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Diablo IV Guide to Vyeresz Stronghold

In the vast world of Diablo 4, the Vyeresz Stronghold stands as a formidable challenge for brave adventurers. Located in the southern region of Hawezar, this stronghold has fallen under the control of a cult worshipping a Serpent God. Your mission is to cleanse the stronghold and put an end to the cult's influence. As you conquer Vyeresz Stronghold, you'll unlock new areas, side quests, vendors, and valuable rewards. Let's dive into the details of how to clear this treacherous den

Vyeresz Stronghold Location

To embark on your journey to the Vyeresz Stronghold, head to the Toxic Fens region in southern Hawezar. The stronghold is nestled to the northeast of the Vyeresz village. It is advisable to use the closest Waypoint, the Ruins of Rakhat, for fast travel. From there, make your way south to reach the stronghold.

Quests and Objectives

Main Quests

The Shadow Reckoning

Objective: Investigate the rising darkness within Vyeresz Stronghold. Walkthrough: Players start by speaking to Captain Elara at the stronghold entrance. Investigate corrupted areas, confront cultists, and gather clues about the shadow's origin. Decision Points: Choosing between diplomatic or aggressive approaches when dealing with cultists impacts faction relations.

Cleansing the Corruption

Objective: Purge the corruption seeping into the heart of the stronghold. Walkthrough: Work with the Order of the Silver Dawn to identify key corrupted sources. Battle through dungeons and face a mini-boss at the Corrupted Altar. Decision Points: Decide whether to destroy the corrupted sources outright or attempt to purify them, affecting the level of resistance from corrupted enemies.

Unveiling the Past

Objective: Discover ancient texts that reveal the history of Vyeresz Stronghold. Walkthrough: Engage in research, decipher cryptic inscriptions, and venture into hidden catacombs. Solve puzzles to reveal the truth about the stronghold's origins. Decision Points: Choose to share newfound knowledge with the Silver Dawn or keep it hidden, influencing your reputation with the faction.

Side Quests

Forgotten Relics

Objective: Retrieve stolen relics taken by a band of thieves. Walkthrough: Talk to Elder Eamon who entrusts you with this quest. Investigate leads, track down the thieves, and recover the stolen relics from their hideout. Decision Points: Decide whether to return the relics to the stronghold's museum for reputation gain or sell them for personal profit.

Cursed Remnants

Objective: Lift the curse that plagues a nearby village. Walkthrough: Interact with desperate villagers who reveal their plight. Investigate cursed areas, gather ingredients, and perform a ritual to cleanse the curse. Decision Points: Choose whether to seek assistance from a benevolent spirit or a dark entity, altering the outcome of the curse's removal.

Bonds of Loyalty

Objective: Mediate a dispute between two prominent faction members. Walkthrough: Navigate the conflict between a Silver Dawn paladin and a rogue mage. Gather evidence, listen to testimonies, and make a judgment that may impact faction dynamics. Decision Points: Decide which faction member to support, influencing your standing with the respective faction and potential rewards.

Diablo IV Vyeresz Stronghold Guide

Explore Vyeresz Village

Upon entering the stronghold, you'll find yourself in the heart of the Vyeresz village. This village has been overrun by cult members and serpent-like creatures. Navigate through the village, engaging in battles with the cultists and their minions. Be cautious as you progress, as the enemies grow stronger the deeper you delve into the stronghold.

Find and Destroy the Serpent's Eyes

To unlock the entrance to the inner sanctum of the Vyeresz Stronghold, you must locate and destroy three Serpent's Eye Pedestals. The first pedestal can be found directly across from the Serpent's Eye Door. Interact with it to destroy the first eye.

The remaining two pedestals are located in straw huts scattered throughout the village. One can be found in the northwest corner, while the other lies to the east. Destroying all three pedestals will open the Serpent's Eye Door, granting you access to the next phase of the stronghold.

Survive the Cultist Onslaught

Once the Serpent's Eye Door is open, you must endure a relentless onslaught of cultists and their allies for 50 seconds. Waves of enemies will assail you, growing in intensity as time passes. Utilize your skills, abilities, and area-of-effect attacks to prevail against the hordes of cultists. Surviving this onslaught is crucial to progressing further into the stronghold.

Defeat Dianthus, the Serpent God

Beyond the door lies the final challenge: Dianthus, the Serpent God. This formidable boss takes the form of a giant Nangari Longclaw Serpent. Prepare yourself for a challenging battle as you face off against Dianthus' powerful attacks.

Dianthus possesses several devastating moves, including a lunging attack, an area-of-effect poison blast, and the ability to summon additional serpents to aid in the fight. Dodge Dianthus' lunges, maneuver out of the poison blast's range, and eliminate the summoned serpents to gain an advantage. Chip away at Dianthus' health while maintaining a safe distance to emerge victorious.

Rekindle the Wanderer's Shrine

With Dianthus defeated, your final objective is to rekindle the Wanderer's Shrine. Head back to the entrance of the stronghold and interact with the stone archway across from the Serpent's Eye Door. By rekindling the shrine, you will conquer the Vyeresz Stronghold, marking your triumph over the cult and unlocking its potential as a friendly settlement.

Rewards for Conquering the Vyeresz Stronghold

Your efforts in clearing the Vyeresz Stronghold will be richly rewarded. Upon conquering the stronghold, you will gain 120 Hawezar Renown, enhancing your reputation in the region. Additionally, you will unlock the Vyeresz village Waypoint, allowing for swift travel to this newly reclaimed area. Furthermore, the Shadowed Plunge dungeon will become accessible, providing new challenges and opportunities for exploration.

Unique Gear and Weapons

Defeating bosses, completing quests, and overcoming tough encounters within the stronghold can yield powerful and unique gear items. These items often come with special properties and enchantments that enhance your character's abilities.

Crafting Materials and Recipes

Exploration and victories within the Vyeresz Stronghold can reward you with valuable crafting materials, which you can use to upgrade and customize your equipment. Discovering rare crafting recipes allows you to create exclusive items with exceptional attributes, giving you an edge in battle.

Experience and Skill Points

Conquering enemies and completing quests provide valuable experience points, helping your character level up and become stronger. Gaining levels grants skill points that you can allocate to enhance your character's skills and abilities, enabling greater customization and power.

Diablo IV Vyeresz Stronghold Rewards

Tips and Strategies for Navigating Vyeresz Stronghold in Diablo IV

Navigating the Vyeresz Stronghold in Diablo IV can be a challenging endeavor, but with the right tips and strategies, you can conquer its trials and emerge victorious. Here are some valuable insights to help you succeed:

Diverse Character Builds

  • Create a character build that balances offense and defense. Vyeresz Stronghold offers a mix of enemies, so having both strong damage-dealing abilities and survival skills is essential.

  • Consider a versatile character class such as the Crusader, offering a combination of melee combat and holy magic for both close-range engagement and support.

Adaptive Equipment Loadouts

  • Equip gear that enhances your chosen playstyle. Look for items that boost your primary attributes and augment your chosen skills.

  • Prioritize resistances to elements that are common among the stronghold's enemies. Stack resistances against shadow and corruption to mitigate incoming damage.

Skill Selection and Synergy

  • Choose skills that synergize well with each other. Create skill rotations that allow you to efficiently deal with groups of enemies and single targets.

  • For example, combining area-of-effect (AoE) skills with crowd-control abilities can help manage large enemy packs encountered in various areas of the stronghold.

Crowd Control and Positioning

  • Utilize crowd-control skills to immobilize or disable enemies temporarily. This gives you time to reposition, heal, or focus on priority targets.

  • Position yourself strategically to control engagements. Draw enemies into choke points or areas where you have the advantage, such as using environmental hazards to your benefit.

Environmental Awareness

  • Be mindful of your surroundings. Vyeresz Stronghold is filled with traps, hidden pathways, and interactive objects that can be used to your advantage.

  • Watch out for corrupted terrain and shadowy areas, as they often indicate tougher enemies or impending ambushes.

Resource Management

Manage your resources effectively. Health and mana potions are limited, so use them wisely. Consider using abilities that regenerate health or mana as part of your build.

Faction Reputation

  • Your reputation with the Silver Dawn faction can affect quest outcomes and rewards. Choose actions that align with your chosen faction to maximize benefits.

  • Completing faction-related objectives can lead to unique rewards, so prioritize these tasks when appropriate.

Crafting and Upgrading

Engage in crafting and upgrading equipment at the stronghold's crafting stations. Enhance your gear's stats, add sockets, or imbue them with enchantments for additional power. For the same, you will be required to spend Gold. If you don not have enough Gold, get them for real money.

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Multiplayer Cooperation

If playing in multiplayer mode, communicate and coordinate with your team. Combining different character abilities can lead to powerful synergies that help overcome tough challenges.


The Vyeresz Stronghold in Diablo 4 presents a thrilling adventure filled with peril and rewards. By exploring the village, destroying the Serpent's Eyes, surviving the cultist onslaught, defeating Dianthus, and rekindling the Wanderer's Shrine, you will emerge as the conqueror of this treacherous den. Prepare yourself for an epic battle and claim victory over the Serpent God's influence. Good luck, brave adventurer!

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