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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Sage Class Guide

The Sage job in Final Fantasy XIV is somewhat different compared to the jobs seen in the earlier titles. Similar to that of a Scholar, Sage is also a barrier healer rather than utilizing strong white and black magic or dealing status-hindering assaults. To join the White Mage, Scholar, and Astrologer as additional healers in Final Fantasy 14, there is now a fourth healer.

There are two additional occupations with the Endwalker update, which also introduces the new Reaper class. First, to defend and heal your companions, we must understand how to unlock the fashionable new healer and utilize the FFXIV Sage's crystal cannons.

How can we unlock Sage Class in the game?

You cannot directly use the Sage class in the game. Some requirements have to be met before being able to use the class in its glory. 

To begin playing as a sage, you need to own the Endwalker expansion and be level 70 in one of the Disciplines of War or Magic. The quest "Sage's Path" may be obtained if these requirements have been met by going to Limsa Lominsa Lower Deck and speaking with Sharlayan Maiden (X: 9.4 Y: 12.9). Lalah Jinjahl, an NPC from Sharlayan, will instruct you in the methods of the Sage since she requires a mentor who is experienced with Eorzea. Only after this, you will be able to utilize the Sage class.

Skills possessed by the Sage class and their utilization

The Sage's primary job is to minimize harm and perform more immediate healing when a player is in immediate threat. Sages have three healing abilities: off-global cooldown, global cooldown barrier, and healing abilities. In addition, you may also heal other players with magic strikes. The types of skills a Sage possesses are given below.


Kardia will be the first ability you must and will be utilizing. Similar to how the Dancer class chooses a partner, you provide the Kardia effect to yourself and the designated player when triggered. Every magic strike you make will heal the target after Kardia has been used on them. As a result, when you strike an enemy as a Sage, your friends also receive a steady flow of healing. But remember, the Sage has three primary talents apart from Kardia. These additional skills are dosis, diagnosis, and prognosis. Your primary magic assault is called dosis, and your healing spells are called diagnosis and prognosis.


Another critical tool in the arsenal of the Sage is eukrasia. The mentioned abilities become the distinct Eukrasian Dosis, Eukrasian Diagnosis, and Eukrasian Prognosis while using Eukrasia. Instead of doing immediate damage, Eukrasian Dosis deals steady but constant damage, and the Eukrasian versions of both healing abilities also put up barriers. Therefore, you cannot use Dosis, Diagnosis, Prognosis, or Eukrasia back-to-back since they are all on a global cooldown. Additionally, each time you wish to utilize one of the Eukrasian talents, Eukrasia must be triggered.


The Addersgall attribute is connected to Sage's second set of healing abilities. You get a stack of Addersgall every 20 seconds, and the amount is shown on a gauge on the screen. A maximum of three stacks may be present at once. These stacks are utilized to conduct extra healing spells like Kerachole, a collective regeneration and hit prevention spell that also partially recovers your MP, and Druochole, a strong single-target healing spell. It's crucial to employ skills wisely because each uses one pile of Addersgall. These talents are crucial to your cycle since you don't have to use significant MP to perform them.


Similar to Addersgall, the Addersting attribute is also present in sages. This skill is comparable to the Addersgall characteristic, except Addersting piles begin to build up once the Eukrasian Diagnosis barrier has been completely absorbed. Toxicon, a magic strike that harms the opponent and nearby opponents while healing the Kardion-affected player, is cast using addersting stacks.

After perfecting the main skills of the Sage, you may start incorporating extra talents like the reviver Egeiro and bonuses that can increase the healing power of the Sage profession. This can only be achieved once you've learned these three key elements of the job and feel more at ease with its gameplay. Other abilities of sages such as Haima, which is highly helpful when continuously damaged, and Physis, which gives your team regen, also offer players barriers.

Weapons used by the Sage class

You'll get some stuff as a prize after the Sage class in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is achieved. However, this equipment is insufficient; therefore, it is advisable to pick up some more weapons suitable for the dungeon's adversaries and adequate for your level.

You can purchase some decent weaponry from the market board or make use of the Augmented Scaevan gear at Rhalgr's Reach.

Purchasing weaponry will cost you Gils, and if you want to get excellent grade weaponry, you will have to spend a premium. However, there are excellent offers on bulk buying the in-game currency using real money, which will save you the time of hunting down resources and crafting simultaneously, enabling you to get good weapons right from the start.

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Among all the classes, the Sage class is one of the best regarding healing and magic. However, you must remember that the class must be unlocked even after buying the expansion pack. Also, weapons must be assigned to the sages to utilize their full potential. These weapons can be bought from the market board using Gil. 

Along with the Sage job, the expansion pack also brings the Reaper class to the players, which is equally exciting to explore. Make sure you know thoroughly about every skill set of the Sage to use them in battles effectively. This guide will help players utilize the Sage class to its fullest. 

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