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Dark and Darker Best Wizard Build Guide

Wizard is by far one of the best classes in Dark and Darker, while also being a fan favorite. Definitely a powerful class because of its mesmerizing magical abilities, but also one of the only two classes that can utilize magic in the game. To make your Wizard stronger, we have here a Dark and Darker Best Wizard Build Guide.

Unlike other games of the same genre where magic users are simply much easier and not so complex; the Wizard in Dark and Darker has a bit of complexity because of a different set of perks and ability utilization. 

You will have to take into account the Spell Casts, Spell Memory, their effects, the time required for Meditation, and quite other things on top of the “already hard” mechanisms of Dark and Darker.

In contrast to other Classes like Fighter, Cleric or you name it, there is no Shield here and you can’t swing your sword around like a child. You will have to take into account your distance from the enemies, and the spells you are using and you have only the choice of dodging. 

Wizard can pick up only a Spell Book or a Staff and using them, he deals a ton of damage to the enemies or support to the team. Quite complex, right? Well, below we have an amazing Build Guide to help you understand Wizard, as well as get the most out of him.

Dark and Darker Best Wizard Build Guide

Pros and Cons of Wizard Class

Quite like Rogue, Wizard is the squishiest class in the game and you have to look after this aspect to become better. The Health here is exchanged for Versatility and the sweet Massive Burst damage. 

Unlike Rogue, Wizard is the most versatile Class in the game, quite parallel to Cleric which every team player needs. You can utilize various spells for different scenarios, either to support your team, buff yourself or simply become the conjurer of damage.

Pros of Wizard

  • The most damage-dealing Class in the game comes with the highest DPS, but you have to make sure that the Spells are hitting on the enemies and that you have the right one selected.

  • Quite versatile because you can shift the spells around from damage to teammate buffs, becoming invisible. Sniping enemies or slowing them. 

  • You can regenerate the Spell Casts with only a single skill that has an upper hand on Cleric who has to utilize Campfires for this exact purpose.

  • Doesn’t require you to jump in the attack range of enemies or even the aggro range. You can simply shoot them from a good distance which makes it quite easier.

  • In case you somehow got the right Spell Combinations for the Wizard, you will always have an upper hand on your opponents, especially the Human Players. There is always a Spell that becomes the enemy's weakness.

  • You don’t have to rush out for items, weapons, or other rare stuff. You can simply focus on yourself and the spells you have to win the Dungeon Run. No time is wasted on opening small doors, looking at corners for loot, and so on.

Cons of Wizard

  • In case the enemy can close in the distance to you, then there is nothing to save yourself… you are done for and that’s the biggest problem with Wizard. There are limited options that you can utilize and when the enemy has an upper hand, you can’t do anything.

  • Just like the first Con, Wizard is the fluffiest Class in the whole game, on par with Ranger. In terms of health, you need to take into account the hits you are taking. From a Barbarian or a Fighter, you might even get killed with only two strikes. Imagine what a boss will do to you.

  • There is no natural Skill or a Perk to heal you. With low health, you are basically a walking sheep in the area of lions.

  • You are deadly for enemies and that’s why they will focus on you. But, you can also be deadly to the teammates because of your damage-dealing spells. If you have a poor aim or you can’t control the spells conjured out of your staff, then it will definitely be deadly for your own teammates.

  • Sometimes impossible to scale with the gear if you can’t find the Legendary or an Epic gear in the run. It is a headache in itself, so two things can cause headaches now.

  • You will have to always be determined, and focused and will be requiring a high-level precision and utilization of skills in the Dungeon Run.

  • When you Meditate for Spells Recharge with the Wizard, you will be completely and utterly vulnerable. Yes, someone might emerge from the shadows and kill you in the meditation zone.

Best Skills for Wizard Build

The basic reason for the popularity of the Wizard is that players love to use the Skills, changing them around for their benefit. Yes, there is complexity here as well but mostly the play style of Wizard is amazing.

Nearly half the skills for the Wizard Build are passive abilities and there are only two active abilities. Out of these two, you can point towards only one and say this looks fun. 

Always and forever, Meditation Skill is going to be the main deal breaker here because no one likes to use a skill that just lets you sit down, become vulnerable, and get spells. But, you have to do it at the perfect timing, which makes it quite a fun thing to use. 

There are different configurations for Wizard Build that you can go for. These are mentioned below in our Dark and Darker Best Wizard Build Guide below;

  • Best Skill Configuration 1 - Spell Memory and Spell Memory 2

  • Best Skill Configuration 2 - Spell Memory 2 and Intense Focus

  • Best Skill Configuration 3 - Spell Memory 2 and Meditation

Best Perks for Wizard Build

When it comes to those Perks, there is nothing that even comes close to this class… not even ranger. The obvious reason behind it is that you have a different set of perks to pick from and each one is basically useful in its own realm. 

There are a total of 9 options and you will have to only pick 2 out of these. To help you out, we have the Best Perks for the Wizard Class below;

  • Reactive Shield - The blue potion your take in Dark and Darker is basically a Perk of Wizard. It will automatically activate when you are getting hit, but it is quite hard to actually know when it is activated because of hidden benefits. 

  • Quick Chant - It will enhance your spell-casting speed to around 20 percent, which is quite overpowered if you ask me. The majority of damage from the Wizard is from Spell Casting and if you increase it to about 20 percent, then it means you are a walking Nuclear Bomb.

  • Arcane Mastery - This Perk will decrease the Speed of the Cast, coming with only a small 1-second overall speed cast reduction. On top of this, it will buff the Magic Damage of the Arcane Spells. This buff is around 5 percent which is also decent.

  • Sage/Knowledge - When you increase Knowledge Stat, it basically enhances your Spell Casting Speed and also the slots. With the Sage Perk activated, you are getting a 10 percent bonus Knowledge buff, meaning you are getting Spell Cast Speed increased and you basically can equip more spells.

Wizard as PvE and PvP Class

Should you Pick Wizard as a Solo Class?

Just like we mentioned before in our Dark and Darker Best Wizard Build Guide, Wizards are walking nukes. They are quite powerful in the solo play-through as well. The damage you are doing even with the simple starter gear is quite fascinating.

If you can place the Magic Missiles or Fireballs at the correct time and area, then you will completely destroy a player with a lower gear level. They are also the hardest magical spells to dodge because of their massive hitbox. 

On the other hand, the on;y issue here is that the Wizard’s Interaction Speed is… well, nonexistent if you want me to be honest here. On top of that, the Wizard is old and has a lower speed. You are a card in a parking slot waiting to be bashed by a truck, only after you get out of fuel.

In the first few runs, you will have to Meditate a ton of times, which is also quite frustrating because you are vulnerable. In case you are up against Bosses like Wraith, Skeleton Champion, and other enemies in the Goblin Cave, you are the best class because of that heavy damage in the solo run.

Should you Pick Wizard as a Team Class?

It shouldn’t be a question because you need a Wizard in nearly every Team. Yes, Cleric will replace the Wizard, but the damage done by Wizard is so massive you still need a damage dealer like him in the team.

Butter on top, because of the versatility and the usability of Wizard, you are up a notch in popularity in contrast to any other class. You can become a Healer or you can become a damage dealer.

You can either Buff the Teammates or Debuff the enemies to get an upper hand on them. So you should Definitely Pick Wizard in the Team play.

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Best Equipment Pick for Wizard Build Guide

Best Equipment Pick for Wizard Build Guide in Dark and Darker


There is no need to worry about Armor when you are in the Wizard Class in Dark and Darker. You just have to focus more on the Spells and the Tomes you will find in the game. But still, you have to wear something on your character and in this case you can go for the following things;

  • Frocks

  • Mystic Vestments

  • Oracle Robes

Yes, these are the three things you should focus more on. You can also put anything on your Wizard which isn’t bound to a class, but you should also be looking at the bonuses for your stats, specifically related to the Knowledge.

Many players like to go for Defense Stat bonuses through Armor, which is a completely useless strategy. You don’t need Defense because once you are caught, you are dead. You can’t change that with any armor in the game. 


Wizards and Weapons are two different things altogether. These are based on spell casting and have experience in that realm because they don’t actually need to swing around different weapons like spears or swords. 

In case you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to use melee combat, then there are other options as well. Furthermore, you can go with the catalyst to cast spells. For both of these things, we have the perfect Weapons mentioned below;

  • Rondel Dagger - Wizard is not made for Melee Combat and you will lose about 95 percent of the time when it comes to that. You can get Rondel Dagger to include yourself in the 5 percent category. Just pick it up and throw it in the secondary alongside the Crystal Ball.

  • Spell Book - The Spell Book, Staff, and the Crystal Ball have different varieties dependent on the rarity you have for those. On the base, the catalyst you have with the Wizard is none other than the Spellbook. It will enhance your movement speed, which makes a ton of difference depending on the fact that the Wizard is extremely slow.

  • Crossbow - Wait what! Can Wizards use a Crossbow? Actually, they are quite good with them, but that doesn’t mean you start rolling permanently with the Crossbow. You can put it for specific use when you don’t have the Spell Casts available. Don’t use it more than twice in the match because you will start losing your focus off the spell casting and utilizing the efficiency. 

  • Crystal Ball - When you start with Wizard, your Staff is the default option, the Rondel Dagger is the Melee option and Spellbook is the only ranged option. The middle ground here is the Crystal ball that enhances your speed and allows you to put a dagger in your pocket, and utilize spells. 

Best Spells for Wizard Build

Best Spells for Wizard Build in Dark and Darker

So, finally, we are here at the Spells section in our Dark and Darker Best Wizard Build Guide. Without Spells, there is no need to talk about Wizard because this fellow is all about Spells. If you somehow got the perfect combination of Spells put up, then you completed the whole game.

Which spells should you use and why so? It all depends on the Meta that the Dark and Darker has at that time. It could be the Blue Magic, the Red one, the White, or even that strange Green one. The colors make the spells 100 times more complex to understand especially for beginners. 

After some research and hours on the topic, we came across the Best Spells for the Wizard Build that will make your Wizard the best one in town.

Magic Missile

The Best Spell that you can use with the Wizard right now is none other than Magic Missile. It is quite exceptionally perfect because of its usability in PvP, as well as PvE fights. In case the enemy somehow got too close to you, simply use Magic Missile and make a distance between you two.

Magic Missile, just as the name suggests, is a damage spell that will just break the enemy barrier and melt that Health down like it's nothing. The Hitbox is also wide, meaning even if you have bad aim, it will work like a charm.


The Beginners start their Wizard Life with a Fireball spell because it basically is in every spell list out there. The reason behind its popularity is its incredibly good usability, as you don’t have to be a good aimer, not wait for ages for the channeling and neither is it easy to dodge. 

The Damage it does on top of all of this is just sweet and you can’t miss out on the Fireball Spell in Dark and Darker. It is simply iconic!

Chain Lightning

For damage, the best option so far in the game for the Best Wizard Build is Chain Lightning. You have to utilize it properly though because the aim is kind of misleading. Mostly, you can insta-kill enemies that aren’t aware of you with the Chain Lightning.

There is one con here, which is the friendly fire. Yes, people say it can chain to teammates, but it actually somewhat doesn’t. If you are aiming at the friends, then it will be dangerous, otherwise, it doesn’t attack the teammates themselves.


Using the Slow Spell will slow the opponent for a specific period. You can use the Haste if you want to run faster than you actually do or you can simply put Slow and watch the enemies move in slow motion. It is all up to you!


Yes, the iconic Wizard Spell allows you to increase the speed of movement, rushing in the field of battle. The amount of active duration is quite low in contrast to Slow, but it does the job of an escape in time of need. 

Wizards are made to Kill Enemies from long range and if they start rushing toward you, simply activating the Haste Spell will allow you to escape one time. You can’t outrun the projectiles or spells that are cast on you, but you will escape enemies with swords and weapons.

Pretty useful and essential to have because you get killed only from one or two shots of Fighter or Barbarian.


Last but not least, the most important Spell for the Wizard Class in Dark and Darker is Invisibility. The players who are used to Wizard utilize this spell the most. When you use it, the Wizard will stay hidden from sight. 

In a Dungeon Run game like Dark and Darker where strategies, especially hiding in the Shadows, is your main tool. The Invisibility Spell packs a lot more important than beginners put on it.

Dark and Darker Best Wizard Build Guide Tips

Dark and Darker Best Wizard Build Guide Tips

Now you know everything required to make the Best Wizard Build from our trusty Guide. The things that you have to take into account from this class are most challenging for beginners, who are just getting started with Dark and Darker. 

When it comes to the stats, you should mostly be looking after the things that add Magic Power, Will, Buff Durations, Magic Damage, Magic Power, Capacity of Spell Bonus, and so on. But besides these things we have proper Tips that you need to follow;

Go for Blue Potions

Just like the Rogue Class in Dark and Darker, the Wizards can utilize the Blue Potions to get a buff in combat. Using the Blue Potions will increase your resistance and change the two-hit death to the three-hit death. 

For most people, it doesn’t mean a lot, but Dark and Darker has things quite different from other games. Here, you can turn the tide of battle with that one more hit endurance.

Positioning with Wizard should be Exquisite

Wizards, just like Rangers, depend mainly on Positioning. All the ranged classes are mostly about the Positioning or angles that you are taking. If you have the right position that allows you to connect the spell and be present at the right distance, then you won’t have any issues.

With Wizard, there is also a danger that you might hit an ally instead of an enemy, so that thing should also be kept in mind. Always choose a position that gives you the exact distance to cast a spell, hitting enemies and saving the allies.

Shortlisting the Best Spells for Yourself

We mentioned some of the Best Spells in our Dark and Darker Best Wizard Build Guide, but it doesn’t mean you have to stick with them for the whole game. There are meta spells, meaning some spells are quite buffed because of a new update from the developer. 

You have to choose those and put them in your arsenal. For example, when you have a Fireball and there is a single target up front, there is no need to use that. You can go for other spells like Missile or something like that.

Memorization, Spell Placement, and Keybinds shouldn’t be ignored

Wizard has a lot of micromanagement and that makes the Class quite hard for players. Keybinds are set to default and you have the ability to change them around, picking the binds that work for you. 

On top of that, you also will have to memorize the Spell Placement on the Spell Casting Wheel. It includes potions, spells, weapons, and the secondary weapon. The timing should never be ignored and the bindings are some of the most important things to figure out yourself.

Communication with Teammates

When you are playing Wizard, you always have a sense of danger because you can hit your teammates with your deadly spells as well. Don’t be shy to use voice chat or voice call to let them know where you are casting the spell.

It will allow the Teammates to know beforehand what you are thinking about and what they should do in this scenario. If you don’t tell them it could turn into an accident or when you tell them, it could become a great winning strategy. 

Final Verdict

That’s all the information in our Dark and Darker Best Wizard Build Guide. Keep in mind that Wizard is one of the best classes in the game, but the only issue here is the micromanagement, spell utilization, and low Health/Durability. You just have to take into account these things and you are good to go. 

You will be needing the Dark and Darker Gold Coins in your journey to become the Best Wizard. So, don’t forget to Buy them here at MMOPixel.

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