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Guide to making your own Build in Guild Wars 2

This image is an artwork of Guild Wars 2

Whenever you are specifically following a build in Guild Wars 2, there is a typical question that comes to mind, why not make my own build? Well, that question is totally valid, because everyone has a different set of priorities in the game, along with a totally unique play style. Making a build yourself will enable you to make the best out of your utilities and get something that is truly yours. To help you out, we have here an amazing Guide to making your own Build in Guild Wars 2, where we also talk about the things that you need to consider while making an amazing Build.

Guide to Build Making

Whenever you want to build yourself in Guild Wars 2, the first thing that you have to consider is Combat Mechanics, and move on the part of the right class.

Combat System/Role in Guild Wars 2

The build revolves around classes and each class has its complete way of being in Control while Dealing damage to Support itself. During this, the classes are constantly trying to dodge the attacks as well from enemies. 

Therefore Damage, Control, and Support are the roles that every class has, irrespective of the traditional divisions like DPS, Tans, and even Healers. 

When we are talking about team play, we also consider these three Combat Systems, but we are self-sufficient in that regard. Somehow, if you can survive, while dealing damage, coordinating control, and supporting each other, you will be great as a group player. So, before moving on to the build making, you need to understand these three Combat Systems first;


It is not about one class or two, the damage is nearly essential for every class and without it, you can’t fight an enemy or kill it. Considering you are making a build, there are two types of Damage you will have to consider;

Condition Damage: it doesn’t straight away damage the enemy, rather harms them indirectly, either through debuffs, Per Second Damage, and so on.

Direct Damage: it is the straight damage that you deal to the enemy, either physical or magical.

Some of the Damage in-game are Tourment, Confusion. Burst, Bleed, Projectile, Burn, and so on.


Control is the mechanism when you take over the combat, making the enemy attacks difficult to reach you or harm you in some way. Some Controls are Weaken, Immobilize, Push, Knockdown, Freeze, Stealth, Cripple, Daze, Chill, Stun, Blind, Pull, and so on.


Support is nearly the reverse of Damage because you have to make sure you survive in the combat through combat ability enhancement. Healing yourself, buffing, and even blocking are considered Support Mechanisms in the game. Some of the Supports are Regen, Vigor, Aegis, Stability, Hate, Retaliation, Fury, Protect, Healing, Swiftness, Endurance Refill, and so on.

One more thing here to understand is that Guild Wars 2 combat is versatile or especially Dynamic. In combat, you will face changing scenarios every time, constantly. If you don’t adapt to them, you will lose the fight.

Making Own Build

When making your build, you can make something that can work out with any role in the game, while you won’t be able to master a single path. This mechanism in the game is intentional because, in the Player vs Player combat, people would make the complete opposite of their opponent to defeat them.

Therefore, the less there is to know about the build of the opponent, the more unpredictability there is in the combat, making it better. This is the same for PvE because you can’t simply follow the Build from someone to level up fast, then change it to someone who can fight in combat. 

Guild Wars 2 is all about Build and each one has its own set of pros/cons that you need to look out for while making something different from others. Below, we have three steps to help you out make a better build in Guild Wars 2.

Play style and Skill Choice

This is the first and also the most essential thing you should consider. Whenever you are making a build, make sure to go for whatever makes you comfortable, not the one that is currently famous with players. 

It would be better to take an example and then understand accordingly. For example, you are an Elementalist in Guild Wars 2 and you want to become a supporting character that can also control the field. 

You will have to utilize the Armor of Earth that utilizes Break Stun and also Protection to help you survive in the fight. Therefore, when you pick a certain role with the class, you will have to pick the skills accordingly


Traits are the in-game mechanics that help you with skill enhancement. First, you got the understanding of what to choose, now you need to make it stronger. In the case of Elementalist, when you specialize in Water, you can go with Soothing Water Trait.

The same can be applied to the Armor of Earth Skill that has enhanced support, giving you Vigor and healing over time as well. 

In this way, you will have to make the skill even stronger after putting in the most suitable Trait.


The Final Step is choosing the right type of stat spread that suits your build. Being the most hurdle-some and time taking process, you will have to utilize it properly for later on in the game. 

With the example of Armor Of Earth Skill, providing support and Control, you picked up Soothing Water that further gives Vigor/Regen as well. Now, you need to put the right Stats that can increase the Healing Power of this skill. You can also go for the duration of buffs this skill can provide; making the protection, regen, vigor, or stability last longer. 

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Choosing the Right Class

This image shows the artwork of All Classes in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 provides you with a total of 9 different Classes and out of them all, you will have to choose only one that suits your play style. Each of the classes has its own set of personalities, abilities, skills, and play styles. Therefore, you will have to be careful here.

Considering the above-mentioned combat mechanics; Support, Damage, and Control, you will find some Classes better than others. All of the Classes come with weapon skills for Melee and Ranged combat.

You might argue that Ranger is totally Ranged; well, you can take the path of Melee with them as well, if you choose the right Specialization. 

Mistakes with Builds in Guild Wars 2

While making your own build, there are some things that people usually don’t consider or do completely wrong. Here, we will talk about them one by one.

Spreading the Attributes

Just like we mentioned in our guide, your Attributes or Stats are essential to make the build according to your own play style. But, the typical mistake people make is they don’t narrow down the choices. Rather than focusing on only 2 or 3 attributes, they go for spreading them out in categories that don’t support the Build.

Even at a lower level of attribute for skill, you can still utilize it. Like, you don’t have to pump the Protective Spirit to use the Prayer, rather you can work out with it at low attribute.

The best approach is putting 12 in the primary and secondary while pumping 3 to the tertiary attribute. Or you can also go for 12 in the primary, 10 in the secondary, and 8 in the tertiary attribute.

Problems with Energy

In Guild Wars 2, you require energy to use skills and it surely does run out quicker than one can imagine. Therefore, you need to have energy management to get a balance between skills that require less energy and powerful skills that require more energy. Only in this way, you can make your build work out in any field.

There are also some skills that have energy regain after you use them in the game, while some of them give you buffs. All in one, when you are making your build, make sure to put an extra effort into Energy Management or you can also appoint a friend of yours as a Battery to help the team regain Energy.

Not enough Modifications

There is one thing that people with their own Builds forget about; you can change the build according to situations. It is situational, meaning you can sometimes change a bit of equipment or stats to go for a tank, while other times you can be a healer. 

This is also incredibly useful when you have enemies that are resistant to your attacks like fire, freeze, etc. In this case, you can change the Elementalist to someone who can be the exact opposite, giving more damage to the enemy.

Question to Ask Yourself before Build

Finally, we will mention the questions that you need to ask yourself before you start making your own Build in Guild Wars 2. Always make sure to answer them to get the most out of your build, so that your time and assets are not wasted in the game.

  • When you are making a build, make sure to question yourself, what are the utilities or equipment you are most attracted to in the game? You won’t even stick with the build if you don’t like the equipment used for making that build.

  • Guild Wars 2 is mostly about group fights, and you have to ask yourself what role do you prefer in the team? Your build revolves around your role and without a role you won’t even know what to do afterward. If a build has a good defense, or it is strong, and has tanky equipment, but doesn’t fulfill the role, then it is useless. 

  • The most essential question is the goal of your build. You can’t be the jack of all trades and master of none in Guild Wars 2. Either you are making a build for a Tank, a healer, a DPS, or a Damage dealer or you simply want to go for World vs World, Player vs Player, and so on.

  • Finally, you should ask yourself what are the possible weaknesses of your build? After you make your build or you are in the process, you will figure it out yourself. Usually, when you focus on damage, you are bound to have lower defense and vice versa. Identify what is a specific weakness of your build and then make various copies of your build, changing them to lower the weakness. 

All of the above questions are related to making your own Build in Guild Wars 2. These questions will allow you to check the success rate of your build or how practical it truly is. 

If you can’t answer these questions, you should go with the Jack of All trades, keeping the in-between type of stats. When you will engage in combat or use the build in-game, you will slowly learn where to lean towards. Then, you can put the stats and equipment accordingly.

Final Verdict

If you want to truly enjoy the game, it becomes essential to make your own build and without one, you are usually useless. Guild Wars 2 has specific roles, classes, specializations, and stats that force you to lean towards a specific build, rather than being in between all of them. For this reason, you have to make up your mind, ask some questions yourself, and do some research to get the best build for your play style. To help you out, we have here a complete guide to making your own Build in Guild Wars 2. Following this guide, you will know exactly where to hit and how to hit.

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