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Gaming NewsFinal Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Vanaspati Dungeon Guide
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By Mia .|August 10, 2022|85 Views,0 Comments

In Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker, the level 85 dungeon is called Vanaspati.

Gaming NewsFinal Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Secret In The Box Guide
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By Mia .|August 1, 2022|132 Views,0 Comments

The fourth and most recent Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Endwalker, completes the story arc of Eorzea's struggle with Garlemald. Traveling to new locales like Old Sharlayan and Radz-at-Han will allow players to experience a variety of new dungeons and challenges.

Gaming NewsFinal Fantasy XIV - How to Choose a Job Guid
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By Mia .|July 26, 2022|113 Views,0 Comments

The most crucial choice you'll make when starting FFXIV is choosing what class to play.

Gaming NewsFFXIV:How to transfer character from one Home World to another
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By Anna|January 18, 2022|1834 Views,0 Comments

If you’re looking to transfer your characters to a new Home World, you’ll have to take a few in-game steps before starting the process. In short, anything that ties the character to a specific World must be cut before they become eligible for a transfer.

Gaming NewsFFXIV Endwalker: How to level Mining
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By Anna|December 28, 2021|1867 Views,0 Comments

In Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, players may want to upgrade their mining to level 90 to maximize that skillset.

Gaming NewsFFXIV Endwalker: What is the Game’s Biggest Problem
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By Anna|December 9, 2021|431 Views,0 Comments

Director Naoki Yoshida has announced that, as an apology for the congestion, players will be receiving a week of free FFXIV game time.

Gaming NewsFinal Fantasy XV crossover event on Final Fantasy XIV will return this month
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By Anna|September 7, 2021|516 Views,0 Comments

The Final Fantasy XV collaboration event is returning to FFXIV

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