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Everything you need to know about Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

The recent announcement of Final Fantasy 14's next expansion, Endwalker, gave players a ton of information of what to expect when the game comes out in Fall 2021. It was announced on February 5th by Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida, Titled Endwalker, this expansion is set to take the Warrior of Light to Garlemald and end the battle between Hydalen and Zodiark once and for all. The expansion will come complete with two new jobs and a collection of new content.

With each expansion, the MMORPG has gotten better and better in terms of reviews popularity. With that in mind, many players are excited and already preparing their characters for their upcoming new adventure. Square Enix has a lot in store, as they already gave players a lot to think about in their first announcement of Endwalker.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker release date

We don’t know the exact release date for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, but it’s expected to arrive at some point during the fall of this year on PS5, PS4, Windows, Mac and Steam.

However, Final Fantasy 14 will launch the 5.5 patch on April 13. This is also when a beta for the PS5 version of the game will begin. The 5.5 patch will also feature a new main quest, dungeon, raid and trial.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker gameplay changes

One of the biggest changes coming to Endwalker is a stat squish. This has to do with the game’s numbers (health and damage) getting too large, to the point where it’s difficult to track what’s happening on the screen. The larger the number, the longer it could take to process the number of players, and there’s no point in needlessly complicating things.

Players will also suddenly lose their belt equipment. So what will happened to belts? All equipped belts will be donated to Calamity Salvagers. Players who have materia on their belts are recommended to remove the materia before Endwalker comes out or else they will lose that materia. With belts being removed from the game, they will no longer be dropped as loot in any duty as well.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker jobs

Endwalker will feature two new jobs, one of which is the Sage. The Sage will balance shielding allies and restoring life to party members, making it the fourth healing job in the game. The Astrologian, which is another healing class, is also being changed slightly to focus more on healing as the only ability.

The second job is Melee DPS, although we currently know very little about it. The community is hypothesizing that the job will be wielding a scythe while utilizing dark magic.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker areas

The sort of regions that will be explored in Endwalker were announced, along with the names and concept art of some specific areas. One area has been long awaited by players, and that is the Garlean Empire. The other is Thavnair, with players know far less about except for maybe the fact that is where Thavnairian Onions come from.

In terms of specific locations, a city was revealed called Radz-At-Han which looks like a city built on cliffs. It a little similar to the design of Eulmore in terms of colors and being built high up.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker dungeons, raids and trials

As seen in a blog post on Square Enix’s website, we can expect a number of new dungeons and raids. Fans got a look at concept art for various Endwalker raids, some ranging from modern and sci-fi to others that are more fantasy-esque. Currently, we know how two dungeons look, with one taking place in a maze of sharp, spiraling towers, while the other seemingly throws the player into a colorful temple set aflame.

We’re also aware that a new Alliance Raid will be coming to Endwalker, one which is “likely to be one of the best yet” according to Square Enix’s website. Additionally, a high-difficulty raid being referred to as Pandæmonium will also be available; Square Enix promising that “only the most skilled and coordinated teams will be able to survive.” We only know about the existence of a single trial involving Anima from Final Fantasy 10, but we’ll probably learn more this May.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Data Center Travel System

Endwalker will be receiving an important quality-of-life change: the ability to move between data centers.Values such as everything's overall HP and damage need to be down-scaled in order to avoid bugs and glitches in the game. In Final Fantasy XIV, a number of worlds are broken off into data centers. Before you create a character, you have to select a data center, and if two friends are on different ones, they are unable to play together.

Yoshida wanted to drill in that fact that this change will not make the players weaker at all. All the changes will be proportional, so while it may look like they are doing less damage than usual, they are actually not any weaker because everything else around them has been downsized as well

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker PS5

Endwalker is confirmed to be coming to PS5 and the rest of Final Fantasy XIV will be ported over with it. An open beta for the next-gen version of the game will be launching on April 13 showcasing many of the upgraded features. This includes a higher-resolution interface, quicker load times, higher frame rates, and 4K resolution.

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