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Dark and Darker Portals Guide

Extraction plays a crucial role in Dark and Darker as a PvPvE variation on the all-too-familiar medieval dungeon crawler experience. The goal of the game is to collect gear and other items, but if you don't get out of the dungeon quickly enough, you lose everything. You must locate an Escape Portal marked by a blue headstone in Dark and Darker to exit. As an alternative, you might enter the dungeon further for a greater payout at a greater risk using the Red Portal. Below we discuss everything you need to know about Portals in Dark and Darker.

Portals in Dark and Darker

There are two portals in Dark and Darker, and they appear toward the end of the game. There are two categories: blue and red. The blue category is for extraction, while the red category is for daredevils looking for additional loot. Red portals are obviously dangerous and should only be used when you are certain that you want to travel further. This is because the mobs and atmosphere down there will do everything in their power to defeat you.

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Down Portals/Red Portals

In Dark and Darker, Red Portals connect the floor of the current dungeon with the floor below it. As a result, these portals are only found in the Forgotten Castle and do not exist in the Goblin Caves because the latter contain stairs as a backup means of exiting the dungeon.

It's tough to be on the floor below. In some places, swamp water will gradually inflict harm on you, and the monsters there are also a bit harder than those on top. As a result, before going on an adventure in these locations, make sure you are prepared and in good health. It is also advised to have a full party to provide a greater probability of survival.

The game places you in a waiting chamber to spend some time in as it prepares the dungeon for you once you activate the portal and pass through it. You'll then see a loading screen before being given the opportunity to move about once more. The red portals often referred to as the down portals, typically show up in groups of three and in close proximity to one another. This is done to ensure that you can descend into the dungeon's depths simultaneously with a complete group.

Dark and Darker Red Portals

Escape Portals/Blue Portals

You must locate an Escape Portal if you want to flee the dungeon. The portal, which is identified by a blue headstone, will enable you to remove all of the dungeon's loot for sale or carryover into the following game. It might be a little challenging to locate The Escape Portals for someone who isn't familiar with the game because they spawn randomly and have no fixed location. However, as you get closer to them, a notification will appear in the top-right corner of the screen and you'll hear a low rumbling sound.

Dark and Darker Blue Portals

How to use the Escape Portal?

To make the exit, simply approach the portal, point your crosshair at the scroll, and press F. (this can be modified in the game’s key binding settings). A portal can be started quickly, but it can take some time to fully activate. Although other users can also take the portal, you can always trigger it, discover more loot, and then come back to extract.

How to find Portals in Dark and Darker?

No matter what floor you're on, extraction portals emerge at random, and you only get one or two indications that one has appeared. The most frequent one is a sound of a stone grinding, so if you can, play with the audio turned up. A notification should show in the upper right corner of the screen warning you that a portal has appeared, however, there are currently no accessibility options to assist hearing-impaired players in recognizing when that sound occurs.

Remember that other people can see the notifications and hear the cues as well. The fact that other players will also want to use portals to leave the game makes them great locations to stalk unsuspecting people or fall victim yourself. Maintain your composure and make absolutely sure you have a spell or powerful weapon at the ready to deal with just about any threats that may arise.

Blue portals are just a one-use item in each instance we've run into. If a rival gets to a portal before you, you'll need to find another one because it will disappear after one player uses it to extract. You must interact with a portal after activating it in order to begin the extraction process, making it possible for you to swipe an enemy's portal to prevent them from escaping.

Important points to remember!

Although Dark and Darker is a reasonably simple game to grasp, the intrigue comes from the dungeon's depths' unpredictable unpredictability. Let's check out some significant tips to remember.

Red Portal vs Blue Portal

In Dark and Darker, there are two different types of portal headstones: the red Down Portal and the blue Escape Portal. The Down Portal will lead you farther into the dungeon with more loot and more challenging foes, while the Escape Portal allows you to quit the game safely with all of your loot still intact. Down Portals are quick, however, the Escape Portal takes some time to open. Use the Down Portal to travel to a lower level if you find yourself in a position where you cannot afford to waste time, such as when the enemy is approaching.

The appearance of the Portals

An old stone gate opening or rocks rumbling is the sound of the audio cue for Blue Portals. This is the sound of the headstone emerging from the earth. Be aware that hearing three of these sounds at once is a surefire warning that the Red Portals trio is about to spawn.

Portal remains open until used

In relation to opening Escape Portals, they take a few minutes to get rolling but will stay functional till used. The game provides the chance to prepare ahead of time using this mechanic. Instead of waiting and spending time, you can start a portal, explore for treasure or foes to kill, and then finally go back to an open portal.

Portals can be stolen, guard them!

Exploring and collecting loot is a technique for investing, but doing so requires leaving your portal unsecured. Nearby players can quickly steal an unguarded portal and use it to their advantage to exit the dungeons. So, it is your responsibility to explore, get more loot, protect your portal, and collect the treasure.

Dark and Darker Portals Gameplay

How many players can use a portal?

Only one player can use each Escape Portal at a time, and after someone passes through it, it vanishes. This means that if a party wants to leave safely, each member must locate their own escape portal. As the match is almost over, several Escape Portals will open, and most players that look for them early can remove them all at once.

Portals aren’t the only way to escape!

Portals are a great way to escape the dungeon but there is another way to do the same. Nevertheless, there is a catch: it only appears in the Goblin Caves, which is a test map for now, and it isn't as trustworthy as the portals. Only lone wolves are permitted to enter that map. A staircase at a certain location in the dungeon serves as the other extraction spot on the map. It's not as dependable as the portals. Nonetheless, it's far preferable to make it to the finish of the game and then search for a blue portal that will take you out for good.


That brings to a close our guide on portals in Dark and Darker, which also included extraction. We hope that our guide was useful to you. Understanding portals is essential if you want to successfully depart the dungeon after fighting and looting in the dark making it one of the most crucial aspects of Dark and Darker.

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