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Dark and Darker Soul Heart Guide

The developers of Dark and Darker might be new to the game itself, but they are quite astonishing in portraying a Dungeon Run game here with their new Dark and Darker game. The scariest part about the game is death because you can lose all of the stuff you have, but there is one thing that is like a light in the darkness. Yes, we are talking about the Souls Heart that allows you to get an extra life, and here is our Dark and Darker Soul Heart Guide to help you out. 

Where are Soul Hearts in Dark and Darker?

Soul Hearts in Dark and Darker

Soul Hearts are the items in the game that allow you to resurrect or call back a friend. When an Ally dies in the game, you can just use the Soul Hearts to revive them. But that is not all, you will also be needing the small altar and some of your HP to exchange for the HP of your friend.

How to use Soul Heart?

When the person dies, you will find the Soul Heart on their body. After looting the body, you will get the Soul Heart and later on use that to revive the player.

The process isn’t automatic. You will have to find the Altar of Sacrifice in the game during that same Dungeon Run. There are a few you will come across in the dungeons, most likely the lower levels. 

Using the Soul of Heart at the Altar along with some of your HP as a sacrifice, you will bring the friend back in no time. 

If you have better equipment with you, then the chances of dying are going to be low, especially on the solo journey. You can Buy Cheap Dark and Darker Gold Coins from MMOPixel.com to get better gear for an exceptional dungeon run.

How to get a Soul Heart?

get and use a Soul Heart in Dark and Darker

Soul Heart is in the form of an item and after seeing it, you can’t unsee the Soul Heart. It is actually the embodiment of the player’s soul. In order to get it, you will have to come close to the player's corpse and then loot it. There’s another way around it as well. 

After you are looting the body, you will find many items in the inventory, and amongst them is the soul heart, which is indicated by a white light. That’s the only way to get it in the game. 

One more thing to keep in mind is that you can’t get the Soul Heart from the enemy loot because you can’t revive them. It is only possible with the ally loot, as well as the process of reviving only the teammates.

After you use the Soul Heart on the ally it will be used up and you can’t bring it back. 

Things to know

  • When you are at an altar trying to revive your friend, make sure that isn’t any creature or another player there. Most of the time, players will camp at that location because players have their defenses down while reviving their friends.

  • Small Altars are spread around the dungeons, at different locations.

  • It will take a lot of time for the ritual to complete and for the players to revive their friends using the Soul Heart in Dark and Darker. 

  • Always have backup HP available that you know will be enough after exchanging for the life of your friend. Yet again, some creature or player might jump straight at you.

  • If you have a third person with you, ask him/her to watch your back when performing the ritual.

  • After the person is revived, he/she will come back into the game without the equipment and the items he/she picked up during the dungeon run. 

  • The best practice is to always have a cleric in the team with you because this class can revive a player without the use of Soul Heart. One more thing to note is that in the run, Cleric can resurrect the player more than once. 


So, that’s everything we could come up with in our Dark and Darker Soul Heart Guide. Keep in mind that you need to stay alive in order to loot the Soul Heart from the ally's corpse and bring him back. After using it, you can’t re-use the Soul Heart and neither can you take it from the enemy to revive them.

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