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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Kumbhiraskin treasure map locations

The new Timeworn Kumbhiraskin and Almastyskin Treasure Maps are among the numerous ways you can acquire wonderful stuff in Final Fantasy 14's fourth expansion, Endwalker. You can receive various rewards from these maps, including the highly sought-after Pixie Wings and the Allagan Tomestone of Aphorism.

Both the Timeworn Kumbhiraskin and Timeworn Almastyskin Treasure Maps in Final Fantasy 14 are discovered when obtaining materials as a Botanist, Fisher, or Miner. Of course, you could always borrow a top Class from the Disciple of Land from the Market Board if you don't already have one and have the money.

How to Acquire the Timeworn Kumbirashkin treasure maps?

You must be at level 90 in one of the three Disciple of Land classes before you may search the different areas of Endwalker for Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Treasure Maps which include Botanist, Fisher, or Miner. However, if you fulfill that requirement, you may collect various resources from any area of Endwalker in hopes of discovering a Treasure Map. 

When collecting resources, if you properly unearth a Treasure Map, you may use the "Decipher" option to see within it. After doing it, you can go to the destination of its items, although it is strongly advised to do so with a Full Party of 8 people as you will be battling groups of foes defending the treasure who are level 90. The potential rewards for the same will be Gils, X10 Allagin Tomestone of Aphorism, Materia, Pixie wings and Excite-I-Mask

Also, the Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Treasure Map has a chance to generate a gateway after it is finished. The gateway will give you entry to The Excitatron 6000, a rare event where you may obtain one-of-a-kind and precious artifacts. 

Can these maps be bought rather than collected?

If you are not in the mood to search and explore the maps, you can find them easily on the market board. They sell for around 70K, which is quite expensive. If you do not have enough Gils, then there is always the option to buy them using real currency. This will save a lot of your time in exploration and searching.

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In the end, it is up to the player how they prefer to approach the game. But remember to collect all the maps to play the full series of the Kumbiraskin.

Rewards that can be received from the Kumbiraskin treasure map

Various benefits, such as crafting supplies, gold, Tomestones, and other luxuries, can be obtained by unlocking treasure chests. The following major awards, however, are exclusive to finishing certain maps: Royal Lunatender minion, Finality Orchestrion Roll, On Blade's Edge, Orchestrion Roll, Pixie Wings fashion accessory, Archangel Wings fashion accessory, White, Lace Parasol fashion accessory, Excite-I-Mask, Cloth of Happiness crafting material, Exciting Fiber, Resplendent Feathers.

Actual map locations for KUMBIRASKIN

1. LABRYNTHOS Treasure Map Locations

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker LABRYNTHOS Treasure Map Locations

2. THAVNAIR Treasure Map Locations

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker THAVNAIR Treasure Map Locations

3. GARLEMALD Treasure Map Locations

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker GARLEMALD Treasure Map Locations

4. MARE LAMENTORIUM Treasure Map Locations

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker MARE LAMENTORIUM Treasure Map Locations

5. ULTIMA THULE Treasure Map Locations

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker ULTIMA THULE Treasure Map Locations


To get to the maps, you must fight once you spot the locations. You might need a good team to defeat the enemies. Once you receive all the necessary maps, you can unlock the ultimate treasure map of KUMBIRASKIN. So go ahead and explore the areas and win exciting rewards.

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