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Echo of Soul Summer Patch Update

Summer gas officially started in EOS! The Summer Patch brings us summer event, Raid entry count was updated, Daily Login rewards, Season 3 Magic Lamps, Party member kicking, World Map Transparency, BUG Fixes and so on.

Summer event

The time has come to take your Soulkeeper on a nice vacation! You will discover a completely new map, which gives you access to daily and repeatable quests! This new map gives you access to 2 different islands: Manta Reef and Watermelon Island – this island is only accessible when the water recedes, so you will be able to travel there once every hour, for half an hour (for instance: Open from 9.00 until 9.30, then closed from 9.30 until 10.00, and open again from 10.00 until 10.30 and so on). You will have to talk to the Watermelon Island Entry Staff NPC in order to travel there.
This exotic area is populated by the adorable and cheerful Pori tribe. The Pori tribe is a pacifist one, they hate violence, so you will have to leave your weapon in your inventory and the Smart Matching functions will be disabled during your stay on the island.
One tribe member is called Dig Duv who you will find in the main cities: Mnemos Town, Ignea, Rimen, and Laterna. Talk to Dig Duv, and you will get to visit the new islands!

Before heading to the beach, you will obviously need a swimsuit! There are 2 ways to get a swimsuit: From the Season 3 Magic Lamps or by completing Dig Duv’s quests, upon completing the quests, you will receive a special currency: the Manta Reef Coin. You will have the possibility to acquire numerous items In exchange for the Manta Reef Coin via the Specialty Merchant, such as the new Coconut Crab pet! Also you will unlock 3 new achievements: Pinch Me, I’m Dreaming! (Misc./Pet), Nowhere to Run (Event) and Duck, Dodge, Dive… D’oh (Event).

You may run around the island or use your mount if you wish! Complete the quests, take part in the mini games, and chat with the Pori tribe: all of this will make your stay unforgettable!
NOTE: Everything that is related to the Summer Event will be deleted once the event is over (on August 19th, 23:59 GMT+2/5:59 PM EDT) except Costumes, Pets, Manta Reef currency (you may save it for next year), Achievements, Titles and Prismatic Water Balloons.
Content update
1 Raid entry count was updated - It is now possible to enter the Dryad Forest Raid 3 times per week, and 10 times per week on Practice mode.
2 Daily Login rewards have been changed
3 Season 3 Magic Lamps - S3 Magic Lamps are available in the Cash Shop, via the Magic Egg Merchant and with the “Hard Knock Life” and “School of Hard Knocks” quests. Here are some of the new items that you can win in the new Magic Lamp: The awesome new "Rain Cloud" Mount, the first floating mount in Echo of Soul is here! You can also get a new exclusive Storage-Pet "Hermit Crab" and new summer costumes, different from the in-game quest costumes! And the Baleful Set and the "Junior Promethean" Pet.

4 Implementation of the voting system in Party member kicking - Any party member may now suggest to kick another member. A voting window will appear where the reason for the vote can be mentioned:

The person that issues the vote and the subject of the vote cannot participate in the voting process.
A player will only be kicked if the majority of the players vote “Yes”.
5 World Map Transparency - You can now change the map’s transparency by opening the World Map (M) and moving the slider at the top.
6 New “Legendary” mode for Promethean Giant’s Hideout and Woods of Despair party dungeons - Available via Smart Matching or the teleporters in Augur’s Chancel in Ignea. The equipment level requirement is 790+. Limited to 4 entries per week.
7 Infinite Solo Dungeon Stage 3 - Available via Smart Matching or the teleporters in Augur’s Chancel in Ignea. The equipment level requirement is 560+.
8 Infinite Party Dungeon Stage 4 - Available via Smart Matching or the teleporters in Augur’s Chancel in Ignea. The equipment level requirement is 790+.
9 New NPCs in the Clockwork Quarter in Ignea - Stage 4 Infinium Merchant & Stage 4 Equipment Trader
10 You can now use your magic eggs in the cash shop!
The Daily Quests given out by the NPC called “Rose” for profession level 421 are now fixed.
Crafted healing items are now stackable up to 50.
You can now trade your level 78 equipment for level 81 equipment via the Stage 1 Equipment Trader NPC.
Enjoy you time to Echo of Soul!
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