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Final Fantasy XIV Blacksmith Levelling Guide

We've all scoured the streets of cities in search of a blacksmith who could craft our next viciously sentient weapon. But have you ever wished that you were the Blacksmith? You can assume the role of Hydaelyn's most sought-after Blacksmith in Final Fantasy 14. Do the welcoming sounds of steel and the warmth of a forge's fire appeal to you? Like any other crafting endeavor, it may take some time before you can produce something that is deemed to be worthy of a second look. Therefore, we have written a guide to help you get acquainted with the top-tier, level 90 Blacksmiths.

Blacksmith in FFXIV

One of the eight Hand classes a player can use is Blacksmith. Blacksmiths typically process metals and ores in addition to producing swords and other equipment. By leveling up any Disciple of Magic or Magic class to a minimum of 10, players can unlock Blacksmith. They then need to speak with Randwulf in Limsa Lominsa and complete the mission 'Way of the Blacksmith'. Players could now make and repair most of the off and main-hand equipment they need for jobs and sell their creations for a sizable sum of Gil. Additionally, players would be able to complete the mission to attach Materia to gear, greatly enhancing the gear's stats.

FFXIV Blacksmith

Blacksmith and its Attributes

  • Craftsmanship: This affects how quickly the progress meter fills up following each Synthesis operation.

  • Control: It is broadly based on the stat per action taken during Synthesis, raising the Quality bar.

Players also use a resource known as Crafting Points, abbreviated as CP, while crafting. Similar to MP, players now use the skills during the Synthesis to influence the item's quality as it develops.

How to begin Crafting?

Once a class has been unlocked, players can check the crafting log to look at what their class is capable of crafting. Depending on their level, players see several recipes along with the ingredients needed for each recipe. Players can choose the recipe and then pick Synthesize if they have the necessary components. The item's quality, progress, and durability will all be displayed, along with any buffs or active actions that may impact the particular item. The players will now employ a variety of talents to increase the quality of an item's construction without compromising its durability.

The condition of the object will also be reflected in the 'Sphere of Light,' which the players use to depict their creation. Every action that is made during Synthesis alters the condition. Any condition that is not considered Normal will remain for one step, and the Conditions affect how well the subsequent action will work. Once an item has been synthesized an item by the player and reaches level 10 with their craftsman class, they can 'Quick Synthesise' to quickly produce more. This speeds up the production of goods but can also fail, is less likely to result in high-quality items, and doubles the rate at which a player's equipment wears down.

FFXIV Blacksmith Guide

There will be instances when you have to buy equipment and gears to speed up the process of crafting. You can get such equipment for Gils. However, if you need more Gils, getting them for real money is the best way. 

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How to level the Blacksmith?

Level 1-21

It is possible to buy the necessary items for these levels, but they are also very reasonable and speed up leveling considerably. By visiting the Goldsmith's Guild, buying Bronze Hatchets and Ingots, handing in the items for the quest at Level 1, and then continue completing the Hell's Bells and Proly Hatchet levels, players may essentially buy their first five levels. Players can now complete the level 5 quest from here to get new gear with higher stats. From now onwards, players must take on Levequests that call for the submission of just one item and are repeatable. These repeated levels are extremely valuable in terms of EXP. If players can make or buy HQ equipment, they are even more valuable.

Levels 20-30

Players should start thinking about upgrading their gear by level 20. While buying gear is good, building it also has the advantage of earning experience points. So by this time, players should start considering replacing their accouterments.

Players must use a piece of Materia to create an 'Iron Cross-Pein Hammer' for the following job task. This Materia can be attached to anyone starting city-states, or players can accept the mission 'Waking the Spirit from F'hobhas,' a Goblin who can be found in 'Central Thanalan,' by going there.

Players can level up by completing the Levequests that become accessible at level 20. Unseemly Conditions and Claw Daddy are excellent sources of EXP with simple and affordable crafting materials, particularly Iron Pickaxes. Making Iron rivets and ingots is also essential because of their adaptability and economic value.

You can also check out the Levequests once you reach level 25, particularly the level 'That's Some Fine Grinding,' which calls for the creation of Initiate's Mortars. Players must create a Steel Ingot of high quality for the class task. Additionally, the player needs to start making steel rivets and ingots to include them in their arsenal. Finally, players can complete Ixal Daily Quests to boost their EXP and craft things and Levequests.

Levels 30-40

As crafting missions and levels will demand high-quality gear for turn-ins and maximizing EXP, players should start thinking about having an updated gear set and accessories included. From this point forward, talents that boost quality without losing durability will be necessary. Additionally, players should consume food to boost stats and improve EXP. For example, 'Pan-fried Mahi Mahi' is a wonderful way to raise Control and to help enhance the quality of the things manufactured, and Fish Soup and Cawl Cennin are great for growing CP.

Levels 40-50

For the level 40 class quest, players must make a high-quality Wrapped Crowsbeak Hammer. Then, depending on whether the location is nearest, players can purchase the Steel Crowsbeak Hammer. You can also obtain fresh levels from Limsa Lominsa and Whitebrim to level up. Most of the goods that need to be made will need Mythril materials, although if you have already made it earlier, this shouldn't be an issue.

FFXIV Levelling Guide

Levels 50-60

Players will create a High-Quality Cobalt Winglet attached after reaching level 50. You should be able to access materia as it is reasonably priced on the Market Board if players constantly remove them from fully Spiritbonded equipment. After that, the player will also complete a mission to meet Fremondain in Ishgard, the next task giver. To access the Collectables system, paying customers can also take on the Mor Dhona quest 'Inscrutable Tastes.' Players can use this to create collectibles, which they can trade for Yellow Scrips and some EXP with Collectable Appraisers.

Assuming players have been upgrading gear frequently, they should wait until around level 53 to consider doing so. The Blacksmith will level up most slowly between levels 50 and 53. To explore new recipes, players must keep grinding until they reach level 51. The levels accessible are fairly slow for grinding experience, and Bearings Straight needs an extremely difficult HQ Mythrite Nugget. Obtaining Success is a less difficult and more affordable alternative. When players reach level 53, upgrading their equipment to an HQ Rainbow Coatee, a Mythrite File and a Lump Hammer will be quite helpful.

Levels 60-70

Players must finish Integrity, the last quest in the Heavensward tier, when they have reached level 60 to manufacture an Adamantite Winglet of High Quality. The quest 'A Missive from the Far East, which unlocks the Stormblood content, is then available for players to start immediately. Players will then return to Birthael as a result. From this point, players can start leveling up by crafting and grinding to open up new levequests. Players will now be able to finish daily quests just like they could in earlier tiers. By completing Galiena's mission None Forgotten, None Forsaken in Rhalgr's Reach, players can unlock Custom Deliveries. By doing so, you can access a new weekly mission. These unlock are essential since they offer a tremendous amount of EXP, which helps when raising to LVL 61 and onwards.

Levels 70-80

Players can enhance their gear with Kings-tier items starting at level 71 until their Character Points (CP) reach a minimum of 370. After that, players can level up further until they reach level 72, at which point they can start the subsequent tier of Levequests. 'Enlistment Highs' is simple to complete, but to earn enough experience points, players must craft three 'Deepgold Swords' of High Quality. The other missions, Selective Logging and Heavy Hitting are very challenging due to the potentially more expensive ingredients, but they only require a single turn-in and offer excellent EXP.

Players can keep on doing Dwarf Beast Tribe tasks at level 73, as well as the upcoming Crystarium Delivery, which grants a significant EXP boost. For Blacksmiths, you should farm Deepgold Ingots. The following layer of levels is unlocked at level 74. By far, 'Instruments of Distraction' is the best level. This particular item is rather simple to produce, yet it significantly increases EXP. Depending on the materials available, you could also attempt to Nip it in the Bud, yielding exceptionally high EXP and occasionally being more economical. Players can begin with the next 'Crystarium Delivery' and start a quest for another generous amount of EXP if they reach level 75. Players will finish the prior tier of levels from level 76 to level 78, and they will craft to prepare for this tier of levels. The level Idol Hands might be the most cost-effective option for farming. Players can finish the final Crystarium delivery once they reach level 78.

Levels 80-90

Endwalker has increased the level cap to 90, but collectible crafting will still be used to advance your artisans toward that goal. As soon as you reach the level cap, you should focus on getting some of the brand-new, max-level crafting equipment for yourself so you may create whatever you want and begin making money on the market board!


You've succeeded in leveling up your Blacksmith to the maximum. Now what? You have a lot of options to choose from. You can make anything you can get your hands on, for one thing. You can build high-level armor, weapons, and consumables for yourself and your buddies.

Additionally, if you're interested in making money, you can charge for your materia merging services. Turn your attention to the market board and begin producing items that will sell if you want to recoup any money you may have already spent coming here. Big ticket items differ from server to server, so pay attention to what is selling well and craft accordingly.

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