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EVE Online just released a new update

EVE Online, the highly popular space sandbox game. EVE Online just recently released a new update. The update not only brings new landmarks to the game, but it also updates and refreshes some currently existing ones. Some new locations include Cord of the Elements, Pool of Radiance, and Trace Cosmos. Expect to see new interesting points of interest in your travels across New Eden.

Cord of the Elements is shrouded in a dense cloud which just so happens to bend time. This means traveling through or near it is almost impossible. This EVE Online landmark can be found in the Syndicate region. Apparently, it was formed as a result of two black holes colliding. Yet others think it’s the result of an Ancient…

The next landmark is Pool of Radiance and is described in the press release as a crystal cloud formation. It’s lit by nearby stars and is said to be multicolored. You can find this landmark in Sansha’s Nation space. If you want to travel close, you might want an armed escort.

Finally, Trace Cosmos feature tiny black holes and spatial rifts. Traveling here might not be recommended as the press release notes these fields were formed by two galaxies colliding and are now a death trap.

When it comes to the size of the game, EVE Online truly lives up to the "massive" label of MMOs. Strewn throughout the universe are thousands of star systems, and it has even broken two Guinness World Records. While this space provides content for the growing community, there are also unique landmarks players can find. Thanks to the recent update, there are some more secrets, as well as revamped locations, to discover.

As for the landmarks that have seen a revamp, these include Villore Gate, Data and Relic site beacons, dancing lights of the Children of the Light, Caroline’s Star, and the EVE Gate. Finally, the EVE Gate sees a change to be more visible to new players joining after EVE Online went free-to-play. If you need more EVE ISK in the game. Welcome to our website to buy, cheap EVE ISK is on hot sale.

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