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Path of Exile's December expansion is moving to January so players won't have to "choose between these two games."

The biggest news story of the week in the gaming world so far has been the latest delay for the highly-anticipated Cyberpunk 2077. If we've noticed a trend throughout 2020 in gaming, it's that a Cyberpunk launch date is usually followed by a number of games getting out of its way. This trend looks to hold true, as the team at Grinding Gear Games is essentially admitting that it can't compete with this juggernaut. On Wednesday, the team announced that Path of Exile's next expansion would be delayed by a month in order to accommodate Cyberpunk 2077's new release date.

"We were previously targeting a launch date of December 11 for our 3.13 end-game expansion," the developer said on its forum. However, now that Cyberpunk 2077 is releasing at the same time, We do not want to put our players in a position of having to choose between these two games, so we have decided to step out of the way and delay the release of Path of Exile 3.13 until January," Grinding Gear Games CEO Chris Wilson wrote in a post on the PoE forums.

Despite the delay, the studio said the expansion would be done “by early/mid-December” and would start working on the 3.14 expansion during the one month of the delay.

So that you still have some interesting Path of Exile stuff to play over the Christmas/New Year break, Path of Exile players will get to play “at least one multi-week event,” such as Flashback, during the holiday break. The studio also said the delay will not affect their development schedule on future updates, but could affect the release schedule during 2021 and will detail more with the 3.13 announcement.

Honesty? In video games communications? God, it’s so refreshing. The 3.13 expansion is now due in January. At least, it is for now, until the next Cyberpunk delay.

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