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Dark and Darker Best Solo Player Tips and Tricks

Dark and Darker might be a unique experience for most gamers, but when you are playing it alone, things are quite different. You see, the Dark and Darker gameplay is divided into two categories; the team plays and solo play. The more people you have on the team, the more complex the game is going to be, but at least you have someone with you to help.

When you are solo, there is no one to help you out and you have to escape the Dungeon successfully with only a single class. To help you out, we have here Dark and Darker Best Solo Player Tips and Tricks.

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Picking the Class for Solo Journey

Picking the Class for Solo Journey in Dark and Darker

The first step to Dark and Darker is basically you picking the Class. There are quite a few you can pick but that doesn’t mean all of them are made for solo players. The Best Class in Dark and Darker for Solo Players is no doubt Fighter.

You will have a Shield and a Sword to play with, making monster killing easier while you can effortlessly protect yourself from enemy attacks. You get the point - there is that legendary block-and-attack combo here. 

In case you do get hit, which is highly likely for a beginner in Dark and Darker, you can just heal yourself with the healing skill. It will get you back 50 percent health. For those who can’t find it, the name of the Fighter Healing Skill is “Second Wind”

Don’t want to play Fighter? Simply read onwards through the guide;

Best Classes for Solo Players other than Fighter

  • Cleric - Because he will do damage buffs and between fights, you can simply heal yourself

  • Ranger - Good for PvP Combat and you can put traps, as well as kill enemies from distance, saving you from facing enemies head on

  • Rogue - Another strong pick for PvP Combat and you can simply go around without enemies noticing you. You are invisible, making it easier to loot, attack specific enemies one by one and then again go into hiding.

Keep in mind that these classes are good for Solo Players, and not essentially easy. Rogue and Ranger are some of the hardest classes in Dark and Darker to play with. If you somehow understood both, then you mastered Dark and Darker mechanics to the core.

Picking the Map for Solo Journey

Picking the Map for Solo Journey in Dark and Darker

Not that you got a hang of the Best Class for Solo Players in Dark and Darker, but let’s move on to the Maps that you should be looking after. Each map in the game is designed for a specific play style, meaning some are going to be exceptionally fun for Team Plays while hard for solo and it could be the other way around. 

Go for Forgotten Castle

Out of all the Maps in the Game as of the February Play Test, the best one you can play solo with is Forgotten Castle. Yes, there are three-player squads here, but due to the enemy density available in the area, as well as the escape options, this has to be the best pick for Solo Players.

The main issue with Dark and Darker Maps is that you will find enemies all of a sudden crawling at you with their full force. They are fierce, dangerous, and powerful and the game is scary. So, you know the feeling for a single player who was just there to get used to the game.

Don’t go for Goblin Caves

Besides the Forgotten Castle, the location that you have to run away from is the Goblin Caves. You will find only a few Portals here which are quite hard to reach as well because of all the fierce enemies swarming at you.

Portals in Dark and Darker are the way to either escape or just get started with the next Dungeon Run right away. Having more Portals means you have a better opportunity to escape. While having fewer means, you are in a lot of trouble.

One thing to keep in mind is that having Portals doesn’t necessarily mean enemies are going to be easier at the location. You will find higher-level Death Swarms that will start rushing at you. So, it depends on you how quickly you will utilize the escape portals.

Progress Slowly in-game

After you got a hang of the classes and the maps for Solo Players, let’s just straight to the topic here. The first mistake that Solo Players make when playing Dark and Darker is quickness. Yes, most solo players will just try to run through the enemies, not check corners, have no worries about the dark areas, and will try to fight bosses like any other game.

Dark and Darker, just as the name suggests, is a game where you basically have to go slow, check corners, fight enemies one by one, scan rooms, worry about dark areas, and try to stay in the light. You might get a jumpscare or naturally, you will walk right into the traps.

So, our recommendation in Dark and Darker Best Solo Player Tips and Tricks is to just take your time through the run and try to Proceed as slowly as possible. Walking is the key here!

Learn the Predictability of PvE (AI)

In Solo Play, you are basically fighting enemies that are powered by AI, meaning they have a certain behavior or attack pattern. Yes, it might make the game easier but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to do things perfectly.

The monsters in the game aren’t smart, but rather 10 times more powerful than you at the level, just like Dark Souls or Elden Ring. If you can somehow memorize their attack pattern, you can easily take precautionary measures beforehand and go for the things that work best for you.

In Solo, you are also the only target in the game, which makes it easier to just lure them into the game traps. Look out for the Floor Spikes and lure the brutal enemies to these locations. The AI is extremely dumb here and you can use their dumbness to lure them into traps. That’s it!

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Utilizing PvP Combat Tactics

Utilizing PvP Combat Tactics in Dark and Darker as Solo Player

Being alone in Dark and Darker doesn’t mean your fate is only tied to AI Bots. You can also enjoy some time-fighting other Human Beings just like you. They can either be in a duo or in trio or single. One TIp or Trick we can give you is never facing other players directly. 

Try to use Stealth and Traps to get an upper hand here. Besides this some of the tactics you can use to fight are;

Combat Tactics

  • Don’t be a Brave Heart and let the Bots do the dirty work for you. In case you know there are other Human Players coming at you, you can just use the Zombies and Skeletons to get an upper hand. When the Player gets distracted, just go for an easy kill.

  • Using Stealth to your advantage is always a “Big Brain” move and most Human Players don’t even know how to tackle the element of surprise. Get an invisibility skill or lurk in the shadows without torches to do a surprise attack. You can also use it to just go for a retreat.

  • Traps are your best friend here and the best practice is to simply use them side-by-side with the element of stealth. The best of those is the Bear Trap or put a static one like Wall Spike. When the enemy arrives, take it in that direction. 

  • Camping… Yes, Camping! No matter what someone says about campers, it genuinely requires skills like timing, locations, element of surprise, and most importantly your awareness. So, just camp at some of the popular locations like Altar of Sacrifice where players are busy reviving their teammates.

Exit Route Preparation

Either AI or a person in Dark and Darker, you should always have a contingency plan and in this case, it is an exit route. In case you are in a Rogue class then it becomes essential to just back off and gets back into the stab. Doing this will give you an upper hand.

Yes, it is quite hard to hide after the mob knows your location, but that is exactly why you need an exit plan or route. Before leaving, you should always turn the lights off and clear the corridor. 

Utilizing Death Swarms

Utilizing Death Swarms in Dark and Darker

Sometimes, you might lose the confidence to solo take down the enemies in Dark and Darker. The best way would be to utilize Death Swarms. They will deal slow damage and you can also utilize them to make an escape. 

Players don’t usually like to get into the Death Swarm area because of the damage, but you know that the damage is slow. So, you can just go through them intelligently to make an escape route.

On top of that, when you know that you can’t fight the Death Swarm alone, you can just lure teams into them and they will take down the Death Swarm efficiently, helping you out. Always remember to heal yourself after the danger is gone. 

Keeping the Distance

Most of the tips are about keeping stealthy, but if you can’t do that, then you simply have to keep your distance. Yes, that is the best tip or trick you can go for in case you give up your location. 

For that, Ranged Attacks and Traps are the best things you can go for. Another Alternative can be Retreating, Attacking, or Blocking, based on the attack pattern of your enemy. 

Always be Quiet!

How to be quiet is a thing that Solo Players mostly ask for. Well, honestly, you just have to walk in order to remain quiet in the game. You don’t always have to get the Rogue Class to remain stealthy throughout your run. 

Just don’t rush things out and don’t try to run around. In the Light Areas where you find torches, extinguish them and feel yourself in the darkness. Remove the shoes if you want to go the extra mile to become an assassin. 

To Walk, you can simply press and hold the “Shift” key and you won’t be making any noise. 

Extra Tips for Solo Players

Lastly, we are going to mention some of the Best Solo Player Tips and Tricks as an extra for Dark and Darker players to remember;

  • Always be slow because haste can trigger traps or you can find enemies

  • Awareness or knowing what’s around you is always essential. Have headphones on through which you can hear the footsteps of enemies or noise that is coming from around

  • Be wary of your movements as well and avoid the noise that you are making unnecessarily. Never try to attract attention except when you want to lure the enemies

  • Death Swarm is a mechanic you should know the timing of. Through this you can become flexible, making escape options or trapping others.

  • Never be afraid of Death here. Your main goal is to escape successfully, looting the area, but that doesn’t mean you will lose everything in case you die. The XP points with Solo Plays are always with you even after a failure.


So this is everything we could come up with in our Dark and Darker Best Solo Player Tips and Tricks. You can definitely see the theme here for solo players. Don’t be quick, plan things, remain in the shadows, and use your brain. With a few simple techniques that we mentioned, you can turn the tide around.

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