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Diablo IV Guide to the Physical and Non-Physical Damage

Understanding the many types of damage & resistance is essential for surviving in the perilous environment of Diablo IV. In this sense, the distinction between Physical Damage & Non-Physical Damage is one of the most important ones. The efficiency of your assaults & the degree of defence you require against various foes are determined by these two damage types. Early on in the game, the distinction between both of these groups shouldn’t really matter, but as you advance to World Tier 3 & World Tier 4, it becomes more crucial to understand the kind of damage that a build deals.

It makes sense that numerous damage kinds will be used in Diablo 4, a role-playing game with a variety of classes. The nuances of both physical & non-physical damage, as well as each type’s defences, will be covered in detail in this guide.

Understanding Physical and Non-Physical Damage

The distinction between Physical and Non-Physical Damage in Diablo 4 is crucial from a tactical standpoint. Your attacking prowess and defensive tactics will be impacted by the unique intricacies and interactions that each damage kind carries. Understanding these dynamics is essential if you want to become a true champion of the realm, whether you use raw physical strength or the elements to annihilate your foes.

Each character type uses different attacks and skills to annihilate the enemy. Some build type such as Barbarian relies heavily on physical attacks, hence has more physical attack skills and weapons and can also sustain more physical damage. On the other hand, builds such as Sorcerer and Necromancer rely mostly on Non- Physical or elemental attacks. Hence they attack using spells and magic to defeat the enemy. Non-Physical attack types have a variety of long-range weapons in their arsenal but on the other hand, are also not that strong defensively.

Non-Physical Damage

All damage kinds other than physical damage are included under non-physical damage. Damage sources including Fire, Lightning, Cold, Poison, and others are included in this category. Heroes in Diablo 4 use these elements’ abilities to unleash devastating attacks on enemies. When dealing with opponents who are weak to certain elements, non-physical damage is essential. Players can customise their techniques to successfully exploit the weaknesses of their opponents because to each element’s distinct qualities.

Additionally, Non-Physical Resistance is a vital component of defence against these elemental attacks. It reduces the effects of all Non-Physical damage kinds and provides defence against the wide range of elemental attacks that enemies may unleash.

Physical Damage

The Barbarian, a personification of savagery & unbridled power, is at the centre of the conflict. This warrior excels in dealing physical damage, destroying opponents with a variety of powerful weapons. The majority of the Barbarian’s talents deal Physical Damage, making them formidable opponents in battle.

Armour is crucial for reducing incoming Physical Damage in the complex world of Diablo 4. Damage mitigation varies depending on the type of armour worn, such as leg & chest armour. The better the protection provided by an item, the higher its armour value. The item power, which is impacted by the item power of the monster, has a direct relationship with the armour value. Defeat monsters of higher levels to strengthen your defences by boosting your item power.

It’s crucial to remember that while armour mostly reduces physical damage, it can also partially reduce non-physical damage. For instance, a piece of equipment that offers 60% protection against Physical Damage will also provide 30% protection against all Non-Physical damage kinds.

Diablo 4 Damage Guide

Physical Damage skills: The Barbarian 

Physical Damage talents abound in the Barbarian’s skill set, ensuring success in even the most difficult conflicts. Each skill has its own distinct qualities and effects, from Whirlwind’s ferocious assault to Upheaval’s devastating hits. Additionally, the Barbarian’s fury is increased with the addition of Bleeding Damage through talents like Rupture and Rend.

It becomes more and more important to develop these talents as you go along your journey. Your abilities become more powerful as you advance, enabling you to wreak even more destruction on your adversaries. To maximise your effectiveness in battle situations, keep in mind to strategize and combine your skills. Also, use Gold as and when required to enhance your skills. If you are falling short of the same, the best way to get them is for real money.

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Tips and Tricks to master the Physical and Non-Physical damage

In Diablo 4, mastering Physical & Non-Physical damage involves a blend of strategic consideration, skill management, and knowledge of damage mechanics. Here are some pointers and strategies to help you excel in the game:

1. Diversify your skill set- Make a balanced skill loadout that contains abilities that deal both physical & non-physical damage. This enables you to adjust to varied threats and circumstances, ensuring that you are effective against both resilient adversaries and those that are susceptible to certain threats.

2. Study enemy weakness- Pay attention to the various types of enemies & their weak points. Some adversaries may have a strong physical resistance but be vulnerable to particular ingredients. Knowing these vulnerabilities will assist you in selecting the appropriate abilities and strategies for any situation.

3. Experiment with combos- To unleash lethal combinations, creatively combine physical damage skills with non-physical harm abilities. Start with a Physical talent, for instance, to deliver immediate damage, then use a Non-Physical skill to take advantage of an elemental weakness.

4. Upgrade wisely- Upgrade talents that work well with your playstyle and preferred damage kinds first. Improve abilities that have Bleeding Damage or other debuffs that increase both Physical and Non-Physical damage.

5. Balance & Defence- While understanding different damage kinds is important, don't forget about your defensive tactics. To make sure you are properly protected against all threats, invest in equipment that increases both your Physical and Non-Physical Resistance.

6. Learn enemy behaviour- To predict opponent behaviour and attack patterns, do some research. You can efficiently dodge, block, or counter with this knowledge, minimising damage absorbed and increasing your damage output.

7. Adapt to challenges- One damage type may be strongly favoured over another in certain environments or boss battles. Be ready to modify your abilities and equipment to meet the obstacles you face. Success requires flexibility.

8. Utilize crowd control- Use crowd control abilities from both physical and non-physical skills to stun, freeze, or slow opponents. You can use this time to plan your attack and manage the battle’s progress.

Diablo 4 Damage Tips and Tricks


Diablo IV’s dangerous environments need mastery of the complex tango between Physical and Non-Physical Damage. This manual has offered a thorough examination of these essential ideas, illuminating the crucial part they play in your development into a great champion of the realm.

The distinction between Physical and Non-Physical Damage develops from a basic concept to a key strategic element as you play Diablo IV. Your grasp of these damage kinds and their relationships will have a significant impact on the talents, equipment, and strategies you choose. Your strategy will be as diverse as the classes themselves, ranging from the unrelenting assault of the Barbarian’s Physical Damage to the elemental subtlety of Sorcerers and Necromancers.

Remember that not every situation calls for the same strategy. It is crucial to modify your approach in order to take advantage of opponent weaknesses and fortify your defences. Keep an eye out for new challenges, practise skill combinations, and research your opponents. The art of mastering both Physical and Non-Physical Damage will set you apart as a formidable force in the ever-changing world of Diablo IV, whether you’re cleaving through enemies with raw power or manipulating elements to your benefit.

As you etch your name into the history of Diablo IV’s epic adventure, use your newly acquired knowledge to set out on your trip, use your skills wisely, and embrace the exhilarating intricacy of Physical and Non-Physical Damage.

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