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Elden Ring Prophet Class Guide- How to Build a Dragon Priest

Prophet class in Elden Ring Focuses mainly on the magic side, making things a bit easier for you as a beginner. In this article, we are going to discuss the Dragon Priest Build for the Elden Ring Prophet Class that considers fire. Fire builds are mostly Faith related builds that take less FP and deliver more damage to enemies in the beginning. So, without any further delay let’s get started with this Elden Ring Dragon Priest Build Guide.

Dragon Priest Build- Class Selection

There are two ways you can go with this build, one with the Prophet and the other with the Confessor. The prophet is the winner here because you get to catch flame with the Prophet class that makes things easy for you. Furthermore, Prophet comes with decent points in Faith, Arcane, and Mind that makes perfect sense for a Dragon Priest build which works on spells. Arcane is specifically important here as well because dragon abilities work on this specific attribute. 

If you started the game with a confessor and need to make Dragon Priest Build in Elden Ring, you can do so but at a bit of cost. Yes, you will need to pump the attributes to Arcane, Intelligence, and Faith here. While, you also don’t have the Catch frame, and need to find it in the game. As a beginner finding the Catch Flame is difficult but you have to do it if picking the Confessor Class. 

After Picking the Priest Class, you should pick the Stone Sword Key as a keepsake and will discuss its importance later in the Guide.

What do you need?

For the Prophet Class Dragon Priest Build, you will need to have fire spells, along with a few attribute changes. There isn’t any requirement for having weapons or shields in your hand, rather a seal. So, below you will find the details for everything you require for Elden Ring Dragon Priest Build as a beginner.

Dragon Priest Build Guide- Spells

The most essential thing you need for this build is Catch Flame. Having the Prophet Class makes it effortless because you already have it. While for the Confessor class you will have to find it. Next up, you need the Dragon fire spell for this build. To acquire it, you will have to defeat the Fire in the Lake and go to the church of the dragon community and exchange the dragon heart gained from defeating the dragon for that Dragon fire

Dragon Priest Build Guide- Seal

We already mentioned that you don’t need Weapons for this build, rather you need something to do spells with. You should go for the Finger Seal and then upgrade it as quickly as you can to around +3.

You can also go for the Dragon Communion Seal on the other hand because it buffs the Dragon Communion Spells. As most of your spells revolve around dragons for some reason, you will feel the buff with this Seal in your other hand. Another great thing about this seal is that it stacks with the Arcane and Faith attributes. 

You can find it in the Fringe Folk heroes Grave but to enter you need a Stone Sword key. That is where the initial keepsake of the game comes into consideration. If you pick the Stone Sword Key for Keepsake after picking class, you will have a jumpstart at the start of the game.

So, once you reach there you will find a Spirit Knight who will drop the Dragon Communion Seal. The area isn’t that easy, but once you get through it the initial part of the game will become much more effortless for you.

You can check out other beginner build “How to build an Archer” here

Dragon Priest Build Guide- Talisman

Rold Medallion is your number one priority here because it enhances your breath attacks and roar as well. You can get it from the Tunnels, by killing the boss. As a beginner, it isn’t that difficult to do so you will be good to go here.

Dragon Priest Build Guide- Attributes

Now, it’s time to talk about the attribute point division for this beginner build. Being a Spell user, your points will go for the Mind section, while Faith and Vigor are secondary. It is also important to pump Strength, Dexterity, and Arcane as well. The reason for choosing Mind as the focus here is because these spells cost a lot of FP and as a beginner, you will only be able to use around 6 or 7 for Catch flame and hardly 2 for Dragon fire, till you go out of FP bar.

After putting in the Mind section, you will have to put 2 points in the Arcane section as a fulfillment of the minimum spell requirement. Now, it’s time to pimp the faith because your spell damage depends on it. 

  • You should put more than 20 points on Mind

  • Around 15 in Faith

  • For Arcane you are good with 12 and for Vigor 15 will make it worth it but don’t pump vigor afterward.

  • For Endurance, Intelligence and Strength you need 8, 10, and 11 points respectively. They don’t need your focus that much.

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Playstyle for Elden Ring Prisoner Class Dragon Priest Build

There is nothing much more complex here because you have to hold the seal in your hands and start using spells. Two spells are your best friend here, the Catch flame that you can use around 7 or 8 times, and the Dragon fire that you can use around 2 times at the start of the game.

Your job is to keep upgrading your Faith to a point where you can use these spells for a longer period. Dragon Flame is an exceptional spell in Elden Ring that allows you to deal damage in an area. But it requires a lot of FP to work for a longer period. If you can get it to around 4 or 5 strikes, then things are going to look pretty easy for you. Catch Flame is your go-to spell.

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