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Elden Ring Astrologer Class Guide- How to Build a Mage (Beginner guide)

Elden Ring pushes you to the edge of nerves when fighting with melee weapons. But there is always another way you can do things. Mage is one of the best Elden Ring Astrologer Class Build that makes things relatively easy for beginners because of those destructive spells

Considering your crazy magic abilities, you are ought to enjoy this class much more than others. But the problem is that Astrologer Class is a bit more unique than others and for this reason, we managed to compile this article. So, it is all about the Mage Build for Astrologer Class to help you out in your Elden Ring journey.

Initial Equipment- Astrologer Class

So, to build a mage in Elden Ring, you need to pick Astrologer Class. This class makes comes with its own set of attribute distribution, equipment, and style. When you pick Astrologer, you will be given;

• Short sword

• Glintstone Arc and Pebble

• Scripture Wooden Shield

• Astrologer’s Staff

On the side of attributes, you will have the most focus on Intelligence, then the focus will be distributed on Mind and Dexterity. The attributes are as follows;

• 7 points on Faith

• 8 points on Strength

• 9 points on Vigor, Endurance, and Arcane

• 12 points on Dexterity

• 15 points on Mind

• 16 points on Intelligence

At the last, when you are given a choice of a starter item or keepsake, you should go with the Golden Seed as a beginner because it gives you an extra flask. You can further use that extra flash to pull off more spells than usual. At the start of the game, you don’t have enough to keep going with spells, so it comes in pretty handy.

Elden Ring Astrologer Class- Mage Build

So, the Mage build is made for people who just want to destroy enemies in the easiest way possible. The durability of Mage isn’t that great, but the distant damage makes up for it. You only need Mana, attributes, spells, and a good staff to put down bosses to sleep.


When it comes to classes in Elden Ring, it is all about your attributes and weapons. Considering Astrologer has Mage build at its finest, there are certain attributes you should focus on the most. These attributes are;

• Intelligence

• Endurance

• Vigor

• Faith

• Mind

• Dexterity

Beginner Mage Build- Intelligence

While these are the focused ones and all other attributes are also important, the most dominant out of them all is intelligence because to use magic you have to be smart. Jokes aside, in mage build, your intelligence directly deals with your magic damage/spell damage. When you are just starting as an astrologer, you need to put the maximum amount of attribute points into Intelligence.

Another thing to keep in mind here is that for most weapons you use as a mage, the scaling to use that weapon will be based on your intelligence. So, all things are pointing towards a specific attribute you should focus on.

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Beginner Mage Build- Endurance

Everything in Elden Ring takes away your stamina. Ranging from your attacks, movement, dodge to the use of spells, you will need stamina along the journey more than ever. When it comes to mages, if they are caught you are going to die painlessly. So, it is better to put some points into Endurance along the journey to make sure you are using spells and keep running. But it comes second, around 15 to 20 points are more than enough.

Beginner Mage Build- Vigor and Mind

As we already explained, mages are not that great in durability. Putting a few points in Vigor will make your character endure one or two hits. Lastly, your focus should be Mind because it makes your shots go further and make more use of them.


Who wouldn’t want to become a staff using mage? Well, mages do use staffs but it is important to note in Elden Ring these staffs deliver better spell performance to your character. As a beginner, you should always go for the staff and find a better one than before. In our aspect, the best ones out there for new players are;

Meteorite Staff found in Runes and has amazing damage without ability to be upgraded.

Demi-God Staff found in the weeping peninsula

Both of these staff are amazing early on in the game but don’t hug them too much. There will be better staff at the mid-game or end game. Keep looking for them and put your hopes high.


 In Limgrave, there is a spell trainer deep in the woods. You can get new spells from this trainer that might help you defeat some bosses.

Beginner Mage Build- Glintstone Pebble

Getting that out of the way, there is a spell by name of Glintstone Pebble. As an Astrologer class mage build, you are going to use this spell in the whole Elden Ring. It comes with decent damage, auto-target finding, and low stamina/mana costs.

Beginner Mage Build- Carian Slicer

If you can’t use melee weapons don’t worry, you are a mage that can conjure much about anything. Talking about swords, there is a spell by name of Carian slicer which deals bonus damage when you are holding the button.

Beginner Mage Build- Glintblade Phalanx

Ashes of Warstone Glintblade Phalanx: This is a spell that does amazing damage and fascinatingly takes less mana in return. You can use other spells besides this as a beginner because you have more mana to use.

Glintblade Phalanx: Well, if you can use your mana to get the most powerful spell, then the best choice is Glintblade Phalanx. This spell is best out there for mage build in Astrologer class. The only reason most beginners don’t favor this spell is its mana requirement, it simply leaves you dry.

Final Words

For starters if you keep mana in check there isn’t an issue, astrologer class mage build is already too OP.  You will have to mainly go for spell casting, instead of going for melee or ranged arrow attacks. To pull off more spells than before you require better mana management.

Instead of going for Elixir or HP flasks, you will need to go for the mana flasks. Further, try to roll out with your horse, and here you need the endurance to keep running. Finally, put some points in Dexterity as well because your timing of spell usage will increase.

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