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Dark and Darker Best Cleric Build Guide

Some say Cleric is a support, while others say he is an offensive Spell user. But deep down we all know that he is a versatile class that can play much about any role you throw at him. To outdo the other Clerics and become the very best, we have here an amazing Dark and Darker Best Cleric Build Guide to help you out.

You can pick different weapons with your cleric, like having a shield and a blunt weapon, or simply rolling with those spell weapons. Nevertheless, the cleric is essential to have in any team, whether you are just going for fun, dominating the Dungeons, or simply going out for a Boss fight. He is the most important class in the Team Match.

But most widely, they are known as the Support Class which can also deal a ton of damage using spells or other weapons. So they are a mix between classes. The most important role they play in the game is fighting the Undead and every move Cleric makes is a danger for the Undead enemies.

Another notable feat related to this class is that he is one of the two classes that can utilize spells in the game. The Wizard is the second option and he is on the total offensive side, making Cleric a known support role because of healing spells.

Dark and Darker Best Cleric Build Guide

Pros and Cons of Cleric Class

Just like we mentioned before, Cleric is the Best Class in Dark and Darker. It is exceptionally best for the late game, but beginners can play him as well because of various spells.

You can become a damage dealer, a healer, a buffer, a de-buffer, or even a warrior with Blunt Weapons and Shield. You name it!

Pros of Cleric

  • A cleric can Heal with his amazing Spells. Pretty useful for team fights because the enemy can’t damage your teammates and they have to back off.

  • He can buff teammates by providing various bonuses related to damage, defense, and health. But he can sometimes debuff the enemies as well, depriving them of their extra bonuses.

  • Can wear Plate Armor making him durable for fights. He isn’t as strong as Barbarian or other classes like Fighter, but he isn’t weak like a Rogue, Wizard, or Ranger class.

  • Carry a Blunt Weapon in case you run out of spells to use in combat. You have a mace or other Blunt weapons that you can use to fight enemies in time of need.

  • A shield to protect you when things get out of control. On the one hand, you have the Blunt weapons and on the other, you have the shield to block attacks from enemies. There is no need to focus more on dodging the attacks because you can block them.

  • A natural enemy to the Undead. Yes, that one is something special because every move that Cleric makes is a danger to the Undead enemies in the Dark and Darker. The weapons, the spells, and the abilities all go against Undead because of the perks and skills you benefit from.

Cons of Cleric

  • Every team will target only Cleric because of his usefulness to the team. Being a team protector there is no other teammate who can protect you here. You will have to be careful that other enemies aren’t focusing on you because you are an asset.

  • Exceptional for Team Fights but not so great in Solo journeys. That one is obvious because Cleric is made to buff or heal the team. He can only utilize certain weapons, shields,s and some spells to go well in the solo journey, but not even comparable to the other classes. 

Best Skills for Cleric Build

Nearly all the Cleric Skills or Abilities are good in the game because of their versatility. You can basically go with any one of those and utilize them properly. There are 4 abilities and we are going to mention them below here in our Dark and Darke Best Cleric Build Guide.

  • Spell Memory 1 and 2 - This spell is the most important out of any, carrying over from the Wizard Class as well. You need to take either Spell Memory 1 or the Spell Memory 2 in order to make the Cleric last longer in the late game. It allows you to learn and use more spells as you proceed with the Dungeon Run.

  • Holy Purification - It is an AoE Skill that allows you to affect multiple enemies at once. Just like we mentioned before that Cleric is a real enemy for Undead, this skill will deal 100 Magic Damage to them around the 7.5m radius.

  • Smite - It is an activation skill that will deal around +10 damage (magical) to the enemies for some time. The total duration is around 10 seconds, making it one of the most deadly abilities of a Cleric

  • Judgment - A target spell ability used by Cleric that will not on;y reduce the speed of movement but also deal damage on top of that. But for it to work out, you have to remain within the 4.5m radius of the target enemy and then put your mouse on top of those enemies. For 5 seconds, it will deal 30 damage and a 20 percent reduction in the movement speed.

Talking about the ability to go with as a starter, we recommend you stick with the Spell Memory which will give you access to all the spells that Cleric can have. On top of that, you can go with the Judgement skill that helps with clearing targets and enemies.

Best Perks for Cleric Build

Just like any other class, you will get to use only 4 perks at a time on the maximum level for Dark and Darker. The first perk is at Level 0, the second at 5, the third at 10, and the fourth at 15. In this way, you will be able to become stronger for the harder dungeon runs.

  • Undead Slaying - Just as the name suggests, this perk will deal 20 percent more physical damage to the Undead Monsters. On top of your usual damage, there is a 20 percent damage buff for the Undead.

  • Advanced Healer - It will enhance your healing abilities and give you 5 HP Points on top of natural healing.

  • Requiem - After giving life to a teammate, you will be able to give them extra 25 percent health. Usually, the health teammates get after reviving them is a tiny bit to keep them breathing, but now they have their quarter health back. Furthermore, when you are at the Altar of Sacrifice, you won’t have to give some of your health in exchange for the health of your teammate. Pretty useful!

  • Blunt Weapon mastery - It will enhance your physical damage to 5 percent when you are using a Blunt Weapon. Cleric is all about Blunt Weapon, so putting this perk on top of that won’t be a bad idea.

  • Protection from Evil - A negative debuff perk that will rescue the duration, as well as the potency to around 20 percent. If you are playing in a team, it is a pretty useful perk to have.

  • Brewmaster - When you drink alcohol, you usually get side effects from that and every other class will get it. Using the Brewmaster Perk on your Best Cleric Build, you won’t be getting the side effects of Alcohol.

  • Perseverance - All the damage that you will be getting from the enemies will be reduced. It is reduced to 3 points which are quite good on average.

  • Kindness - After you start healing others, as a reward, you will be getting 15 percent health for personal needs. In case you want to make a build that lasts longer in combat with your teammate, you will have to use the Kindness Perk.

As a starter, we recommend you stick with just one perk at Level 0. Go for the Advanced Healer on top of top that will enhance your healing ability. 

Cleric as PvE and PvP Class

Should you pick Cleric as a Solo Class?

Cleric might not be an optimal choice when you are going out for Solo Play, but players can do some Dungeon Runs with him alone. When the class was actually released, there wasn’t any Goblin Cave Mode that players could use.

It also means there wasn’t any Solo Play mode, making Cleric an OP build for the Team Play. After getting the Goblin Cave Mode, you could try out this amazing character in the Solo mode as well. 

Well, there are solo players that you are up against, so that makes things quite different from regular team play. You will be getting more XP and scales accordingly. 

If you want to go far off in the Solo Mode, then make sure you have the Buckler and Mace with you. Both of them should be decent at least. Then, you need to get the Ale from Tavernkeep, keeping the Brewmaster perk for yourself.

It will buff the strength and the damage of your Cleric, making him super strong for the solo journey. Furthermore, you need to also pick the Skills and Perks that are for damage and self-buff or healing, rather than healing or supporting the teammates.

You can pick him up for Solo but don’t expect anything good.

Should you pick Cleric as a Team Class?

Now coming to the main point… Cleric is the best Class you can get for Team Play, but make sure there is a tank and an attacker with you. The basic use of a Cleric is healing and supporting the teammates or debuffing the enemies, in return assisting in combat.

You can go into combat yourself when need be, but our recommendation would be to stick with the Mace and Shield when you have to defend yourself. Stay away from combat at all costs and only try to help your teammates.

Being the best class, the best ability you have is to simply revive your teammates. You can put up a perk or a skill on top of that, which allows you to use the Altar without exchanging your own health or you can also revive teammates with 25 percent more health on top.

Cleric is the most have Class in the Trip Team Play in Dark and Darker.

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Best Spells for Cleric Build

Best Spells for Cleric Build

This is where the Cleric and the Wizard Classes shine in Dark and Darker. Both of these Classes are strong because of their spell use. With the Cleric you have all types of spells; some to increase your damage, some to buff the teammates, some there to debuff enemies, and others are used for healing purposes. Below; we have all of them listed out for you and then we will go into the details of what you should pick for what scenario.

Tier 1 Spells

  • Bless - It is a targeted spell that will give you Will, Agility, and Strength (+3). All of this will last for a total of 30 seconds which is quite a long time in Dark and Darker. You can even use this spell on yourself to become stronger.

  • Protection - It is like a shield that will block around 20 physical damage from the enemies. It will last for a total of 20 seconds in the game and you can even use it on yourself.

Tier 2 Spells

  • Cleanse - A targeted spell that will remove the ailments and debuffs from the target you are using on.

  • Divine Strike - For a total of 20 seconds, you will get a +10 Increase on the weapon damage. It is a target spell, so you can point it at the target and he will get the benefits.

Tier 3 Spells

  • Bind - It will stop the target but lasts only for a total of 0.75 seconds, which is quite low.

Tier 4 Spells

  • Lesser Heal - The most important healing spell for Cleric Build that will regenerate 15 health for the target it is being used on. You can use it on teammates, as well as yourself if the need be. Quite a powerful and useful Healing Spell!

Tier 5 Spells

  • Holy Light - It is a targeted healing, as well as a damaging spell. If you use it on a teammate, you will heal his Hp for around 30 and if you use it on the undead enemy, that enemy will start getting 100 damage instantly. 

Tier 8 Spells

  • Resurrection - The most powerful spell in the Cleric Arsenal. Using it, you can revive a teammate who recently died but have their Soul Heart present with them. A game changer spell that can tilt the battle suddenly.

Best Spell Picks for Beginners

When you get started with Cleric, you will only have around 12 Knowledge, which is at Level 0. As a beginner, you will be needing spells that are altogether 12 Points. Adding further, the Spells that you have to pick for Cleric as a beginner are;

  • Holy Light - This spell will cost you only 5 Points

  • Lesser Heal - This spell will cost you only 4 Points

  • Divine Strike - This spell will cost you only 3 Points

  • Protection - This spell will cost you only 1 Point

The total they add up to is 12 Points which is the maximum you can put at Level 0 of the Cleric Class. This is a Dark and Darker Best Cleric Build Guide after all and we have to mention some alternates as well.

With the 8 Cost of Resurrection, you can also put it right there with other spells. The Lesser Heal will cost you 4 points. So, it basically depends on you, which one to take out and which one to put. You can also put more on the Spell Priority Bar as you will gain more Knowledge, and you will be able to get stronger.

If you are in a team fight, then you can’t overlook the Bless Spell as well here. It will give you massive buffs for the team, but only before the fight starts. For the fighter and a Barbarian in a team, the Bless Spell is like a game changer. So, you can also put it up there if you are in a team and they need you.

Dark and Darker Best Cleric Build Guide

Best Build for Beginners

When you are just starting out with Cleric at level 0, you should pick the following Spells, Skills, and Perks;


  • Holy Light

  • Lesser Heal

  • Divine Strike

  • Protection


  • Judgment

  • Spell Memory


  • Advanced Healer

Best Build for Max Level

After you reach the maximum level which is 15 on Cleric, you will be able to pick 4 Perks and have a ton of spells depending on the Knowledge level that you have. All other things will nearly remain the same, but the Perks will be changing here.


  • Perseverance - It will reduce the incoming damage

  • Advanced Healer - Increase the healing

  • Protection from Evil - Duration reducer and debuff cleanser

  • Kindness - Depending on the healing to others, you will heal yourself.

Keep in mind that every perk we mentioned here is based on the fact that you are playing as a Support in Team, which is the default role of Cleric. In case you want to take the route of a damage dealer, then you can pick the Undead Slaying and Blunt Weapon Mastery.

Best Equipment for Cleric Build

Best Equipment for Cleric Build in Dark and Darker

The best thing about Cleric is that you don’t have to worry about the Equipment that much here. He is versatile, meaning you can do different things together that seem fit for you. 

You can put different gear for different Cleric Build or based on the play style. Below, we have all the details on the things you have to look out for when picking Equipment for the Cleric Build in Dark and Darker.


You should go with the Gear that can give you Knowledge. It will not only expand your spell pool but also help you in becoming stronger. You need to go with the gear that provided you with Knowledge.

As you proceed with the game and get better gear, you will be getting ready for the Red Run or a High Roller Run. So, keep your eyes mainly on the Knowledge Equipment for your Cleric.


Cleric doesn’t need the Defensive or other on-top benefits, but rather an Equipment that can boost the Attributes. These gears have + written beside their Attributes or stats. It mainly depends on your own choice of which + Attribute you are looking for, but make sure it is increasing something. 

It could be the Light Armor, the Heavy Armor, and a different type of weapon you are using that can enhance the stats for the Cleric.

Spell Book

For the Cleric, there is no going wrong when you have the Spell Book with you. Our recommendation in the Dark and Darker Best Cleric Build Guide would be to stick with the Spell Book. 

The reason is that Spell Book is faster when it comes to casting spells and is easy to handle in contrast to a staff. You will be needing Speed for dodging the enemies, so a Light Armor will go well with the Spell Book.

Whether you are in the PvP scenario or the PvE one, you will always need that Speed by your side. So aim for that speed!

Mace and a Bucker

There is nothing that beats the Mace and a Buckler Shield combination with Cleric. It is just a masterpiece that has been going with the Build since the beginning. You can put the Mace as your secondary and then beside that you can Equip a Shield when you are not using the Spellbook.

There are times when you will get out of spells, so you can just switch melee and clear the mobs or you can play intelligently utilizing weapons at certain times and then using spells at other times.

Dark and Darker Best Cleric Build Guide Tips

Dark and Darker Best Cleric Build Guide Tips

We are completed with our Guide but there are a few things that we can recommend you try out when playing Cleric or taking him out for a trip on the battlefield. Let’s talk about the Tips for Dark and Darker Cleric Class Build

Never underestimate the Damage

Even when you are a Support Default Class in Dark and Darker, it doesn’t mean you underestimate the class or its damage entirely. You can use various buffs like the Undead one to increase your damage or the Blunt Weapon buff to go crazy with your weapon damage.

You can surely help the team out, but it doesn’t mean you always stay back. When the need is, you can jump in with the team and win the fight.

Don’t overlook Resurrection

Some players like to put Resurrection in their arsenal, while others don’t want it because of how much knowledge it requires. But, that doesn’t mean you miss the Resurrection Ability altogether.

You can use this ability in a time of need to call back a friend. It can change the game altogether for the whole team, especially when that player is a fighter or a barbarian. Both of them will work as damage dealers and a tank, doing two roles at once.

Knowing your Goal

When you are in a Team play, your main goal here is to simply sit back and look for the needs of your team. It can be a buff, a debuff to the enemy, or a heal that your team is wanting. 

In case your team requires a Melee attacker in the combat to help them out, then it is time to change the arsenal and jump in with your Cleric. But, we don’t jump straight in when the team doesn’t need you to come for help.

As a Cleric, the enemy teams will always be focusing mostly on you because you are an asset to the team. You are healing the team, saving them from dying, and then providing buffs on top. It is annoying and the enemy teams will be aiming at you.

You should be focusing mainly on the Classes like Barbarians and Fighters.

Voice Chat

This is one thing that both Wizard and Cleric's class is missing out on. You should always have Voice Chat with you at all times when you are playing the team as a Cleric. You are an asset to the team and it doesn’t mean that you are a level above the rest.

But rather, it means that you have to do more than the others. You can use Voice Chat to let the teammates know what you have and what you are planning to do. In return, they can also tell you what they are doing and what they expect from you.

It can be a buff, it can be a heal, it can be a debuff or they want you to jump in with your Mace and Shield. 

Don’t be afraid to Experiment

Finally, the piece of Advice or a Tip that we can give you is never to miss out on Experimenting. If you don’t use it, how will you know whether it will work or not? You can put up different weapons, and armor and change the perks/skills/spells of Cleric around.

Only in this way, you can make the Best Cleric out there. You will also get to know different things that other players use and try to tackle them with your wisdom.

Final Verdict

Well, that’s every detail we could mention in our Dark and Darker Best Cleric Build Guide. Cleric is a class that is a must-have in Team Play, making him a versatile and useful class to play with. You can go solo with him but don’t expect anything great here. And also… he is a natural enemy of the Undead and they are afraid of him. Don’t forget to Buy Cheap Dark and Darker Gold Coins here at MMOPixel.com when you need them the most.

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