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Elden Ring Vagabond Class Guide- How to Build a Berserker (Beginner Guide)

Vagabond is a famous class in Elden Ring; coming with those high strength, dexterity, and endurance stats. But, how do we make it more interesting for someone with beginner skills? Well, there is a build by name of Berserker in which your Vagabond goes totally insane. Wielding two greatswords in hands with massive Endurance and Strength stats to simply dominate anything in front of you.

It might sound a bit too easy to make, but things are somewhat complex here. In Berserker build, you have to carefully pick things because your damage, stamina, and health should be enough to balance things around. If you have enough damage but not much stamina, you simply can’t do anything in front of better enemies. So, for that reason, we managed to compile this article on Elden Ring Vagabond class Berserker Build for beginners.

Beginner Berserker Build Class

As always, your first step is picking the perfect class to start making Berserker build on. Being a build dependent on your strength, durability, dexterity, and Vigor, there is always more than one choice. Here you had the choice of going for either the Hero class or the Vagabond class. Both classes are good with stats for Berserker, but Vagabond is best when compared.

As the initial item, you need to pick the Stonesword key alongside the class. Don’t ask us why because we will mention its use later in the article.

Berserker Build- Equipment

Lordsworn’s Greatsword

Being a build all about greatswords, you need to pick one from Gate front Ruins. There is a carriage there with the back door open. You need to open that door, get the chest and find a Greatsword by name of Lordsworns.

Whetstone Knife

When you go down the runes there is a chest that gives you a whetstone knife.

ErdTree’s Favor

Travel to Fringefold Hero’s Grave and find a statue shaped like Gorgoyl. Besides this statue, you will find a white mist. Using the stone key (which we said to equip as a keepsake item) alongside the statue. If you haven’t got that stone sword key, you can find them on the Stormhill side, next to NPC.

Now that you are below the statue, there is a path that gets narrower, so keep your balance you can also fall from there. Furthermore, you will find two strong enemies there, don’t find them if you are a beginner to the game because you will die. Just get the item, rush back or die in the process. Also, keep in mind that you will lose runes if you die, so use them before coming here. The item you get will be ErdTree’s Favor, it is a talisman that gives you more equipment load, HP, and stamina.


Oh, the good old Claymore! The fan-favorite of Souls franchise lovers. It isn’t their fault, because the Claymore weapon is fabulous in every way. Besides the Lordsworn’s Greatsword, the other weapon you need on the other hand is Claymore.

It can be found in Castle Morne behind the Fire, on the right side. Well, there are quite a lot of jumping enemies there, but the good thing is you don’t have to fight them. So, going on the right, you will find an open door, pass through that door and you will find a chest there. Open that chest and voila, you have Claymore in your possession.

On the top of Stormhill, you will find a statue and from there you will get some smithing stones to pump your weapons a bit. Who wouldn’t want those two swords to destroy enemies? To do so, you need to immediately upgrade them through these smithing stones.

Claw Talisman

It isn’t an item made for beginners or early on in the game. But, when you progress further into the game with your Berserker Build with Vagabond Class in Elden Ring, you probably need it. The Claw Talisman, puts an upgrade to your jump attacks, meaning the dual sword attack is going to do some amazing damage now. You can find it later in the game on Stormhill castle.

Like this article? We have more builds for you to try out here.

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Berserker Build- Attributes

Now, let’s go down to the serious things. Attributes are the main part of this Berserker build after two greatswords. First of all, you need enough attributes to equip both Lordsworn’s Greatsword and Claymore.

Greatsword requires around 16 strength and 10 dexterities, while the Claymore requires around 16 strength and 13 dexterities. So, you need to get these numbers first before doing anything else in the game with the berserker build.

After getting these things done, you can come back to the main question, which are the main attributes to focus on in Berserker Build with Vagabond Class? You need to focus most on your Strength, Vigor, and Endurance while also focusing on Dexterity and Mind.


It is the first attribute you should put your focus on in the early game. Through Vigor, you will have enough HP to take hits from enemies while also giving them devastating blows with your swords. 20 would be a good spot for beginners


After Vigor, you need to put points on Endurance, it will increase your stamina to even be able to deliver those blows. While it also makes you more durable, meaning things are pretty much easy for you. Furthermore, you can carry much more load, like having heavier armor, better greatswords, and so on. 20 would be a good stop for beginners


Now, you want to upgrade these weapons and yourself. To do so, you need to put focus on Strength, meaning your damage will increase, your defense will be better and your attacks are better. 18 is the right point for Strength in the early game

Playstyle for Elden Ring Vagabond Class Berserker Build

Just as the name suggests, you have to take hits and deliver them. Berserker is all about those two greatswords in hand, jump attacking, and then taking blows in return. This means you are always exchanging damage with your jump attacks. Therefore, it is important to have a better defense, durability, and more damage. Keep in mind, your jump attacks are the real MVP of this build.

Final Point

Berserker Build is really good for beginners because you essentially are the fight starter here. Jumping and hitting enemies, then exchanging blows is something that doesn’t require exceptional reflexes or mastering the game mechanisms. You simply have to go at the right time to hit your target and get back to healing yourself. That is all to the Elden Ring Berserker Guide.

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