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Guide to Gold Farming in Guild Wars 2

Just like any other game, Guild Wars 2 also has an in-game currency referred to as Guild Wars Gold. Without Gold you basically can’t move forward in the game, meaning you won't be able to purchase equipment, specifically those Legendary Items, and afterward make your character stronger. But that is not the real issue, rather it is farming Gold. 

Guild Wars 2 isn’t like the old-school MMOs that allow you to sit at a place and kill enemies repetitively to farm in-game currency, rather things are very different here. For this specific reason, we have here a Guide to Gold Farming in Guild Wars 2. So, without any further ado, let's hop into the details of Farming.

Ways to Earn Gold

This image shows the Guild Wars 2 Gold

There are quite a lot of ways in which you can Farm Gold in Guild Wars 2. Below, we have some of the best ways explained.

Crafted Materials Selling

This image shows the Crafting Room in Guild Wars 2

This is one of the most famous ways in which you can earn a lot of Gold in Guild Wars 2. When you are killing monsters along the journey, you can loot from them various crafting items, materials, and components. You can also do so, by exploring the world of Guild Wars 2. 

There are a lot of items spread across the verse which you can collect to make Gold later on. The trick here is that you never miss anything, even the mats because everything can be used in Craft.

Because of the Crafting Disciplines, the items are always valuable. Using different recipes, you can collect multiple items and level up the crafting profession. Some items are not available from the Vendors, rather you can find them in the world itself. 

If you collect these items along the journey, you will be able to sell them at high prices, because people are looking for them to craft. 

Farming Gold Through Events

This image shows Event in Guild Wars 2

There are events in the game that can earn you quite good amounts of Gold in Guild Wars 2. You can do them by enjoying yourself with your teammates and experiencing unique content. The drawback here is that you have to put some effort and hours into the events to earn crazy Gold amounts.

Dragonfall Zone

It is a zone in Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire. Here, you can utilize a farming strategy revolving around the Meta Events and Mistborn Coffers Collection. The Mistborn has a lot of valuables that can help you gain gold effortlessly. 

But, the only thing you need to consider is eligibility for the Meta Events, and only then you can participate, earning the Mistborn Keys. These Keys are further used in the Coffer opening that earns you a lot of valuables.

No doubt Meta Events are really difficult, having various parts that you need to pass through;

The first part is a running course, requiring you to run on the Roller Beetles through the Western and Southern Bridges. At the time of completion of the first bridge, you can proceed to the second one and with experience, you can effortlessly tag the events. 

The third escort begins after that and can earn you some exceptional rewards. Therefore, we recommend you tag them as well. A guide here to run the South first and then go for the West afterward. Then, the Middle one should be left for the end. After every Escort, there is a fight with the Boss. It is time-dependent and requires you to finish them as quickly as possible to tag all of them.

After all of this, you will be presented on a Stage. This is an Upgrading Camp that requires you to complete all associated events. There isn’t exceptional loot here, but you have to complete them to earn the Mistborn Keys.

Just like before, you will have to cycle between Crystal Bloom Camp, Mist Warden Camp, and also Olmakhan Camp as fast as you can. While doing this, you have to make sure that eligibility criteria for event rewards are being met as well.

At that time, you have to consider Menders because they are essential opponents. The reason is that their Reward is exceptional with value and ends when camps are upgraded to level 5.

After that, the Camps provide you with two new Escort Events. The best strategy is to split up and let the escort securely reach the goal. In case the Escort Caravan is effortlessly completed before its time, you can move on to support the other.

Finally, after the Escort ends, you will meet the final boss which is none other than Kralkatorrik - An Elder Dragon. This fight is all about the weak spots and you hitting them. Mini bosses also appear in the fight and as always, we recommend splitting up to kill all of them.

This is the end of the event, but your journey doesn’t stop here. Rather from here, the Gold Farming Guide hits its mark. From here you have to fight the bonus bosses, around nine of them. The nine bosses drop nine Mistborn Keys, meaning each of the bosses drops one. Along with the keys, there are Mistborn Coffers. 

You know what to do next, opening the chest to reap the rewards. The crazy thing about this Farming Guide is that you can do the event again because there is a downtime in which you can re-enter the event to start again and earn the same value rewards.

Silverwastes Farming

In the Maguuma Waste, there is an incredible Zone named Silverwastes that is meant for you to explore. The great thing about this zone is that there are two different things in the methods of Farming Gold here; RIBA and Collecting chests.

RIBA is short for the locations you have to follow like; R stands for Red Rock Bostion, I stands for Indigo Cave, Blue stands for Blue Oasis and A stands for Amber Sandfall. The concept here is to tag the events in forts that give you a good reward, while you are just traveling here and there. 

As you get experienced, you will be able to do the events effortlessly without dropping them or being able to tag them. It isn’t like the one we mentioned above, rather it is quite fun to do and has a lovely run, not the hectic one. 

Here, you will gain several rewards, but the important ones are three bags, having valuables. When you complete the event, you will gain the Bags of Gear, in the Silverwastes Lost Bandit Chests, you will gain the Embroidered Coin Purses.

But to open the chests, you will have to earn the Bandit Skeleton Keys. To make this easier, you can go to Camp Resolve and exchange the Bandit Crests for these keys to open the chests. In the end, from Bosses and the Nightmare Chests, you can earn the Noxious Seed Pouches.

Another thing to mention in our Guide for Farming Gold is that these bags give you the loot depending on the character level. But, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t open them at a lower level, rather you can also gain amazing loot from them that can make your lower level easier.

These crafting materials can be best sold to the Trading Post. Still, to get the best price on them, you can simply keep track of the market prices in Guild Wars 2 for specific items. When you are opening the bags, each one should then be opened by a character of a specific level. 

You can learn more about the levels and mechanisms of these bags on the internet, as that will allow you to gain specific loot from these bags.

If you don’t want to get into all the hassle of farming gold in-game, you can Buy Cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold from MMOPixel. You can also get your hands on Guild Wars 2 Items from here at the best price.

How to do farming in Silverwastes?

We already mentioned that there are four locations in Silverwastes. Above, you can find one location that follows the other three. The complete reward for this Farming Guide is from these four locations. 

The Pattern starts from the Red Outpost, then it reaches the Indigo, then at third, it can go to the Blue, and finally, ending at the Amber. Activating the events and then keep capturing them is part of the first cycle. This cycle then repeats to the other locations. RIBA is the correct sequence and you must follow it for Silverwastes Farming.

When you defend the fortress in the meta event bar successfully, a new boss will come for you in each location. Your job is to get rid of that boss ASAP. After that, a new phase will begin where you will have to do an escort mission and again reach a final boss. 

The escort mission has three lanes and on each lane, you will have to fight a final boss individually. When you kill them all, you will complete the meta event. In return for completion, you will be presented with incredible loot like Charged Quartz Orichalcum Amulet of Hive.

Another tip here is to wait around 20 minutes, there will be an extended version that gives you chests in return. This is a bonus Farming in Silverwastes and if you are interested you can follow it again for a greater reward.

Shiny Baubles

After the Guild of Wars 2 update named Heart of Thorns, there was a possibility of getting Shiny Baubles. These are referred to as trophies and one might argue that they are useless. 

But in reality, they have a much deeper role. You can go to Tangled Depths, Verdant Brink and Auric Basin. These locations have events that you can activate and complete to get Shiny Baubles. Each of these trophies can get you around 30 silvers.

Farming Volatile Magic

Path of Fire brought another new thing for you to farm and earn Guild Wars 2 Gold. Yes, we are talking about the Volatile Magic, but to do it, you will require a mount and a maximum level character. 

There are six locations you can go to; Sandswept Islands, Jahai Bluffs, Dragonfall, Thunderhead Peaks, Domain of Kaurna, and Domain of Istan. You can either do exploration, gather nodes or you can even kill monsters to gain Volatile Magic at these locations.

Still, out of the bunch, your best bet is from Meta Events and the best one is available in Thunderhead Peaks and Dragonfall. At the time you will complete it, you can simply do an exchange for the Trophy Shipment.

Here, you will gain boxes having valuable materials that you can then trade at Trading Post to earn profit.

PvE Group Content Farming

This image shows Group making in Guild Wars 2

Mostly like other MMO games, here in Guild Wars 2, you also have to raid bosses, clear the dungeons, speed run, and other similar stuff to Farm some in-game currency. In the case of Guild Wars 2, that in-game currency is Gold.

Boss Raid

This method is definitely worth your time and mostly everyone will tell you to do Boss Raid to Farm Gold. To do this, you will have to first make a group of teammates that coordinate with each other.

Then, you will have to look out for the mechanics of Raid. There are a total of seven raids and can do one every week. This makes the step slow but still, it is one of the best ways to Farm Gold in Guild Wars 2.

The reward you gain from the Boss Raid is typically something valuable like Exotics, Ascended, and other weapons. Further, you can also loot from them things like mini pets called miniatures, and Legendary Divination/Insights. The Legendary ones are exceptionally useful in the Mystic Forge Legendary item craft.

The chances are low, but you can also get your hands on the Gaeting Crystals and those unique Magnetite Shards. Out of the seven Raids, three can be found in the Forsaken Thicket.

The names for Raids in Forsaken Thicket are Stronghold of Faithful, Spirit Vale, and the Salvation Pass. Then the remaining four are called Key of Ahdeshim, Hall of Chains, Penitent, and Mythwright Gambit. 

Raids are consistent, meaning you don’t have to worry about changes in levels, tiers, or difficulty levels. They are always the same for everyone irrespective of level.

Mist Fractals

Fractals are not usually known by beginners and they are Dungeons having a unique aspect to them. Being one of the most useful Dungeon, the Fracts can give you crafting components and gear that are valuable. 

Here, you have to deal with tiers, and depending on how high the tier is, the difficulty will increase, as well as the loot. 

  • The first one starts at around level 1 and reaches level 25. To enter this, you will have to acquire a level of around character 80.

  • The second one starts at around 26 and reaches level 50. 

  • The third one starts at around 51 and reaches level 75.

  • Finally, the last one starts at around 76 and reaches a maximum of 100. It has the best reward, but the difficulty is also the hardest. 

Once you are above the level of 20, you will find enemies/bosses that give you Agony, making you lose your max health every second. If you are looking to go to that region, make sure to have Agony Resistance. 

To complete the Raids, you will have to completely understand the Meta Build and afterward, make a team that knows what they are supported to do in their role.

One of the valuable loot in Fractal is Fractal Encryption and its keys. Opening them or selling them is your own choice and if you want to sell them, you can go to the Trading Post. As you proceed further, you will gain Ascended components/items or you can also gain crafting materials like Stabilizing Matrix. 

There are also daily rewards for each level and you can earn various valuables from them as well. To get the max out of your gold gains daily, you can purchase thirty of these discounted Fractal Encryption Keys.


If you can’t go into the difficult path and still want to gain a good amount of Guild Wars 2 gold, you can simply go with Dungeons. There are two ways in which you can complete Dungeons; At first, you have to pass through the Story Mode and then that mode will unlock the Exploration Mode.

Story Mode is easier, but if the challenge is not enough for you, you can take a tour of Exploration Mode, which is way more difficult. With harder mode, you can gain more valuables, but overall in the dungeon, you can gain Tokens for Dungeons or Gold and much more.

Like always, you have here the Daily Reward System, and completing both modes once will give you Dungeon Frequenter Achievement. If you can earn it, then daily completion of eight paths for Dungeon will provide you with Dungeoneering Chest and more Gold. The chest is undoubtedly the thing you need to grind for because it can give incredibly valuable items.

You can make a trade of Dungeon Tokens for the Components, Gear, and even Materials for Crafting. To make a trade you will have to go with Dungeon Armor and Weapons Vendor or you can also go with the Trading Post.

Daily Farm

This image shows the tab for Daily Farm in Guild Wars 2

Going slow but consistent can earn you more than you can imagine. This same applies to Farming in Guild Wars 2, as various things can earn you Gold daily. 

The greatest part is that you don’t have to grind, nor have extraordinary builds to do this farming, rather it only requires consistency. Therefore, with a low effort, you can earn a lot of Gold.

Daily Achievements: Three achievements daily and you will get around 2 god and 10 achievement points.

Daily Fractals: Like the Fractals we mentioned, you can do each fractal daily for a separate tier to earn rewards.

Daily Dungeon Path: With the Dungeon Frequenter Achievement Unlocked, you can gain 5 Gold and Dungeoneering Chest by completing the dungeon paths every day.

Laurels: At the time you log in daily, you will earn some account-based currency. At a certain amount, you can make an exchange of Laurels for something good at the Laurel Merchant. 

Daily Gathering: You can complete the Gathering Achievement like Lumberer, Forager, and Miner. Afterward, in the HoT Map, also referred to as the Heart of Maguuma, you can gather particular nodes that can provide you with exceptional materials. These are for daily usage only and you can’t go for multiple of them. 

Meta Events Expansion: With the new Expansion, you have even more Maps, bringing you three Special Meta Events every day for rewards. 


This image shows group fighting to kill boss in Guild Wars 2

Remember the typical method of Grinding and earning Gold? Well, you can do so in the world of Tyria. There are various locations from which you can farm gold by killing monsters and picking up their loot afterward. 

You can go out to the Southsun Cove, kill Vereran Karkas and pick up the Karka Shells. There is no need to be in a team to fight these monsters, rather you can do this all solo. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to waste your precious time here and want to do everything efficiently, you can simply go with a team.

Final Verdict

There isn’t an issue if you can’t gain enough Gold through typical means in Guild Wars 2. From this Guide to Gold Farming in Guild Wars 2, you can see that there are a lot of methods and ways in which you can become rich. Ranging from Daily Tasks to Crafting and even going through events, we have everything in detail here. 

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