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Elden Ring Faith Build Guide- How to build a Templar

Elden Ring is even more enjoyable when you face your enemies head-on with Shield and Sword. Talking about Closeup Combat, one of the builds that come into consideration is Paladin Build. Well, here is an evolution of Paladin Build by name of Templar build, that uses the same tank-style stats but more focus on Faith, Stagger, Buffs, and weaponry. Well, this article is all about Templar Build as an extension of Faith Build to help you in your Elden Ring journey.

What do you need?

We already mentioned that Templar Build focuses on Sword, Shield, Buffs, and Spells along with attributes focusing on Faith and Tank. So, below we have all of the details mentioned.

Templar Build Guide- Shield

First of all, you will need a good shield in your hand. One of the best choices is Brass Shield because it doesn’t require that much strength while providing better stats than most shields out there. 

Templar Build Guide- Sword

For the Sword, you must be using that Noble’s Sacred Slender Sword. You can get yours from the Nobles that are wandering in the lands. They are mostly available in the Limgrave and Raya Lucaria Academy side in the hands of Wandering Nobles. Kill these nobles to have a chance in getting this sword.

In case you have a class that specifically doesn’t come with this sword and has another sword to use, you can go for it as well. Don’t bother wasting an hour to a two for this sword, just use that other sword you find in the game initially.

But, you might even ask, why in favor of Noble’s Sacred Slender Sword? Well, it has better reach and also that critical reading. While other weapons don’t stagger enemies that much, this sword staggers a lot. 

Templar Build Guide- Armor

Coming to the Armor for Templar build, you will be needing that good old Great helm. It comes with good defense and heavyweight, all in one a good option for headgear. On the chest site, you require Mousoleum Knight Set because of good stats and that beautiful physical appearance.

Well, the appearance does matter and for that reason, we have Knight Greaves for Legs. Same as always, it has that good old stat for defense. 

Templar Build Guide- Talisman

When it comes to Talisman, you need Green Turtle Talisman specifically, Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger, and then the Curved Sword Talisman. Out of all three, the first one is essential to have for Templar Build. Because the build takes a lot of stamina, you will need something to make up for its recovery and here we have Green Turtle Talisman for that stamina recovery. 

You can get yours from the Summonwater Village. Keep in mind that entering the area does require a key by the name of Stonesword. Besides this, the Assassin’s Talisman is required for filling that FP on a critical strike. You can change this Talisman for something useful to your play style if you want.

Finally, the Curved Sword Talisman is also essential to your Templar Build. This talisman allows you to enhance the block counter. In this build, your main role is to block and counter whenever you can and this talisman simply enhances that to the next level.

Need to try something different in Faith Build? We have a guide on “How to Build a Black Flame Apostle” here

Templar Build Guide- Spells

Don’t forget, it is a Faith build, so we will be using some spells as well. For the most part, you will have Blessing’s Boon and Aspects of the Crucible: tail. Who wouldn’t want to heal over time in the Elden Ring? Well, Blessing Boon does that for you, giving you a heal in a short period, while your allies also get affected. 

When you have multiple enemies around you, things get difficult for Templar Build. To make up for that we have Aspects of Crucible: Tail. Just as the name suggests, a tail appears to attack enemies in an AOE. This spell also has a good stagger and when you hold it down there are two sweeps. 

Templar Build Guide- Ash of War

For butter on top, you will need that Ashes of War Barricade Shield. As you have a shield in your hand most of the time, you will have to make sure there is nothing that can damage you. Ashes of War Barricade Shield buffs your shield providing exceptional attack damage resistance, while also making sure you don’t get staggered.

To Buff the weapon, we have two choices, either go for the Ash of War: Sacred Blade or Golden vow. Sacred Blade is best for range options and also increases the damage for the weapon. On the other hand, if you want to enhance your attack, as well as your defense, then Golden Vow is your go-to Ash of war. It also comes with incredible time to wear out, meaning you can use it for an extended period. 

Templar Build Guide- Attributes

Templar Build is a simple build that focuses more on Faith, Vigor, and Endurance. While, for the most part, you might need Strength, Mind, and Dexterity. Because you have to constantly use block counters, perry, stagger, and that extra buff on top, Endurance, Faith, and Vigor come into play the most.

  • You will have to pump your Faith to something around 25 to 30 because it buffs the weapon damage while increasing the potency of your incantations. Whether you are going for defense or healing, Faith will come in handy any time.

  • Keep the Vigor and Endurance to 20 because you require stamina to constantly attack and defend. While sometimes you can also get hit, Vigor comes in handy to stay alive. Further in the game, you will have to pump Vigor and Endurance to make a tank build.

  • You will have to put around 16 points in Strength. The reason is fulfilling the minimum requirement for using that good old Brass Shield.

  • For dexterity and Mind, you will have to go for something around 10 to 14

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Playstyle for Elden Ring Templar Build

The Templar Build simply uses words on the Block Counter and Staggering. For the first part, you will be Blocking the enemy strikes and attacking them with R2 whenever you see an opening. For the second part, your job is to stagger enemies with your main weapon and hit them. The Block Counter is exceptionally fast here which makes the build pretty much insane if you know how to play patiently. 

To make things simpler, you will have to use your shield and approach enemies up close. Then, you will wait for enemies to attack you and when an opening approaches, you use your R2 to hit them. Doing this again and again will stagger enemies, allowing you to deal a ton of damage while they are at their lowest.

Furthermore, you can mix perrie, weapon combinations, and other stuff you like to make this build even more favorable to your style. 

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