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Learn What's New In The V5.35 FFXIV Patch

Final Fantasy is one of the most iconic gaming franchises. This franchise has been around for decades and has made its appearance on every new and old gaming platform. Final Fantasy XIV is an online game that players pour hours at a time in. FFXIV is a massive online multiplayer game where players can squad up and go around completing quests and defeating bosses. FFXIV is back with a major upgrade which brings the Bozja Southern Front along with a bunch of upgrades and bug fixes.

FFXIV Modern Aesthetics update plans to bring feathering and styling techniques to achieve the windswept look of a legendary Vartan warrior. This update brings the iconic Wind Caller Hairstyle to FFXIV along with some other new changes. Players can purchase the Wind Caller hairstyle and customize their players. The other changes that have been made to FFXIV in the v5.35 parch are:
New Playable Content: Bozjan Southern Front, Resistance Weapons Upgrade, Skysteel Tool Upgrade
New items: New mounts, minions, emote, and hairstyles.
The Feast, Housing and Gold Saucer: New furniture; Triple Triad cards, and season 17 of the Feast
PvP Job Changes
System: New achievements, Community Finder, and resolved issues.

To unlock the relic weapon upgrade, players will first need to go and start the "Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr story in Gangos by talking to Marsak at the coordinates - X: 6.4 Y: 5.7 and then taking the quest which is known as "Where Eagles Nest". Doing this will unlock the Bozjan Southern Front and a brand new quest that will start the player's journey to upgrade the relic.
There are three types of Memory of the Dying and 20 of each is required for doing the relic weapon upgrade:
Tortured Memory of the Dying
Sorrowful Memory of the Dying
Harrowing Memory of the Dying
Players will be able to get these at the Bozjan Southern Front mainly
Tortured Memory of the Dying which can be farmed in Coerthas Western Highlands and the Sea of Clouds
Sorrowful Memory of the Dying in Dravanian Forelands and the Churning Mists
Harrowing Memory of the Dying can be located in Dravanian Hinterlands and Azys lla.

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