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New Endgame Content of Echo of Soul

The new endgame content of Echo of Soul update, the first major post-launch content include a new raid, two new dungeons and a new Replay feature.
The Replay Feature
That’s the official word from Aeria Games “This new tool allows players to freeze the action, rotate and zoom the camera, and change playback speed of a scene. You can even switch the perspective to any of your party members on the fly!”
As the name suggests, the Replay feature allows players to record players' level up, epic fight, challenge the powerful monster, defeat dungeon and the raid boss with your guild etc. All of the gameplay experiences directly within the game client, make edits. Players can view them with any angle. I have to say the Replay feature system is the bright spot in this update.
In fact the replay feature you can find lot kinds of this tool on internet, but this replay feature is customized for EOS game by Aeria Games. Therefore, i guess this tool effect will better than others for EOS.
The Dungeon
The new Dungeons are The Blazing Peak and The sanctuary, each Dungeon have 3 bosses.
The sanctuary

In The sanctuary the first boss is Berlinger. The first skill of this boss is when Berlinger lost 10-15% HP, he will return to signaling fire and summon convoy of 2 mobs (3 in hero).
Berlinger’s second attack skill is an AoE wirlwhind.
Berlinger’s third strong attack is in one direction.
The second boss is Karina.
The first skill of Karina is AoE ice explosion which damages everyone in 3 larger circles. Then Karina will damage one random player.
Karina’s second attack skill is an electricity, more players get hit more damage it does, so you have to evacuate away from party members.
Karina’s third attack skill is fireball, this time players have to gather together to reduce damage.
The third boss is Kirke.

Kirke’s first kill is AoE explosion, most of the time followed by darkness with only one safe zone in random place.
Kirke’s second attack skill is unbound ghost appears and kill the players. So you have to go to the light (safe zone) to elude the damage.

The Blazing Peak
In The Blazing Peak the first boss is Empress Menyeh, this boss is not too hard, and players just need to leave the red circles to elude the damage, and try to stay near portal. Absorbing dead spell deals small amount of damage to everyone near skeletons, so either dodge it or kill skeletons before he cast.
The second bosses are Vice-Commander Shangal and Vice-Commander Jokhol. Vice-Commander Shangal is a melee attack style and Vice-Commander Jokhol is a magic attack style. In the battle player only can attack one of them, so player have to change the target in time.

The third boss is Commander Fafnir, his frist attack skill is release dark hands grasps players’ ankle, then Commander Fafnir will block the attack 3 times from the player. Commander Fafnir second attack skill is summon the dead from their graves, each time the boss will summon 4 dead fight for him. 1-2 minutes later the boss will absorbing souls of the dead, then 3 Soul Corps will through the battle, you have to leave the way which the Soul Corps beyond to. The third attack skill of Commander Fafnir is earthquake, player have to jump in order to elude the damage.

Hope this article will give players some help when you want to attempt the new contact of Echo of Soul.
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