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Does New World Passive Work on Both Weapons

While many players will be drawn to New World's powerful, eye-catching active powers, the game's weapons are frequently balanced out by a huge table of passive skills that may be just as thrilling. Passive abilities will be a key consideration when choosing the weapon you wish to use to go through the game. Here we learn about the passive abilities of various weapons and how to use them.

What are Passive Abilities?

Passive abilities play an important role in deciding your character's overall degree of effectiveness, from passively increasing your damage as time passes to enhancing the number of bursts that you might be able to perform in specific situations. However, certain passive traits are too potent to overlook and, in some instances, are more desirable and applicable than many of the active traits a weapon could have to give.

New World Passive Ability

Weapons in New World

Rapier, Bow, War Hammer, Sword, Hatchet, Great Axe, Ice Gauntlet, Fire Staff, Musket, Spear, Life Staff, and Void Gauntlet are the 12 different types of weapons in New World. Depending on one's preferred playing style, each has its benefits and drawbacks. As a result, it's incredibly simple to swap between weapons without any hassle or combine various weapon kinds and advantages. The concept that every weapon type has two distinct skill trees that encourage various playing styles adds even more versatility. Let's examine every weapon's strongest passive abilities.

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The Sword is a common, one-handed combat weapon that may be used in combination with a shield. With Dexterity acting as a secondary characteristic, Strength serves as the main scaling unit. Swordmaster and Defender are its two tree types, with Swordmaster focusing on damage and Defender on tanking.

New World Sword

Empowered Stab

Empowered Stab, one of the most potent passive abilities for both the Sword and Shield, guarantees that a heavy blow will give you a 30 percent Empower bonus for five seconds. Any additional damage you can offer through passives will be appreciated because the Sword and Shield weapon combo is primarily designed for tanking. Players that use a sword and shield should anticipate further damage increases from other passive skills like Opportunist, Counter Attack, Precision, and Confidence in addition to the significant damage boost that Empowered Stab will provide to their rotation.


The Rapier comes next; its scaling is based mostly on Dexterity, with Intelligence serving as a supplementary characteristic. It emphasizes more on evasion, rapid attacks, and applying for Bleed statuses.

New World Rapier


The play style of the rapier is characterized by bleed effects that periodically cause damage over time. You may gradually increase your damage throughout an encounter while your opponent bleeds out by combining these DoT techniques on your target. When your opponent is bleeding out, Unerring makes sure that the impact you do with your swipe strikes and heavy assaults is increased. You'll be able to maximize your normal attacks in addition to all the damage you'll be inflicting over time.


The Hatchet scales largely on Strength (with Dexterity serving as a backup attribute), and it may be used as a ranged weapon, but only at medium and close range. The two branches it has are Berserker & Throwing, with the former concentrating on melee attacks and attack speed and the latter on throwing your weapon and dealing status effects including Weaken, Rend, and Disease.

New World Hatchet

Defy Death

Even though the ‘Defy Death’ passive talent is only useful seldom, it is still worthwhile. When you sustain a deadly injury, you can prolong your life for three seconds while reducing your health to 50. With this power, you get three seconds to gather your thoughts and try again at what you were attempting to perform. The Berserker skill tree includes this passive.


The Spear is the next weapon in line; it is a two-handed weapon that scales primarily on Dexterity, with Strength acting as a supplementary attribute. It may also be thrown, giving those who specialize in it considerable ranged damage. Zoner and Impaler are its passive trees, with the former emphasizing throwing attacks as well as crowd control whereas the latter focuses on DPS as well as dealing with Bleed and Rend damage.

New World Spear

Merciless Strength

With said Merciless Strength passive power, you can deal an additional 25% damage to knocked-down opponents. This passive ability works best against mobs because the Spear concentrates on piercing damage from both close and far ranges. The Zoner skill tree contains a passive that is accessible.

Great Axe

The Great Axe is worth considering if you want to do massive amounts of damage without giving a damn about protection. Based only on Strength, it comprises two trees: Mauler providing area-of-effect and crowd control, and Reaper with single-target and self-healing.

New World Great Axe

Executioner’s Speed

Multiple foes can easily take a significant amount of damage from Great Axes. As a result, while striking two or even more opponents with a single Great Axe swing, your Executioner's Speed passive ability shines. You'll get 3 seconds with 20% haste right now, which will let you move more quickly. Moving more quickly will allow you to swing at more adversaries, therefore it's a win-win situation. The Reaper skill tree has this passive.

War Hammer

The War Hammer, another two-handed weapon that can stun opponents and deliver damage, comes next. It offers the Juggernaut & Crowd Crusher trees and scales solely on Strength.

New World War Hammer

The Outnumbered

Even though War Hammers have a large damage cap, you could still be surrounded by foes. When two or more foes are around you within three meters of you, the Outnumbered passive talent allows you to improve damage absorption by 10%. The Crowd Crusher skill tree contains this passive.


The Bow, which scales exclusively off of Dexterity, is a particularly alluring alternative for individuals who want range. It has two trees: Hunter for pure damage and Skirmisher for evasion, poison, and area-of-effect strikes.

New World Bow

Opening Strike

If you're adept at ranged combat, using a bow may be quite beneficial. Due to its +20% damage bonus against enemies with 100% health, the Opening Strike passive skill is indeed a powerful opening for difficult confrontations. You must ensure that you are the first one to assault since this strategy only succeeds in this case. The Hunter skill tree contains this passive.


The Musket is another ranged weapon that levels from Dexterity first and Intelligence second. It is a hitscan weapon, therefore bullets will reach the target right away without worrying about lag time as arrow projectiles do. It has two trees: Sharpshooter, which does single target damage, and Trapper, which deals with crowd control damage and various traps.

New World Musket

Salt on the Wounds

The Sharpshooter's skill tree is superior in many respects to the Trapper's in the Musket. However, the passive ability of Salt on the Wounds is potent enough to make the Trapper archetype a feasible choice. When used as an execute-like ability, Salt on the Wounds passively increases the damage of all active abilities by 15% for enemies with less than 30% health. In PvE gameplay, where battles could get increasingly difficult as foes lose more health, the Musket's passive ability has the potential to make it an exceptionally potent weapon.

Fire Staff

The first of multiple magical weapons, a Fire Staff is great at lighting opponents on fire and inflicting the Burn condition, as the name suggests. It has two trees - Fire Mage and Pyromancer - each of which offers various forms of fire damage, and it scales only on Intelligence. Spells require Mana to be cast.

New World Fire Staff

Runes of Helios

Your fire spells will drop a rune at your feet as a result of Runes of Helios, and while you are standing on the top of the rune, your spell damage will increase by 30%. You have a lot of options and values from the passive thanks to the rune's two-meter radius and seven-second duration. Runes of Helios will also naturally enhance your throughput because you don't have to spend any effort casting an additional ability to position the rune or stop your rotation to raise your damage.

Life Staff

The Life Staff is primarily utilized for support and healing, and it scales mostly off of Focus. Protector and Healing are its two trees.

New World Life Staff

Arcane Justice

With a Life Staff, you'll be able to deliver some serious active healing. But with the Life Staff's passive powers, you'll also be able to provide some respectable healing. One of the Life Staff's most potent passive abilities is perhaps Arcane Justice. Arcane Justice will automatically deploy a healing ward with a 4-meter radius around you if you are struck in combat while wearing a Life Staff, restoring health to you and anybody around. Arcane Justice makes sure you'll passively recover yourself and any surrounding teammates for whatever damage your tank wasn't able to take in case your group's frontline is ever broken.

Ice Gauntlet

An Ice Gauntlet is another magic item that scales solely based on Intelligence, as one might anticipate. It has two trees: Builder, which builds an Ice Pylon that may attack and boost you while simultaneously buffing foes, and Ice Tempest, which concentrates on delaying enemies and AoE spells.

New World Ice Gauntlet

Gathering Storm

You should also look into Gathering Storm if you choose to master Ice Gauntlets. You receive 15 Mana from this passive ability after every trio of successful light attacks. The Ice Tempest skill tree has this passive.

Void Gauntlet

The freshly introduced Void Gauntlet is the last item. It mostly scales with intelligence and does void damage (with Focus acting as a second scaling stat). Holding Block, in contrast to other magic weapons, activates Harvest Essence to restore Mana at the price of one's life. Its two branches are Decay and Annihilation, the latter focuses on healing and debuffing enemies while the former emphasizes physical fighting and critical hits.

New World Void Gauntlet

Radiant Efficiency

Another very devastating weapon type is the Void Gauntlet. Radiant Efficiency is the ideal passive trait to match these attacks. This talent is quite intriguing since it allows you to minimize Mana expenses by 25% as long as you maintain a Mana level of at least 50%. The Decay skill tree contains this passive.

Can you use Passives on both of your weapons?

The answer is no, at the moment, just the weapon you are currently wielding is affected by every passive across the weapon skill trees. If a heavy attack empowers you, the empowerment is lost if you change weapons. This severely restricts the weapon combinations that can work together. Because of this, weapons with higher pure DPS are superior to those with lower DPS.

If they would let you employ both of your equipped weapons' advantages simultaneously, you might create some pretty interesting weapon synergies and lower-DPS weapons may be put to better use as a result of the advantages of another weapon.          

If Leadership were active while you were wielding the secondary weapon as well, the sword and shield may develop into a respectable DPS weapon. An intriguing bleed build may result from combining bleed perks alongside rapier and spear. The number of possible weapon combinations is constrained by the requirement that buffs and passive abilities be lost while switching weapons.

Is there an exception to this case?

The exception might undoubtedly be Berserk. Berserk does not currently go on cooldown again until the effect wears off. If you switch weapons, the skill can go on cooldown, etc. By allowing empower effects to persist while switching weapons, they could gradually activate additional features while adjusting values.

With the blunderbuss, this has already become somewhat of a thing. When you switch weapons, the blunderbuss's fortification bonuses remain. Additionally, when you switch weapons, the Unload elite perk boost does not vanish. With the unload perk, you can utilize your secondary weapon talents, for instance, in between utilizing the BB ability and blasting more pellets, even if you don't accomplish anything with it.


If you equip a sword and a fire staff, you are using a sword OR a fire staff, not a fire staff AND a sword which is a crucial distinction. When you use either one or the other, you are two separate playstyles. Your fire staff's passive abilities do not transfer to the sword, and vice versa. Other than the immediate consequences of the active skills, there is no overlap between the two. Hope we have answered your doubt regarding the usage of passive skills on both of your weapons!

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