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Feature Updates in Star Citizen 3.19

With the 3.19 update comes upgraded FPS and Ship mining changes to sell prices with wide-sweeping balance, component stats, refining effectiveness and costs, multi-crew mining efficiency, resource distribution, mineable difficulties and larger asteroid masses, and new mineable. The main purpose of the 3.19 update is to even out all materials and make attraction in multi-crew mining, which will make all items more lucrative instead of a few selected.

Updated Locations

Lorville Skyline 2.0

The Lorville skyline's main reworking is to better fit the city scale and its prominent buildings. The effort was to create a visual identity of a skyline city for low-end, high-end, and generic buildings in addition to navigational signage across the landing zone.

  • ASOP Area18 Terminals moved closer to Hangar Elevators

  • Updated Volumetric Clouds and Atmosphere are added to Hurston and ArcCorp

  • Building Blocks Shop UI is updated with Shop Specific Styles for Dumpers Depot and Casaba

  • Clouds and Atmosphere are performed in Polish pass

Updated AI

FPSAI Combat Balance

In this 3.19 update, FPS AI accuracy and behavior come with the quality of life overhaul. The major reworking is to make AI feel more lifelike and real, it also aims to be more forgiving in some ways without pinpointing all the time to exact accuracy, which in many ways has caused frustration while we clear baddies from underground facilities.

Now NPCs should have accuracy modifiers at a better range, which will increase the accuracy of losing and seeing the sight of the target, and the enemy after regaining sight of the target will see its target for how long, and their load-outs. It also enables to implementation of the duration of firing and cooldown for burst fire and some other checks with mercy timers which adjust accuracy while determining if a player is a threat or not. 


Updated Gameplay

Item Detaching and Attaching - T0.5 - Tractor Beam

Enables tractor beams which are handheld to detach and attach items which include ship components and those salvaged items, players can sell for profit. This iteration will add the functionality of the tractor beam gameplay to the tractor beam attachment of multitool to attach and detach items. This functionality can be used for multipurpose which includes, replacement or component exchange or restocking, or making a profit.

The ability to remove components and weapons can be locked and unlocked by players from the ship with the Port Unlock option in Inner Thought. In order to detach a component, while aiming with a tractor beam, hold “B” and a glow around the item will highlight the object. The component lose from its hardpoint on Left Click and drag to pull. In order to attach components, there is an AR marker guide that marks the component orientation to attach correctly. For an attachment simple, if the color of the holo outline is green just let go of the item. And if the outline is yellow instead of green, then rotate the component until it becomes green. And if the outline is red then that means the component can not fit the requirements of the item port.

Ship Mining

In order to reflect a more definite distribution of minerals all over Stanton resource distribution has been updated. This reflects that exclusive resources are held in various locations, rather than completely random resources. In addition to this, we also elaborated on the “standard” resources that you will encounter which are given in each minable.

Trading availability and refining capabilities are reflected by updated resource distribution. Gadget for mining, sub items, and the head has had a complete balance pass for stats, efficiencies, and cost. Every item that connects to a mining gameplay loop has been updated to be mined for better/worse, this all depends on the setup of your Mining Head. To balance the instability of Multi-crew mining, Mole gets buffed if the same lasers strike on the same rock, meanwhile, the Prospector will be punished for firing of multiple prospectors at the same rock on instability.

FPS Mining

A new mode of mining is introduced with which players can go mining with FPS tools, and has encouraged players so much but this is only available in the new cave systems.

Changes in Mining Update

Resource Update

  • Rare (get a chance to be part of the rock type Qunatainium)

  • Uncommon (get a chance to be part of a rock-type gold)

  • Common (get a chance to be part of a rock-type beryl)

  • Standard (base resources of minable are always part of rocks like iron)

  • Properties of Rocks updated that affect the rock properties based on their amount

  • Mass for mineable updated where the mass of rock gets affected by resource composition

  • Standard Rarity locations are dedicated to resources like Arial having Quartz and Iron

  • Addition of multiple sizes/masses of rocks

  • Diamonds are removed temporarily


FPS Mining Update

  • Janalite was added as FPS minable to caves which are very valuable but very rare and it can sell only to Admin

  • The mouse wheel can control the throttle and laser intensity

  • Hand Mining difficulty level adjusted to various nodes

Resource Refining and Prices

  • Demands and prices of resources updated at TDDs

  • Greater distance from standard material greater profit

  • Time for certain materials and updated refinery yield encourage traveling longer distances for the best price/hour.

Full Item Rework

  • The laser power of mining heads is now min/max

  • The laser power of mining heads is different per size

  • Extraction speed is different for mining heads when there is a difference between S1 and S2

  • Different ideal distances between mining heads

  • All mining items with updated resistance values

  • All mining items with updated mitigating value

  • All mining gadgets updated to unified properties

  • Arbor S1 and S2 were re-added to shopping locations in Mining head variants

  • Multiplicative resistance reduction

  • Updated Instability

  • Different sub-item slots for S1 and S2

  • Filtering of collective items that helps in removing inert from the rocks

UI Update

  • Forecast difficulty that tells how easily rock can be broken

  • Elements of UI are reordered

  • Equipped mining  items details and current cargo

  • During scanning clear view of what is happening

Synergy Tractor Beam

  • Allowing Mining items to be attached and detached and Placed in ship inventory

Density Manager Mission Updates

The density Manager system updated so that mission entities will be cleared that are dropped by missions which include guns, debris, and corpses when the area is streamed out. Reuse some locations like UGFs, the area will be thoroughly cleaned up of the items that the player dropped.

  • Increase in Price and Insurance Claim time for all Ships

  • Inventory Stock reduced in LEQs and Reststops

  • Orison Platfrom FPS temporarily removed

  • Claim jumpers mission removed temporarily

Updated Ships and Vehicles

  • Corsair, C8R Pisces, and Cutter are added

Updated Core Tech

  • Radar Performances are optimized for Ccanning heavy Cargo boxes

  • Optimized NPC performance

  • Optimized ASOP UI performance


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