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Dark and Darker High Roller Mode Guide - How to get it?

Initially in the first few phases of Dark and Darker, the developers didn’t have that many features for players to enjoy. But, now in the February Playtest, a new mode called High Roller takes the game's difficulty to another level. Don’t know how to get it and why? Well, here’s our Dark and Darker High Roller Mode Guide to help you.

What’s High Roller Mode in Dark and Darker?

For those players who don’t find the base game level exciting and want to enjoy some difficulty in the game, there is this High Roller Mode. You can call it a special Game Mode that is made for skilled players in the game. 

How did they get the idea? Basically, in the initial Playtest, there were some hardcore gamers who were used to the Dungeon Run or Crawler games. They just got in the Run, completely destroyed every other squad, and then got out.

It was in a loop and they had complete control over the game. This can completely ruin the game for both beginners and skilled players. So, developers stepped ahead and introduced a new Game Mode that goes by the name of High Roller. 

Dark and Darker High Roller Guide

Dark and Darker High Roller Guide

How to Enter High Roller Mode?

In order to enter this mode, you will have to pay something, or more specifically an entrance fee. Yes, High Roller isn’t free and that doesn’t mean it is expensive. Use the in-game Dark and Darker Gold Coins.

The initial fee for the High Roller Mode is around 75 Gold, but it might increase in the later Playtests for Dark and Darker. But, in our recommendation, the Fee of 75 Gold to 100 seems perfect. 

What’re the Requirements?

  • You will have to be a minimum level of 15 in order to Enter the High Roller Mode

  • You should have 100 Gold on you to pay at the Entrance

It makes the skill gap less because all the players are going to be more than Level 15 here, meaning they know what’s happening. But there are also players who are way above 15, meaning they are going to be experts in the game.

What’s in the Mode?

After you find your way into the High Roller Mode, you will be greeted by various enemies and players. Both the Human Players and Monsters are in there. Humans have their own minds and monsters are controlled by AI.

Both of them are more skilled in the Dark and Darker High Roller Game Mode. The monsters are more aggressive and strong, while the players are those who have experience in playing games like Dark and Darker. 

Yes, there are players who aren’t skilled and they can enter the High Roller, but mostly, you will be getting players who are on the same skill as you. One notable thing in the High Roller is that there are monsters with red eyes which are quite extraordinarily challenging. 

What’s the Reward?

So, coming to the last point which is the reward. In the High Roller Game Mode, you will be facing challenges but the reward is, even more, sweeter here. You will be getting a ton of rare loot, rare weapons, armor, and even the Legendary Gear chance is higher.

You won’t have to kill the Dungeon Basement Level 3 Bosses to get the Legendary Gear. 

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High Roller Mode Features

Dark and Darker High Roller Mode Features

  • No Timer and Kill Feed - In the High Roller Game Mode, you don’t have a kill feed. This feature is exceptionally useful for the players because it helps you count the kills and how many opponents are left in your Dungeon Run.

  • High-Level Enemies - In this game mode, you will be meeting the Elite Level Enemies and even a notch up to them, known as the Nightmare Level Enemies. These are the strongest, most intelligent, and most aggressive enemies you can find in the game. They might even use various tactics to get an upper hand on you.

  • Quality Drops - Unlike the base or normal mode, here you will be getting the elite gear or the most powerful gear in the game. It enhances the chances of the drop and you will have more chances of enjoying high-level gear here. The Legendary Drops are also increased and you don’t have to fight Level 3 Dungeons for those.

  • Red Portals are More and Blue Portals are Less - Yes, that is exactly the case with the High Roller in Dark and Darker. You will get fewer Blue Portals that are used to get out of the Dungeon Safely with all the loot. The Red Portals are more that take you to the next Dungeon with higher-level monsters. It makes the game much harder for the players because when you die, the loot will be lost.

Other Modes in Dark and Darker

Now you know about Dark and Darker High Roller Game Mode, but did you know there are two more game modes you might be playing but don’t know about?

The Goblin Cave

This is a game mode that is made by developers for solo players. The only issue here is that you can’t play with teams here because solo players and team players can’t get together very well. 

Normal Mode on Forgotten Castle

This is the basic game mode and is the place where you start the game. A place for both the solo and the team players, where everyone can enjoy the game happily. 

Unlike the Goblin Cave, the team players have an advantage here over the solo players, because a squad or a duo can mostly dominate a solo player. So, that’s something to keep in mind here.

High Roller Mode on the Forgotten Castle

Yes, it is quite the same as the Forgotten Castle Normal Mode, but its difficulty is a few notches more than usual. This Dark and Darker High Roller Guide is specifically on this game mode.


So that’s everything about this game mode that we could mention here in our Dark and Darker High Roller Game Mode. If you are a skilled player who wants to take the difficulty level up a notch, you can pay the entrance fee and enjoy the time with powerful monsters and higher-level opponents. But, in case you are a beginner who wants to try it out, don’t waste your gold here, and once you get the hang of the game, try it once or twice for the peak experience.

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