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Dark and Darker Rogue Beginner's Guide

The Rogue class in the dungeon-crawling battle royale-style game Dark and Darker is a "high risk, high reward" options. In the appropriate hands, this class can either be very frightening to be caught off guard or can quickly loot and depart the dungeon. Yet Dark and Darker's Rogue can also be eliminated in a single strike if played improperly or by a novice (in some circumstances). Let's discuss the class, and the skill, perk, as well as equipment loadouts that seem to be most effective overall in this Dark and Darker Rogue Guide.

Rogue Class Overview

In essence, the rogue is a character that is similar to the scout kind that is common in many other videogames. They have a high overall damage output in return for very low health, are quick, and have some abilities to see approaching foes (at least better than any other class). In Dark and Darker, the rogue class has the quickest interaction speed, which allows it to enter doors, and loot boxes, and start campfires more quickly than any other class.

Dark and Darker Rogue

Let's examine the advantages and disadvantages of the rogue in contrast to other classes in general:


  • Can cakewalk a 1v1 if they acquire the upper hand or if they manage to land at least a few stabs before taking damage themselves.

  • May physically outpace opponents, and doing so is occasionally the most effective approach to engage them in combat. This involves running circles around the adversary and stabbing them using a poisoned knife repeatedly.

  • When the perfect Skill/Perk combination is employed, the ability to move while unseen can be lethal.

  • Probably has the highest number of DoT of any class.

  • Is capable of opening chest locks without the need for lockpicks (which are tough to find over time).

  • A genuine dungeon crawler with the ability to enter, loot anything, and flee undetected.

  • Locking doors, switching off lamps, or doing anything else that takes use of their very quick interaction speed, can reliably confound enemies pursuing them.

  • Due to their quick communication and low maximum HP, teammates can be revived more easily thanks to them.


  • If the player isn't careful, the Wizard, the game's second most flimsy class, will perish at the hands of mosquitos and is prone to being one-shot by a buff Barbarian.

  • Extremely vulnerable to Wizards if they notice them coming.

  • Has a greater skill cap than any other class and also a higher skill floor than those classes.

  • Requires a lot of concentration & patience to use effectively because Rogues must frequently remain crouch-walking and keep an eye out for footsteps.

  • A Rogue who gets the drop on an attacker will take some seconds to finish them due to DoTs, and frequently this results in the attacker getting in a few hits, killing the Rogue, & then passing away from poison soon after.

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Best Perks for the Rogue Class

We prefer to concentrate on maximizing damage in an ambush scenario, which entails hiding in strategic locations and at appropriate times to attack other players while they're distracted. Players will need the following advantages, listed in order:

Dark and Darker Rogue Guide

Hidden Pockets

With the use of this perk, potions won't appear on your toolbelt, making your character invisible to other players throughout the entire map. As rogues prefer to remain hidden in shadows, taking away these bright items makes it much simpler to skulk around in the dark.

Poisoned Weapon

The attacker will try to circle-strafe to face you while generating some gap after you manage to land a few opening blows. Poisoned Weapons stack, causing a DoT that frequently proves lethal as the enemy tries to figure out why they are suffering while still absorbing damage.


When you backstab an enemy while hitting them from behind, you deal 30% more damage. A great majority of adventurers can be defeated with Poisoned Weapon and this one-two combination, although Barbarians should be avoided due to their high health.

Lockpick Expert

Rogues have a tendency to creep around the area by themselves, therefore they frequently stumble across locked chests & doors that haven't been opened by anybody else. The Rogues can pick any lock without the use of lockpick tools thanks to Lockpick Expert. Creep is a fantastic substitute if you prefer to concentrate more on PvP because it significantly minimizes the number of steps you take.

Best Skills for the Rogue Class

You must have both an escape route and a high damage output if your gaming strategy involves ambushing foes while hiding in shadowy areas.


The ability to put off NPC adversaries from following you (enabling you to set up cunning traps in hallways) and to welcome other players to walk right past you make this talent practically essential. Following a botched ambush, you can utilize this skill to turn a corner and gain the upper hand.

Rupture/Weakpoint Attack

Depending on how well-equipped their opponents are, rogues have a choice in this situation. Choose Weakpoint Attack if you're entering the High Roller dungeon to reduce your enemies' armor bonus by half. Rupture, on the other hand, is useful for stacking more DoT on enemies.

Best Gear and Weapons for the Rogue class

Rogues want their attack speed to procure as many piles of Poisoned Weapon as they can because each pile increases the amount of incoming DoT that is exceedingly tough for players to counteract during a fight and harms dungeon creatures as well. We strongly advise sticking to daggers for this, plus a backup rapier weapon for longer range when fighting dungeon enemies. As a general rule, players should concentrate on Agility and Resourcefulness when choosing gear because they have the most effects on rogue play.

The Rapier is slower than daggers like the Stiletto, so avoid becoming too accustomed to it to the point where you start using it in PvP conflicts. Rapiers, however, can be useful against Barbarians since they frequently employ long-reaching weapons like War Mauls and similar implements. Make it a point to check the Weaponsmith vendor when you are between dungeons; if grey Rapiers are available, stock up for your Rogue.

Due to a quick strike speed, this ambusher typically relies on daggers. Keep in mind that you should perform all three attacks while holding left-mouse because the final attack deals greater damage and was further enhanced in the patch that somewhat displeased Wizards. Due to the fact that we should ideally be facing the back of our opponent's head when the fight starts, the close quarters don't significantly alter our fighting strategy. Depending on how the battle is going, dual wielding might allow for different attack animations that cunning Rogues can take advantage of.

Dark and Darker Rogue Gameplay

The Rogue as a Solo class

Rogue in Dark and Darker's Goblin Cave solo queue can be initially difficult to play. That's an outcome of the Goblins and some other enemies taking a hammering and causing tremendous damage. Rogue can succeed in this scenario, though, if you play to your strengths and concentrate on other lone players. Beware of fighters with their shields, wizard fireballs, or a barbarian's axe to the head.

Tips and Tricks to consider as a Rogue

  • Never try to outmatch an entire squad as a well-equipped Fighter or skilled Barbarian can. However, the Rogue can frequently prevail in 1v1 battles. Solo Rogue players must at any cost stay away from teams.

  • Catching anyone by surprise is significantly more crucial than getting a free hit in when they are preoccupied with an NPC opponent. Gamers that start getting struck by Rogues unexpectedly have a tendency to lock up, panic, and leave themselves vulnerable to additional stabs.

  • The Rogue could actually struggle a bit when fighting NPC enemies; it's usually preferable to kite them, run around, and slam doors behind them.

  • Like in many first-person games, crouching in the middle of a battle can actually frequently change the course of events. Combat in Dark and Darker is pretty buggy, that much is certain. Therefore it becomes exceedingly challenging for an adversary to land a swing if a Rogue begins stabbing them while running circles around them with crouching & uncrouching continuously.

  • Potions are much more important for Rogues than other classes because they can perish with a single strike, notably in PvP. Consuming one before a battle can make all the difference in terms of success or failure.

  • Rogue players can really use the Hide skill to fend off opponents hunting them as soon as they vanish from sight because it triggers far faster than drinking a White Potion does. Also, if they wish to be particularly cunning, they can disappear, unlock the door at either end of the room, and then turn invisible without exiting the space.


That is all you need to know about the Rogue Class to get the best gameplay possible. The Rogue is a tricky class, with many playstyles supported so the player can freely decide what all skills and perks they wish to employ with this class.

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