damage done by magic to around 5 percent but for a short period

The perk you choose for the Wizard will define the elemental damage you will be doing and the most common of them is the fire element. This means attacks are fire and defensive elements are ice or reactive shield.

Abilities of Wizard Class

There are only four abilities of the Wizard in Dark and Darker, meaning you can only have 2 abilities at a time equipped.

  • Spell Memory - Gives you the ability to memorize the spell in the dungeon

  • Spell Memory 2 - Gives you the ability to memorize the spell in the dungeon

  • Intense Focus - The next spell that you use while having intense focus active will take only 0.1 seconds to cast

  • Meditation - Recovers the spell memory. The limitation here is only 40 spells after 10 seconds.

In case you are a beginner, then it is important to mention that Spell Memory is the thing you will be looking for more often in the Dungeon Run. After that, you should go for Meditation or Intense Focus. 

Using Meditation, you can restore the spells which you learned and then use them again.

Spells for Wizard Class

There are 5 Tiers of Wizard Spells in Dark and Darker, making it quite complex for players to even get used to. We are going to break down each tier so that you have an ease of understanding them one by one.

Tier 1 (1 Cost)

Ignite - Sets the weapon on fire for the target which in return does the attack burn debuff

Zap - Does magical damage and for 1 second, will burn the enemy

Light Orb - Will put the whole area around with light

Tier 2 (2 Cost)

Ice Bolt - Slows the target and does damage

Slow - Slows the target with 40 percent less movement speed for a total of 2.5 seconds

Tier 3 (3 Cost)

Haste - Extra movement speed to the target and also gives more action speed for a total of 12 seconds. In case you are alone, you can also use it on yourself

Magic Missile - Conjures missiles that individually deal damage. 10 missiles and each of them deals 12 damage. They will stop when you start moving

Tier 4 (4 Cost)

Fireball - An AoE Attack that does big damage to the area

Lightning Strike - Targeted AoE attack that does lightning strike special with a 4-second delay

Invisibility - The target will become invisible and will have extra movement speed. In case you are alone, you can also use it on yourself

Tier 6 (6 Cost)

Chain Lightning - This is the last spell that Wizard uses in Dark and Darker, utilizing 6 Cost Spells. It does chain spell damage to the enemies in the 400m radius, for a total of 3 times. In case others are around in the area, you, as well as they will be inflicted as well.

Cleric in Dark and Darker

Cleric Class Dark and Darker

Last but not least, we are going to mention Cleric in our Dark and Darker Best Class Guide. Most of the time players take Cleric as a support class which is absolutely correct, but you can make him an exceptional damage dealer as well.

You can have the mace in Paladin Type of Cleric to have blunt damage, being exceptionally dangerous to the undead because of that extra undead damage buff. 

It is the best practice to have a Cleric in the team when you have 3 player groups available because a Cleric adds a lot of versatility and power to the team. Even on harder bosses of the game, you will find Cleric as a torch.

Besides this, Cleric is most likely similar to Wizard because of the Spell usability, Spell Memory, and Spell System. You can use the Brewmaster Drunken Cleric Build to apply buffs on yourself with the Ale and other spells as well, along with a Quarterstaff to take care of multiple enemies at once.

Perks of Cleric Class

Just like other Classes we mentioned before in our list, Cleric will be using 4 Perks at a time in the game, ranging from Level 0 to Level 20. You get a perk every time you achieve 5 levels. 

  • Undead Slaying will give you a 20 percent physical damage bonus when fighting Undead Monsters

  • Advanced Healer will enhance the healing by 5 (base healing)

  • Requiem will give you 25 percent health back to the allies that you revive yourself and you don’t have to offer the health to the sacrifice altar in order to call back your allies

  • Blunt Weapon Mastery enhances your Physical attack power to 5 percent but when you are using the blunt weapon to attack

  • Protection from Evil will reduce the harmful debuffs and effects to 20 percent less

  • Brewmaster will enable your character to not get drunk and removes all the downsides of the use of Alcohol

  • Perseverance will reduce the incoming damage types to a limit of 3.

  • Kindness will allow you to heal yourself when you are healing others because you are getting 15 percent health back

You can see that all the perks of Cleric in Dark and Darker are around Healing, most likely the Advanced Healer and Kindness. Both of these are exceptional for beginners starting out in the game as Clerics.

Abilities of Cleric Class

Below, we will be sharing with you all the Cleric Abilities and we already mentioned that they are quite like Wizard in the aspect that you are getting Spell Memory.

  • Spell Memory 1 and 2 - You can get spells through this or learn them

  • Holy Purification - All the undead monsters in a 7.5m radius will have 100 base magical damage

  • Smite - An activation ability that will give you 10 magic damage to the enemies for a total of 7 seconds

  • Judgment - Lastly, this ability works as close-range damage and movement speed reduction. But, the enemy has to be in a radius of 4.5m to the enemy and you should be targeting them directly. It will deal 30 damage and for 5 seconds, will reduce the movement speed to 20 percent

Spells for Cleric Class

There are 6 Tiers here in the Cleric Class based on their Cost;

Tier 1 (1 Cost)

Bless - Target will have plus 3 on Strength, Will, and Agility, but for a total of 30 seconds. You can self-cast it, only when you are alone

Protection - a Shield Spell that works for 20 seconds and in that time will block 20 physical damage

Tier 2 (2 Cost)

Cleanse - Removes the target's harmful magic effects

Divine Strike - Will enhance the damage of the weapon to 10 but for a total of 20 seconds

Tier 3 (3 Cost)

Bind - Will bind the target, but for a duration of 0.75 seconds

Tier 4 (4 Cost)

Lesser Heal - Will heal the target, giving him 15 health and you can self-cast it if alone

Tier 5 (5 Cost)

Holy Light - Will heal the ally, giving him a total of 30 HP or you can also exchange it and will deal 100 damage to the army of Undead

Tier 8 (8 Cost)

Resurrection - Using this Spell on Cleric in Dark and Darker, you can revive the teammate, bringing him back from death, but that teammate’s dead body should have a Soul Heart

Dark and Darker Class Tier List

Once again, there is no class better than the others in Dark and Darker. All of it depends on what you are looking for and what your expertise is in the game. That being said, we will be dividing it into three categories.

S Tier - Best for Beginners

When we are talking about beginners, the thing they need the most is versatility, ease of handling, and simplicity. With that, the best class for beginners in Dark and Darker is;

  • Fighter

  • Barbarian

A Tier - Best for Damage and Healing

We all know that the Two classes that can utilize magic are not that hard to play, but they have their own specific role.

  • Wizard

  • Cleric

B Tier - Hardest Classes

Of course, the last two have the most unique play style and are considered the hardest ones to play with in Dark and Darker. They are best for late game, but worst for beginners who are starting out with the game.

  • Rogue 

  • Ranger


Well, these are every detail we could mention in our Dark and Darker Best Class Guide. Yes, we know that it is hard to get a hold of all of this knowledge, but we tried to compile everything in order so that you can easily learn about all of the classes in Dark and Darker. 

In case you are a beginner, then you can simply go with the Fighter Class till you get a hold of the game itself. Wizards and Cleric are quite powerful, but both of them have their own realm. 

In case you are looking for difficulty or some hard-core Dark and Darker experience, you can go with the Rogue or Ranger class. Both are exceptionally well programmed in the game. 

Lastly, Barbarian is also a good pick for Beginners, but especially those who want to go with the Solo journey and don’t want to go with the PvP area. As always, you will be needing Dark and Darker Gold Coins to proceed onward, which you can Buy Cheaply from MMOPixel.com

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