Final Fantasy 14 gets free login campaign offering


Another Final Fantasy XIVFree Login Campaign is now underway. Returners will be able to enjoy up to ninety-six hours, or four days, of free game time until November 23, 2020. However, this campaign is strictly limited to those who fall under the returner condition. Players that are currently paying for a subscription to Final Fantasy XIV are not eligible for this promotion.

That’s 96 hours to spend attempting to slay that dreaded red chocobo, Red Comet, or just getting back into the swing of this MMORPG behemoth. There are, however, some limitations on who exactly can participate.

To be eligible for the Free Login Campaign, the following requirements must be met:
You must have purchased and registered to your Mog Station account.
All registered service accounts must be inactive during this campaign period.
Registered service accounts must have been inactive for at least thirty days.

The basic gist of all the jargon is that your account needs to have been without a Final Fantasy XIV subscription for thirty days to redeem the free game time and participate in the Free Login Campaign. And once you sign in to your account to redeem the free game time, the clock is ticking. The time will not pause while you’re not playing, so make sure to keep that in mind when activating your free game time.

That last part isn’t overly surprising given that the campaign is really about luring back those who’ve dropped out for whatever reason. If you’re eligible to take part, all you need to do is launch the game, log in, and start playing. But be warned! Your free play period begins immediately after you’ve logged in.

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