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Dark and Darker Pickpocketing Guide

The art of stealth in Dark and Darker is really unique but there is one notch up the Stealth, which is known as Pickpocketing. Don’t know how to do it or what’s the mechanism behind it? Well, here is a crispy Dark and Darker Pickpocketing Guide to help you out.

Getting Pickpocket Ability

Dark and Darker has various classes that you can choose from and each one has its own unique play style. One of the classes that are based on stealth is Rogue, which gives you access to Pickpocketing abilities. 

Don’t worry it isn’t like other games where you have to unlock it, but rather it is a starter perk that you get as a gift. The game doesn’t guide you on how to utilize this Pickpocketing ability and neither tells you anything about it. That’s why below we are going to dive deep into this mechanic.

Dark and Darker Pickpocketing Guide

Dark and Darker Pickpocketing Guide

How to Pickpocket?

Just like we already mentioned that you will need to have the Rogue Class Pickpocket Perk equipped in order to perform this feat. You can find it named “Pickpocket Expert” and in case you have something else equipped, you need to exchange this one for that.

One thing to clear out first is that you need to have the Rogue Class to get this Pickpocket Ability, otherwise, you won’t be able to utilize it. Pretty strange, but that’s how Dark and Darker works.

Now you have to start the Dungeon Run in the game with the Pickpocket Expert equipped. Don’t go for the NPCs, but rather find a Human player like yourself. You can’t Pickpocket the NPCs in the game, which is again strange. 

Go to the Human Player and when you are behind him/her, you will have to press the “F” button to search their pockets. It will take some time for you to perform it because the mechanism of Pickpocketing isn’t immediate. 

Don’t let the enemy know you are behind it and don’t get in their sight, otherwise, you won’t be able to perform Pickpocketing.

Can’t Pickpocket, but why?

Well, one more thing to mention is that you can’t Pickpocket when there isn’t anything on the enemy. In simple wordings, if the pockets are empty, there won’t be anything to Pickpocket. 

There isn’t any limitation here and you can Pickpocket everything that the other person has, including the Legendary Loot or the rare items. That’s it!

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Dark and Darker Pickpocket Perk

Dark and Darker Pickpocket Perk

So, one thing that’s certain is that Dark and Darker Pickpocketing can only be done through the Pickpocket Perk. This perk is also exquisitely available for the Rogue class only. 

The other classes don’t have any perks that are related to Pickpocketing or even come close to that. The main aim of this perk is to provide you with the following things;

  • Stealing the item of other Human Players while doing the Dungeon Run

Using this perk, you can take items from the enemies that are going into the Dungeon without killing them or taking part in combat. It makes the looting process way easier for the players.

When the enemy is closer, you can take note of them and then take their items, adding them to the inventory. The enemy, in this case, can’t take the items back from you. 

The best way to utilize the Pickpocket Perk in Dark and Darker is;

  • After activating the perk, you have to wait for the enemy to cross by and then loot them

  • You might be standing at the corner and waiting for the enemy to open the dungeon gates. After they cross it, you can loot them

  • When you find the target that you want to loot, the body is highlighted. On PC, you can click on F to activate the stealing mechanism.

After activating this perk, you will have the ability to quietly sneak on the enemy, but make sure that the back is towards you and the enemy isn’t watching. A small bar will appear on the bottom that will show you the stealing process that it started processing. 

When the hand motion is activated, it indicates the Stealing Process started. There is a luck factor here that enables you to carry the perk out again to give you the ability to steal for the second time. 

You can basically deprive them of all the loot they had if you have this second chance to steal. Furthermore, there are also things that you need to note about this perk;

  • You won’t be able to see the things that you are stealing and you have no idea what’s coming toward you. The only thing that you can see is the item added to the inventory after it's been added. 

  • Just keep the thing that is valuable to you and get rid of the loot that isn’t. Simple as that!


So, that’s everything that you needed to learn about this mechanism and we mentioned everything in our Dark and Darker Pickpocketing Guide. Just don’t make yourself appear upfront and remain on the enemy's back. Press F to start the process and in case the enemy doesn’t have anything, then you won’t get anything.

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