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Diablo IV Guide Best Build for Sorcerer Class

When it comes to the class with powerful builds, Sorcerer class is usually among that list. Sorcerers are unarguably one of the most powerful classes in the Diablo IV game. They encompass some of the extremely powerful and useful builds that can take on any opponent all thanks to their awesome Active and Passive skills. Though, one could always raise the question about their mobility, but thanks to their overwhelming power, they level the odds.  

Being a sorcerer is about killing your opponent before they can attack you. There are plenty of options in terms of skills when it comes to choosing a build for your Sorcerer. There are 3 different paths to choose if you are looking to maximize your damage output. If you are new to the game and don’t know which path to take, fret not!! In this article, we will be discussing the best sorcerer builds in the Diablo IV game. When it has to do with builds, there is a lot of opportunity for experimentation, and with this much destructive power, you can destroy the majority of individuals before they have a chance to lay a hand on you.

Given that the Sorcerer Builds are powerful but that’s not enough to kill each and every opponent in the game, you will need to use various tools, weapons and Diablo IV items to gain an upper hand. Also, how you use these builds is a major factor as well. You will learn about all these once you start playing the game. Sorcerers are not Barbarians or Rogues, who excel at eliminating single targets, but they are certainly the best in business. Their less durable nature is leveled by their sheer strength that allows them to kill off enemy targets easily. Now, let’s discuss the Sorcerer Class, before moving on to the best builds.

Diablo IV Sorcerer Class

If you are one of those players who believes in taking great risks for a greater reward, then Sorcerer Class is meant for you only. The sorcerers are described as spellcasters who utilize the elemental magic such as Shock, Frost and Pyromancy. The abilities that revolve around these magic spells are Lightning, Cold and Fire.

Crackling Energy is an in-game Sorcerer mechanic in Diablo IV. It is quite unique though. While using some of the Lightning Spells, if you utilize the appropriate talent, then these Spells will grant a ball full of pulsating energy which can be collected to replenish the mana by 25 (default).

For the Sorcerer, Chill functions differently: Casting numerous Cold spells on the exact same enemy stacks a slowdown. The opponent is going to become Frozen throughout the remaining period of time when you reach 100%.

The Burning effect, which does Damage Over Time and has extra effects when combined with related abilities, is frequently applied to opponents by fire spells. Intelligence boosts skill damage for sorcerers, while Dexterity boosts critical chance and Willpower speeds up mana regeneration.


The Sorcerer's special class mechanic is the Enchantment system. This method allows for the placement of Sorcerer skills into any of the six active skill slots which are also available to every other class, or the three enchantment slots, for a total of nine possible abilities. The character obtains a passive or semi-passive secondary boost power related to the skill if the player places it in the Enchantment slot rather than being able to utilize it as an active skill anymore. 

The enchantment system gives sorcerers the opportunity to change parts of their skills into passive effects, allowing for more diverse build options. But this power can also make sorcerers very weak in other areas. To cover up these weaknesses you can use powerful tools that can be bought by Diablo IV Gold. If you are falling short of the Gold, the best way to get them is for real money.

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Diablo IV Sorcerer Builds

There are various ways to make up powerful builds, builds that are capable of featuring skills from all three elements - Fire, Ice/Cold/Frost and Lightning. But having build with all three types of skills is less potent compared to the ones with similar damage type. Sorcerers with Frost/Ice elements are capable of Freezing the targets and reach them while they are frozen to finally destroy them. This also allows them to deal more damage to nearby opponents when the Frozen target explodes. Similarly, Lightning attacks can be very destructive taking into consideration the size of the Battlefield. 

Frost Sorcerer

Frost Sorcerer is the most exciting and powerful build of the Sorcerer Class, capable of easily sweeping out multiple enemies at once. It is highly rewarding as well. Frost Sorcerer uses its abilities to freeze opponents into ice and chills them to produce huge amounts of damage. When the opponents are frozen they are vulnerable and that’s the right moment to strike them. The power can be used to freeze multiple enemies at once. 

It is worth noting that the Frost element is available to all of the Diablo IV builds. Though enchantment allows the players to use the Fireball that is fire-based. The Skill or Enchantments make the opponents explode when they are killed. This skill/enchantment will come extremely handy when you are in a battle with multiple opponents. The Skill or Enchantments allows you to start a chain reaction that will eventually end up eliminating most of your opponents. When you freeze an opponent and when one of them explodes due to enchantment, nearby frozen opponents are also destroyed. Fireball is also a terrific skill to use on enemies to start a fight or when they are frozen.

Active skills

  • Deep Freeze → Prime Deep Freeze → Supreme Deep Freeze

  • Icy Viel → Snap Freeze → Cold Front

  • Blizzard → Enhanced Blizzard → Wizard’s Blizzard

  • Ice Blades → Enhanced Ice Blades → Summoned Ice Blades

  • Frost Nova → Enhanced Frost Nova → Mystical Frost Nova

  • Frozen Orb → Enhanced Frozen Orb → Destructive Frozen Orb

  • Frost Bolt → Enhanced Frost Bolt → Flickering Frost Bolt

Passive skills

  • Frigid Breeze

  • Icy Touch

  • Hoarfrost

  • Permafrost

  • Inner Flames

  • Snap Freeze

  • Protection

  • Align the Elements

  • Icy Veil

  • Glass Cannon

  • Avalanche


  • Ice Shards

  • Fireball

Diablo 4 Frost Sorcerer

Lightning Sorcerer

Lightning Sorcerers are powerful, almost as strong as the Frost Sorcerers, if not more. Though if you utilize the right sets of skills and find the gears that best suit their abilities, you would be able to get the best out of them. As already mentioned about the 3 skills - Ice, Fire and Lightning, the Lighting Sorcerers use the Lightning skill. This also allows them to produce the powerful Crackling Energy that was discussed earlier in this article. With such ferocious power, you can take down enemies much more quickly. Lightning sorcerers can even attack enemies who are not its line of fire as this is a kind-of a damage that covers a lot of ground. This power is extremely useful during the fights with the Boss as their minions would be roaming around the battlefield.

Active skills

  • Unstable Currents → Prime Unstable Currents → Supreme Unstable Currents

  • Lightning Spear → Enhanced Lightning Spear → Summoned Lightning Spear

  • Teleport → Enhanced Teleport → Mystical Teleport 

  • Frost Nova → Enhanced Frost Nova → Mystical Frost Nova 

  • Chain Lightning → Enhanced Chain Lightning → Destructive Chain Lightning 

  • Spark → Enhanced Spark → Flickering Spark

Passive skills

  • Conduction

  • Convulsions

  • Electrocution

  • Coursing Currents

  • Invigorating Conduit

  • Static Discharge

  • Elemental Dominance

  • Devastation

  • Glass Cannon

  • Overflowing Energy


  • Lightning Spear

  • Spark

Diablo 4 Lightning Sorcerer

Fire Sorcerer

Fire Sorcerers might be the weakest among three Builds that the sorcerer class has in the Diablo IV game. When the game was in beta phase, they were powerful but after that the developers reduced their skills. But in Sanctuary, you can’t just underestimate any build, not even the Fire Sorcerers. With powerful gears and items and a right crafting, the Fire Sorcerer build is also capable of producing a decent amount of damage. 

When you use the Fire sorcerer build in a battle, you should stay close to your opponents so that the Burning effect can take place more effectively. Apart from that you’ve always got the fire skills and enchantments, but staying close is the best strategy that you can use in the battle.

Active skills

  • Inferno → Prime Inferno → Supreme Inferno Fire Bolt → Firewall → Enhanced Firewall → Mage's Firewall

  • Hydra → Enhanced Hydra → Summoned Hydra 

  • Teleport → Enhanced Teleport → Shimmering Teleport 

  • Fireball → Enhanced Fireball → Greater Fireball 

  • Enhanced Fire Bolt → Flickering Fire Bolt 

Passive skills

  • Warmth

  • Soulfire

  • Endless Pyre

  • Fiery Surge

  • Crippling Flames

  • Devouring Blaze

  • Inner Flames

  • Conjuration Mastery

  • Glass Cannon

  • Elemental Attunement

  • Potent Warding

  • Combustion


  • Hydra

  • Fireball

Diablo 4 Fire Sorcerer


When it comes to the best Sorcerer Builds, Frost and Lightning surely emerge as victorious but you can never really rule out the Fire Sorcerer from the equation. Use the skills and gear carefully and any of the 3 builds discussed in this article will give you a victory against any opponent. That will be all about the list of Best Sorcerer Builds of the Diablo IV game.

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