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Heist comes to Path of Exile on Sept. 18

On Sept. 18, players can dive into the newest Path of Exile League (the game’s version of a season). Called Heist, the new addition allows players to thieve their way through difficult strongholds, and reward themselves with some unique items.

Starting a Heist will require some exploring and crafting, with players able to see the various requirements for each Heist Contract, as well as its target so that they can plan ahead. Heist Markers are also required, which are used both to travel to and as currency in the Rogue Harbour. Players will not be locked away from this content if they haven't yet reached the endgame, which is good news for many, especially Mac players who are finally getting the game with this update.

What might make this new league interesting to many players is its unique focus on stealth. Rather than dashing madly through rooms and blasting enemies with AOE attacks, the Heists seem to require careful planning, coordination, and execution to complete successfully. If players do set off the alarms, any loot they have acquired will be lost forever if they can't make their escape. Retrieving the artifact at the end of the level will also trigger the alarm, bringing down hoards of enemies as seen in the trailer, so players should be ready for a fight once the thieving is done. This coupling of tense stealth segments followed by a heart-pounding escape promises to make this new content incredibly exciting.

Players can choose and customize the thirteen different Rogue's that they want to use on their Heists. This is critical because various Heists will require players to swap out their team so that they are bringing along the most optimal Rogues for each Heist. For instance, where one Heist needs a focus on demolition, the other might need a focus on lockpicking. Players can only bring one Rogue with them on the regular Heists, so they should make sure to have the right thief for the job. At the end of each Heist, participating Rogue's will receive experience, and players will be able to find items that they can equip Rogues with to alter and boost their skills.

With Heist, Path of Exile also gains Mac OS support. Players won’t need to start over on Mac, and can use their Path of Exile account to jump between the two versions of the game, maintaining their progress wherever they play.

Path of Exile: Heist will release September 18th on PC and Mac, and September 23rd on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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